Monday, July 23, 2012


haha..hey guys..i havent posted since forever..but new posts b sure to check them out..haha..umm..summer school has FINALLY ended 4 me!! ended on Friday..i just had tutor on Sat..and i was to tired to do anything for the time in now i finally get a break..well, kinda..haha..i still hafta do stuff like reading assignments, tutor homework, and volunteering stuff..but like now, i get to decide what my schedule's gunna b like instead of: going to school..coming home..doing, enough about now, ive been watching 3 KINGDOMS RPG & WITNESS INSECURITY...and i think i'll do a brief thoughts post on WITNESS INSECURITY when it ends..but probably not for 3 KINGDOMS RPG..

  • 4 3 KINGDOMS RPG, it was quite funny in the with modern dialogue & lifestyles clashing with ancient dialogue and lifestyles..haha..i liked all those parts where there were modern styles clashing with ancient Kenneth teaching all the ancient people the modern Hong Kong the singing parts, errr...Kenneth's English isn't all too umm..i'd prefer him singing Chinese songs..haha..wish he sang Raymond's songs..haha..that would b nice..1. he's in the series..2. i like his songs :D haha..also, ive been noticing that Tavia seems more like a supporting even Kenneth has more screentime than Raymond.. well like i kno they say Raymond is the lead of the series..but still..Kenneth is like the point of the ya..also, Kenneth's character, along w/ his friend, 'Fan Gun' are like the only reasons why i watch the series..b/c like theyr funny..i like Tavia & Raymond as artistes..but just not their characters in the drama..b/c they're kinda, i like Lee Kwok Lun..the guy who plays 'Liu Bei/Zhu Gong' ..he's a nice guy..same w/ his 2nd brother, the red one, is quite nice 2..haha..and then the 3rd one, Savio Tsang, lol..he's so in a funny way..haha..i like how he's so loyal to his 1st brother when it was Raymond's first time leading a battle, at first, no one understood his tactics..and they wanted to start a riot..Savio Tsang didn't agree with Raymond either..but he remembered that his first brother told him to follow Raymond's he did as he was told..ya..idk..i liked that part..haha..also, Kaki Leung is always playing a sick person/weak in this drama and in, 3 KINGDOMS RPG is getting kinda serious..and's not all that interesting anymore..haha..btw, why the RPG at the end of 3 it some game thing? haha..idk..
  • 4 WITNESS INSECURITY, i wont say much, as i'll have a post on it later..but i really liked it in the esp. Linda's character & acting..but as the story progressed and Linda recovered, idk...i liked it better when Linda was still 'sick'..and from the episode that i'm on rite now, Bosco kinda admits that he like Linda..but there was nothing that hinted that he liked her in the was kinda all of a sudden to me..haha..but i like the pairing..also, i both like & dont like how Linda's so dependent on Bosco..b/c like if Bosco rejected her, i don't want her to be 'sick' again..but i find it kinda cute when one visit from Bosco just brightens up her whole day..idk if this is a good thing or a bad thing..but the two of them are living in two seperate, different Linda's world, money isn't a problem-her dad has lots of it..and her whole world consists of only: her family-her dad, uncle, and sorta her stepmom. +her deceased brother & mom, and then her orchestra & cello, and then her friend-Cilla Kung, her doctor-Queenie Chu, and then her love interest-Bosco-which makes up like 98% of her world...other things dont exist in her's more of like a fairy-tale world..but Bosco, on the other hand, has his colleagues, his superiors, the safety of HK's citizens, his career, his old girlfriend, his family..ya...i didnt list every single member out b/c that would b...a lot...and Bosco like he's he recognizes the problems and the barriers that exist between him and'll be interesting watching the two develop..haha..Linda's so innocent..Linda seems to have a bigger role than Bosco in the drama.. :P..anyways..rooting 4 the couple..haha..i actually liked their pairing since MOONLIGHT RESONANCE..

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