Sunday, July 8, 2012


haha..awesome series..well not to everyone though..but i really like action scenes and stuff...haha..find them pretty cool..but i also like stuff like romantic stuff..and like family stuff..and movies/ like the high tech stuff..and personally, i think they're pretty how in the first episode, the 'bad guy' acted as if he were the hostage..they go through some tough training..i like seeing Vincent Wong's character..he's like so 'good boy' lol...and then Him Law's character is all 'im too good 4 u' haha..but they balance still like Him Law's character for Vincent's character, i like him, but sumtimes, he's too scared to make a when Joe Ma tells him to shoot, he hesitates..i like Oscar too..he's like well-rounded compared to Him Law & Vincent Wong..he's like a mix of the 2...he's like competitive in episode 2..Him Law & Oscar were climbing a tree to get something..and then Him slipped..and Oscar tried to catch him..but in the end, the both fell down and stuff..but Oscar was like more injured...i think i like his character the best..and as for Jessica Hsuan, i think we'll see more of her not sure wut 2 say about her..i guess she should let go of the past? but at the same time, there may be something more behind it, so i don't really wunna decide it's only episode 2..umm..Mandy...idk wut 2 say..havent seen much of her yet for Christine Kuo, dont..omg..haha..who buys 20 boxes of mangoes?'s just TV tho..not like it's offense..but her accent kinda bugs me..ik it's not her fault tho..haha..i really like this series..i wish it would air more as in not every once a week..many people have said that too..also, i like how they go 2 a 'deserted' island 2 go train & stuff..pretty fun actually..i wunna do i wudnt survive..after 2 mins, i'd be like 'im hungry...are we there yet? im long is it gunna take? has it been an hour yet?' lol..ya.. 4 those of u who havent started, u guys's movie format thing 2.. :)

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