Friday, July 27, 2012


hey just finished WITNESS INSECURITY, did an overall thoughts thing on it..umm..later, there will be posts on Linda, Bosco, & Ram Chiang..& then there'll be an honorable mentions w/ all the others...also, i'll have some posts on the scandalist news that TVB Siu Sangs, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, & Raymond Lam have been involved me, the three of them are like the future for TVB..they're like the younger & more popular ones..though not at the TV King level..they have a lotta fans and stuff that they have 'collected' that they have gained..throughout their acting after WITNESS INSECURITY, GHETTO JUSTICE 2 will air..and in case some of you haven't noticed, 3 KINGDOMS RPG has temporarily stopped airing to make room for the ending of WITNESS INSECURITY..& it will continue to air on Monday..haha..yesterday's episode of 3 KINGDOMS was actually pretty sad..i think Kenneth actually likes Tavia now..he was so concerned when Tavia found her way to their 'headquarters'...also, the part where all the civilians left the city to go somewhere else was was sad how Liu Bei [Lee Kwok Lun]'s 2nd wife killed herself so that the guy would leave and take the baby to safety..i like how his 2 wives don't really fight..& how they both treat Tavia like a daughter..also like how Lee Kwok Lun loves all the civilians & stuff & how they all trust him to bring them good some of my 'projects' for tvb starlight like graphics & fanfic will be coming up..haha..other bloggers view them as like 'no big deal' 2 me, they're

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