Tuesday, July 24, 2012


ok..ya..u guys already kno i dont really like the couples..and the whole resemblance thing..and ya..lol.. well, remember how i said the cast seemed pretty awkward and lacking chemistry @ the press conference? well, i guess im wrong..after watching the video 4 the blessing ceremony, it turns out that Chilam & Francis have actually known each other 4 quite awhile..and they seemed like friends..haha..this probably doesnt count..but Myolie & Fala shared a scene in TV Funny..in episode 1, i just saw a preview..like the part where Myolie is the hairstylist and Fala is the make up artist..ya..well, im hoping there's some sparks will develop and produce a good drama..ok..since i didnt get the pairings i wanted [lol..i sound bratty] i kinda want/hope there'll b stuff like Myolie & Fala being good friends..and since Myolie & Chilam are siblings, maybe Myolie can be like the middle man and stuff between them..haha... and maybe like Nancy can be part of the group 2..haha...ok before the blessing ceremony, i was hoping that Fala & Him Law would share some scenes together as like siblings or sumthing..but they have different last names in the drama..so i guess not :P also, Him Law will be in a love triangle [another one?!] w/ Nancy Wu & Rebecca Zhu...ya..Nancy's probably gunna get the guy..wich i want..but still..can't they just b a normal non-triangle love pair? also, Myolie has to cut her hair..which she doesn't really want to as she has been growing it out for awhile..but she's still professional..so she's doing it..but i feel her pain..haha...it takes forever [4 me] to grow my hair out..

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