Sunday, July 22, 2012


this one is one of my favorites so far...maybe it's because Kenny Wong wasn't really considered a 'bad guy'..after all, he was only doing it to help his son..i like how he was once in the military, meaning he's i liked the part where when he died, the whole SDU went to Joe Ma's bar and they were all like  feeling sad because such a good father and a talented man [probably in like kung fu or sumthing] was sad...he didn't want to harm the innocent..he wouldn't have thought about killing Mandy if he didn't know she was a cop..also, i was kinda confused..but was Vincent Wong the one who pulled the trigger and fired the shot @ Kenny Wong? i couldn't really c..b/c of all those masks..i just thought it was b/c he was the one who visited Kenny's son nice of him :) haha..but honestly, i know this is obvious but i'm still gunna say it :P..he shouldn't have went down that path...he has skills..he was trained..he shud have used them in a different way...his death isn't just his own affects his wife & his son who's gunna pay for the medical bills? who's gunna put food on the there was a complete ending [something that always seems to be missing in TIGER CUBS] it would probably be a.) the wife dies and the son heals and is sent to an orphanage b.) the son dies and the wife dies later..c.) the wife looks for a job and the members of the SDU help out with the medical bills and help them find social'd b most satisfied with im gunna pretend that

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