Tuesday, July 24, 2012


-Ron's Breakup with Viann Zhang-for those of u who don't know, they broke up..@1st, Ron tried to patch things up by admitting that they were dating..but then like a few days later or sumthing, Viann's manager said that they have broken up already..so i guess that's it for now..ya..i was kinda surprised.. honestly, i was like many of Ron's fans and didn't really 'approve' of their relationship..and i guess i felt kinda happy for Ron for breaking away from her..but at the same time, it's kinda sad..cuz he like JUST admitted that they were dating..and then right after, she says they've broken up..and the worst part is, she didn't even notify him beforehand..

-Bosco & Myolie's Breakup-so Myolie announced that they broke up..not due to a third party or anything..but it was a peaceful breakup, according to Myolie..and she'll have more info on that later..but wow..i was really surprised..i had to reread the headline to make sure i saw the right thing..anyways, i wouldn't really consider myself as a 'fan' of Boscolie..but i don't hate them together..it was just kinda like: 'oh..they're together..ok...'over they years, Bosco & Myolie have just been...there..[4 me]..they don't bother me or anything..they were just there. like if u ask me who Bosco's with, i wud say Myolie..but ya.. anyways..woow..7 years? together...and it ended just like that..well, not really..cuz they were really busy.. and cudnt really spend time w/ each other..plus they already had some problems in their relationship.. well, im glad it's a peaceful breakup..not like Ron's...and the others..honestly, it doesn't really affect me.. probably b/c i was never like a fan or anything of Boscolie..but i wouldn't mind them together...well, i think Bosco & Myolie will have more rumors now that both are single..

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