Sunday, July 22, 2012


i thought this was a pretty good case..haha..for one, i learned that Him Law was a rich more character development..and it makes the drama more interesting b/c it's not just on cases about people they'r not related this case, it was actually tied to Him was pretty interesting how the dad always favored guys over girls..i liked Elena's character b/c she was smart and all...and she actually meant to help out with the family business and didnt want anything in thing i didnt like though was how she picked her boyfriend over her father..well like..i wouldnt be sure who i would pick if i was in her shoes, but even if you do choose your boyfriend over your dad, it doesnt mean you hafta kidnap your dad..anyways..i didn't completely trust her boyfriend..but at the same time, the case is closed..and her boyfriend didn't show a bad does that mean he's a good guy? still more reserved about that..but anyways..some memorable scenes: Him Law jumping on the was like WOW..haha..and umm..Elena Kong taking the bullet for her dad...and also the part where Elena was about to go in the car..and then her parents & her brother came and like 4got wut they did..or if they even did anything..but i remember liking that liked how the 'bad guys' found out about Him Law's presence because his sweat was was like 'that's a new one'..haha..and then after they fired the shot at the ceiling, i was like 'noooooo...' haha..also, i thought it was pretty new yet stupid of the SDU for the cockroach they found out that there was sumthing wrong b/c of a's kinda stupid how they failed in the hands of a cockroach..well, they didn't really fail..haha..but at the same time, it was pretty funny, creative, and i c it as a good

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