Sunday, July 8, 2012


haha...sorry 4 the lack of updates...notice how i say this every time i come really sorry..i have a few more week so summer school left :( almost a heads up, THREE KINGDOMS RPG is replacing NO GOOD EITHER WAY..[both have Ruco & Kaki :P] haha..i have been catching up on dramas though..ive finished NO GOOD EITHER WAY..& im caught up with WITNESS INSECURITY..i like it so not gunna say much on i'll make a post on it 4 like the first 10 episodes or u guys kno how TVB is like promoting Jason Chan rite now? well, like..idk if it's just me or sumthing..but i didnt think it was all that smart of them 2 put Jason in a 'villain' role in NO GOOD EITHER esp. since he's leading in a new series soon..but who knows..haha..i dont mean to be mean or anything..but i think the artistes all like 'look older now' i do a post on that? like with compare and contrast pics? lol..or would that be too mean? lol..anyways..that's it for now..i have no life...but hope u guys have an awesome summer vacation!! have fun!!

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