Thursday, May 31, 2012


hey's almost over for i have finals for the next few i kinda needa start cramming :P reallly needa bring my grade up :P anyways [btw, u kno 'anyways' is not 'proper english' always just start talking about stuff totally irrelevant to the'Off the Pill' - Ryan Higa [4 those that watch him :P] ok most of u probably dont kno wut i'm talking about..but just came on 2 tell u guys that i'll probably update after tuesday..b/c that's the last day of school 4 me :D sadly, finals on that day :( and after that, i have a few days off...and then i have 2 do summer school..4 til i dont even kno.. *sighz* I'm only one year into high school [this is my first year] and i'm already thinking about the what it would be like going off to college...leaving behind all that you've grown up with...ur family [lol..honestly, im more than happy 2 leave my house b/c of my brother..ugh..]..ur's kinda's like starting a whole new lifestyle...u have to start everything over again...but on the bright side, u get a new start...and UR the one in control of ur life..u get freedom..and, i still have 3 more years to go :P

Monday, May 28, 2012


another one of those useless, just a heads up for what im going to do in the following weeks...i'll continue making my video of Otto Chan in GLOVES COME's gunna take me awhile..haven't touched it 2day...the program was bugging me..and im kinda new to both the video editor and video editing sorry about i can make it his birthday video birthday's in knows..maybe i wont be able to make it in time for his birthday..anyways..aside from the video editing, i'll also continue my posts on some rising stars..and after that, i'll discuss TVB's a-list..and then i don't, along the way, i'll be discussing some news articles that catch my another useless status update.. :P and also, i will do some reviews on the dramas that i'd be watching..but for some, i find them not my type, so i dont watch it..or even if i watch it, i find it hard to do a review for..sooo..only the series i find worth discussing will be 'reviewed' :P...also, i think i'll be doing a favorite series of 2012 thing in like...whenever i feel like it..

NEW FANFIC i set up this poll before..and not many people voted..but everyone who did voted 4 #3 it is..and in case some readers have not seen my previous post[s], here's the summary of #3:

Linda Chung is a filial daughter and a kind-hearted person and best friends with Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, and Bernice Liu. When she meets Raymond Lam, the two become rivals due to minor confusions. Raymond Lam's friends Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Moses Chan fully support him. Soon, their problems are solved and the eight of the become friends and later, they even start dating..all 6 of them..leaving Raymond and Linda alone when the six of them start dating. Linda and Raymond go through a lot together. When Linda starts to see Raymond's nicer side, she starts falling for him but when he lists what he looks for in his future girlfriend, Linda is disappointed and sees Raymond as a guy only interested in a girl's physical appearance. After getting scolded by Linda, Raymond starts to realize his feelings for her. During one accident, Raymond realizes that she's the one...but is it too late?

i apologize for not coming up with a name for the fanfic...don't really know what to call it...anyways, i have set up a poll for the leads of the fanfic..and just an FYI, winners of the poll will be the couple..and then i guess the rest of them would be the supporting cast...i might make some changes to the the part where all of them start dating each other, err..not 2 believable..maybe some of them can date someone outside of their little 'group'..well, feel free to send in some suggestions..


Winner of the 2011 Miss HK Pageant, Rebecca's popularity has been on the rise, with nonstop news..such as her resemblance with Fala Chen, her 'love sparks' with 2011 Mr. HK Winner, Clayton Li, and also with costar, Kenneth Ma, in upcoming drama, SILVER SPOONS AND STERLING SHACKLES..she has replaced Fala Chen twice in both the film and TV both the 2nd Laughing Gor film and in Silver Spoons and Sterling Shackles...taking the place of Fala as Ron's love interest...As a Ronla fan, I was not too fond of TVB's she was already pairing up with Ron in upcoming drama, TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES to me, she killed Ronla twice..but it's not her fault..TVB's point here is that, her popularity is really skyrocketing..not all Ms. HK winners are that well-known..but she is already given the chance at acting..also, all of her dramas are still in production..and yet, there's all this news about her..i haven't seen her acting I can't judge..but hopefully, she can become a good actress one day...even though in my opinion, she's rising a bit too she still doesn't have too much of a solid acting foundation yet..


here r some fanmade GIFS of Otto Chan i got from tumblr..

credits: lovehatetvb

credits: tvbftw

for more Otto Chan posts on tumblr, visit

btw, how do u pronunce GIFS? is it G.I.F.s [like u read each letter]? or is it prounounced 'jifs' or 'gifs'? lol..ive never said it in real life b/c idk how 2 prounounce it..


hey..even though i haven't updated this blog 4 like the past month or so, i've still been reading the news...and here r some of my thoughts on some recent headlines

Sonija Gives Birth to a 6 lbs. Baby Girl
Congrats 2 Sonija and her family!! Her daughter is really cute :D Miss seeing her on TV...used 2 [and still do] love her...she's a good actress with solid foundation..and she has the looks..she can take on any roles too...

Lau Ding Sing's Scandalous Photo Album
ok..that's not really the exact headline..but w/e...i havent really read the articles..but it's just when im scrolling down, i happen to see the headlines..and i read some of the comments and stuff..ok..i dont have anything against homosexuals..but err...this just kinda grossed me out..anyways..not the point..the point is, he's ruining the careers of many rising stars...[esp. Him Law] he's like #1 on the list...and he's not stopping...many artistes have been trying to build up both their career and their reputation for many years..but with one mistake, they can lose everything they've ever worked's kinda like a life lesson.. anyways, i dont really care if the male artistes took the photos or anything...b/c it's not like im going 2 become friends or anything with just here to see them act...i mean if one of my friends did it or anything, i would find it gross i guess...but i dont really care if the artistes did it....maybe they weren't thinking at the moment..but my point is, everyone makes mistakes..forgive and forget...

ok..i read the news article, and i didnt really learn anything..b/c most of the stuff was like repeated from previous articles...except for the fact that Sammul Chan MAY come back 4 TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2..not sure yet...anyways..idk if i've said this b4..but Bosco & Raymond won't be filming it due 2 schedule conflicts...and i think Flora Chan will be in it..along with Chilam and Francis...though it may not be beneficial to the artistes, i would have actually liked the cast to be: Flora, Francis, Chilam, Myolie, Fala, Raymond, Bosco, Kate, Ron, Kenneth, Rebecca, etc...all artistes would have reduced screentime, but it would really be a grand production...w/ a grand cast :) unfortunately, that wont happen..but o well...more screentime for's not that i favor him over the other artistes or anything..just that his popularity kinda declined...and really want him to make a 'comeback' and be back up there with Bosco and Raymond :D

Otto Chan's Proposal
lol..honestly, i wouldn't have talked about this b/c he's not one of those really popular artistes..but really liked his role in GLOVES COME :P congrats 2 him..the wedding is in October with Tisha Law, Law Lok Lam's daughter...never seen her before..but congrats :)

Jason Chan Leads in New Series with Linda Chung
I think it's the sumthing Ferris Wheel drama...not really sure..but wow..that was kind of an all of a sudden thing...he went from lead in sitcoms to lead in an actual just kinda surprised me b/c he didn't really go through the 'supporting actor' role i think he's being promoted a little 2 fast...but then again, the series isn't really like a grand production and the only first line artiste is im guessing the series will be focused on Linda 90% of the time..also, i think Raymond Lam's cousin is in the series..I think...i think [judging from pictures], that they both fight for Jason Chan in the be honest, Jason Chan was once one of my 'obsessions' he has the looks...when i watched BE HOME FOR like the first 4 episodes..well, he's given the opportunity..and not many artistes get hope he cherishes this chance and gives the audience a good performance..even though he hasn't ever lead in a series before, i think he has the ability to :) good luck to him!

i happened to watch this scene...and honestly, i was like ' nooottt 'Linda', i just found it different from her other roles..kinda a minor breakthrough for her...i guess..but it was well done..she acted it out it was kinda like..awkward watching was like ' long is this scene going to last o.O,' i was still able to see her good acting the parts i've watched so far, i find Linda's character more prominent in the series..compared to Myolie's...but then, it's just the role that they've given it's not Myolie's fault...anyways, im not sure if the 'Netizens' comments were considered positive or negative...but i really don't find anything wrong with that for the awkwardness..but that's not the point...well done, Linda :D

if u guys are interested in these news articles..or other ones..[old or new], u can find them @ TVB News World

Sunday, May 27, 2012


hey guys...4 foreign readers/readers who would prefer to view this blog in a foreign language, there is a translate gadget at the bottom of the side bar..but just a heads up, i dont really type proper the results may be different from what i mean...also, be sure 2 check out the new voted 4 Otto Chan on my own so stupid.. :D but i couldn't help myself ;) but i didnt't vote 4 the female not sure who i would vote for..b/c i liked Selena's character in the beginning..but I liked Natalie's in the end..but im guessing i would vote for Natalie? but i didn't submit an actual vote on the was just for Otto Chan.. :D


due 2 my recent obsession, here r sum graphics of Otto Chan..i didnt use it took me quite awhile.. i wanted 2 make more but i had 2 get back to video editting...which can be quite frustrating..speaking of the video, i think i will continue making it..but just a heads up, it might take me awhile..i think im going 2 focus more on the boxing and friendship do u guys have any ideas 4 the song? maybe a more 'action-ish' themed song..sumthing that's about like not giving up and stuff..i have some songs like that..but they're all about love and stuff.. :P i wanted to use One Direction's songs...but they're all about love/girls and it doesn't really go with the video :P


deep down, he was a good character...i love how he always treasured his friendship with Kevin Cheng..and how he was willing to help Kevin even when they were no longer friends..he seemed like 'the bad guy' to the audience..but as the drama progressed, we were able to see his true side...i dont know if anyone has noticed, but from the start, i never really thought he was 'the bad guy' until Raymond implied that he was the mastermind behind Otto Chan's rape case...overall, he's one of my favorite characters in the drama... :P


omg!!! i loooovvvveeeeddddd his role in GLOVES COME OFF...he was so character..he has a really muscular body...just thought i'd throw that out there...well, for those of you who don't know who i'm talking about, his character was ah lik...dai ji lik...he's one of the mr. hk contestants...anyways, his character was really nice and respectful..and his acting is pretty good man..not over the top w/ correct expressions for the most part...he did really well in the rape KNEW something bad was gunna happen when that girl went..i was like 'noooooo.....' omg...i felt so smart when i could actually tell he was hitting hard/ how he's always so supportive of Raymond Wong's character..even when he turned against him..he believed him when everyone else thought Raymond was the one who beat him up...his character was kinda like Kevin Cheng's...both of them tried to settle disputes and stuff whereas Raymond Wong's character would act all impulsive...anyways..hope TVB gives him more opportunities...ive clipped out like all the scenes he's been in..and hopefully, i can turn it in2 an mv..but no promises..b/c 4 most of the scenes, he's in the background... :P


umm..i dont really have much to say...though they kept repeating the fact that boxing would help her break down the barriers between her and society, i didn't really find her character that 'WOW'-ing...i guess i expected it 2 b more like Fala's character in MOONLIGHT RESONANCE...out of the 3 female leads, i think Nancy has the strongest foundation and should be entitled to the first female lead position..I like Nancy in stronger more 'high-maintenance' her role in FORENSIC HEROES 3 or DADDY GOOD DEEDS..i don't really think the weak type is for Nancy..


His character was pretty cute in the beginning....and then he started to mature and stuff...even though he was kinda villainous, i still loved his character...when he ditched his friends, he actually felt bad...even though i thought Natalie's death was unnecessary, it really brought out Raymond's acting skills..well, not the part where he tried to commit suicide..but when he tried to hold 'Tung Lung' up when his father-in-law wanted to close it down...loved his little speech..

At first, her character didn't really matter to me..and I found her kinda annoying at the Disneyland fireworks scene..her reactions were a bit exaggerated...but after she had her baby, she turned all mature and became strong and's like she switched with Selena..the scene where she told Raymond that she wanted a divorce...and she doesn't want anything except for her daughter...i really like her acting as a mature woman..and hope to see her in more of these strong roles :) part where she realized her mother-in-law wasn't actually crippled was pretty the part where she went like 'bo lay guo tau ah!'..i think out of all 3 female leads, i like her character the most :) 


His character, both appearance and personality-wise, reminded me of his character, Law Ba, in GHETTO JUSTICE...he was a joy to watch in GLOVES COME OFF..i loved how he was made fun of for being too old..and he has really good chemistry with his "son"..omg...and it was so sad when he saw Selena get drunk..and he was saying how it's easy to reach out to her but once he does, he'll ruin her life forever..everyone says nothing matters as long as two people love each other..but in reality, everything matters...his character was somewhat on the realistic side...even though it ended up being a wrong decision,  i still like how he did the beginning, i really loved his chemistry with Selena..but towards the end, i kinda got all fired up..i was like "what kind of world IS this?"...*sighz* 

I liked Selena's character in the beginning of the drama..she was a strong, 'career-comes-first' type of girl..She was smart and all..i also liked her look more in the beginning of the wise, she's like a model for me..but when it comes to love, she was a mess...omg..i dont even wunna talk about it..but...well, i liked the chemistry between her and Kevin..but it just kinda died in the after Edward's accident, their relationship just went was really unbelievable how she had Alzheimer's and all..c'mon..she's like 30..i wish they just took out the Edward part and made the only problem in their relationship the social class difference...i preferred seeing Selena as the smart, strong, career-minded the beginning, i really thought she would live up to the first female lead standards..but after watching the entire drama, i really think Nancy would have been a better first female lead...even though her character was not as prominent as expected...


Overall, the series was pretty good...I wasn't even gunna give this drama a chance..but I saw the trailers and I really wanted to see the development of Kevin & Selena's I decided to watch it..and I got hooked on like right away..but as the drama progressed, i think everything went downhill...honestly, i didn't think the presence of Katy Kung or Edwin Siu [even though I love him :D] was necessary..I actually think the drama would be better without Katy...not that I don't like her..but I felt like her character was just there for the audience to for Edwin, i'll discuss this in a later post...:P

Beginning vs. Ending
The beginning of the drama was full of funny scenes [Raymond Wong] but also contained some serious Kevin Cheng in Thailand and stuff like how to explain it..but compared to the beginning, the ending just got too messed with Power Chan messing up..and then Katy pops in..omg..speaking of Power, his character was so obnoxious..he always thought he was right..when it was clear that he was

STATUS UPDATE's been so long since ive logged in2 blogger..sorry about that..umm..just finished GLOVES COME OFF...& thoughts will b posted up later...but for the currently airing series, HOUSE OF HARMONY AND VENGEANCE & MASTER OF PLAY, i won't b watching those...i watched like about 10 episodes of HOUSE OF HARMONY AND VENGEANCE..and then i just stopped..not that it's bad..just that i got busy and didn't have time for it..and then i ended up 2 lazy 2 go back to the drama..well, just a short note: i like Linda's character :) well, from the episodes i've watched..and as for MASTER OF PLAY, i kno i shouldn't judge a book by it's cover..but i really dont think it's my type of series...not saying that it's not good, but just like WHEN HEAVEN BURNS, i think i might find it a little 2 scary...