Monday, July 30, 2012


Viewers have discovered another mistake in TVB series, this time it happens on Tiger Cubs. In the recent episode, there was a scene where Jessica Hsuan and her brother Oscar Leung were sitting on the benches at the sports ground recalling their childhood memories of jogging together and vowing to be police officers when they grow up. Netizens discovered there were two Extras sitting on the benches in the background during that scene, but unexpectedly, those two Extras sat on those benches for over 20 years! The same two Extras were sitting in the background in the same spot in the flashback scene! Very strange! 

Netizens screen captured the two scenes and posted it on social networking sites, and it has become a new hot topic. Netizens teased that Tiger Cubs is actually a horror movie, where the two Extras are the 'ghosts' in the series.

credits: TVB News World 'horror movie' part isn't funny..but i just thought it was interesting how they were wearing the exact same clothes at the exact same place 20 years was careless..

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