Monday, July 23, 2012


ok..just some major stuff i remember off the top of my head..

  • Him Law & Tavia Yeung's Trip to Korea-haha..they said the two were missing from that huge group photo..and when the reporters asked Him Law, he didn't deny it..haha..they're like 7? years apart w/ Tavia being older..but i don't mind them as a couple..haha..well, i liked them in THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH :P
  • 300-something TVB Artistes Gather for a Group not really sure what it was for..but like u guys kno how usually, the artistes that are more..popular..i guess..are on the right side..ya..well, like Linda moved to the right side..haha..idk..i just saw a comment on like im assuming the 'order' from 'highest to lowest' for the fadans is: Myolie, Fala, Linda, then Kate? well, idk where Tavia would go: before or after Fala? im not really surprised at the positions of the artistes..cuz like no one really said it..but like in the beginning, Linda was above Fala..and then they were kinda the same level..and then now, after the race for TV Queen with Myolie, Fala's like the 2nd highest? haha..idk..of the 5 fadans, i guess Kate & Fala are like more popular..not necessarily amongst the audience..but more like w/ the producers and stuff..cuz they're always casted in like Grand Productions..and they're like really promoted..well, maybe not Kate..but yes for for Linda & Tavia, both do well in the 'non grand productions' they still shine..and then Myolie, still not used to as in she was missing from the TV screen for a while..then she comes back out..and idk..idk how to describe her..but well, she's always in i always think of Kevin Cheng when people mention her..
  • WITNESS INSECURITY'S Complaints-it was the one about the cat throwing scene..haha..i thought it was pretty if ive mentioned this topic before..haha..but im 2 lazy to look not? lol..anyways..i was had to replay it 2 make sure i saw the right it's not something i would complain about..i mean like i dont hate or like's just surprised at TVB's new actually thought they used a real cat until i read the so stupid..haha..
  • Bosco Wong is Forced to Make Way for Kevin Cheng-so im not sure if this is true..but... WITNESS INSECURITY, originally 30 episodes, has been moved to 29...b/c TVB wanted to air GHETTO JUSTICE 2...and they wanted 2 air GHETTO JUSTICE 2 b/c of something like the Olympics affecting the ratings..and they didnt wunna do that to Kevin they just cut out parts from WITNESS many of Bosco's dangerous action scenes, scenes that he refused to use a stunts double for, scenes that he insisted on doing himself, scenes that he risked his life for, were first it didn't seem like a big deal..but then, i saw the part where Bosco's action scenes were cut..and then i felt bad for him..but idk if this is not really clear with the whole TVB has/does not have the right to broadcast the
  • TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2-Press Conference-ok..ya..before the press con., i thought there was still hope for Ronla..but apparently sad :( lol..i watched the video..and ya..the cast didn't seem to have much Fala sat with Elena..and not it's kinda awkward..also, Francis & Chilam seemed kinda awkward..but Kenneth & Ron were like quite happy & had some Ron's usually not exactly the life of the party in interviews...haha..but this time, he and Kenneth were..i know this probably isn't going to happen, but i wunna c Myolie & Fala play good friends or sumthing..i just hope the cast develops some chem like ASAP..otherwise, the ratings aren't gunna b too pretty...and the sponsors won't be all that happy either..ya..i just don't want their lack of chemistry to weigh down the could literally feel the awkwardness when i was watching the video..


  1. WOW... u notice things that I do.. Especially the arrangements of the picture..