Sunday, July 8, 2012


hey here r sum updates for the upcoming drama, TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2:

-Fala's character will be involved in a love triangle with Francis & Chilam. Chilam will resemble Fala's deceased ex-boyfriend.
-Myolie will play a new character+her old character, Zoe,[probably in flashbacks]. She'll be involved in a relationship with Ron's character, Isaac. Ron, however, is quite reluctant to be in a relationship with a girl resembling his ex-sister-in-law[b/c Myolie's character,Zoe, was married to Francis in the first installment]
-Elena Kong & Kenneth Ma will be in a older sister-younger brother relationship
-Him Law & Nancy Wu will pair up
-old character will be resuming their roles [except for Myolie who's character has passed away] umm..but i think Kenneth & Ron will be promoted
-Toby Leung & Stephen Huynh will be a pair

noooo!! tvb killed Ronla again!!!! :( w8...does that mean Fala's role is more 'female lead' than Myolie? b/c like Fala is paired up with like the 'senior' actors..not saying Ron isn't good..but Francis & Chilam are like on a different always the most interested in the romantic relationships..haha..i dont really like the Elena-Kenneth pair..but i like both of them like as individuals..Him Law & Nancy Wu will be pretty refreshing..but Him Law seems a bit young to be pairing w/ Nancy....but i don't mind that pair..i dont really kno about Toby Leung & Stephen imagined them as a pair..well, ive never imagined the Kenneth-Elena pairing/the Him-Nancy pairing..ahh!!! tvb, u messed up all my wished pairings!!!!!!! lol..well, i like how they're traveling to Europe..this is so never gunna get over killed Ronla again!! haha..i also dont like how they make Fala's boyfriend die..& have Chilam resemble him..& have Francis's wife die..and have Myolie represent creativity there whatsoever..i mean like ya i get that they feel the same way..and that they're experiencing similar pain and all..but c' being extra mean just letting out my i had my hopes up for a Ronla pairing but noooo...tvb just decided to go like ' not gunna give u wut u want..'..but honestly, speaking from a non-Ronla fan, a normal tvb audience member's point of view, these pairings don't match!!! only like Fala & Chilam..Myolie & Ron..kinda awk..but i guess it could still pass..but Fala & Francis? Kenneth & Elena? Him & Nancy don't really match..but they can still

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