Sunday, July 29, 2012


ok..i kno i have no right to say who's wrong & who's i'm not going to say anything about that..honestly, i can't tell who's wrong & who's right..who's lying & who's telling the truth at this point..i feel like Linda in WITNESS INSECURITY..haha..ok back to Bosco & matter what, breakups aren't a happy thing..but sometimes, it's better to let go and find the path that you want to take..instead of dragging both individuals down a wrong & difficult path..From news articles & stuff, people have said Bosco cheated on Myolie & stuff..& he's had a lot of with Toby Leung, Fala Chen, & Natalie Tong..& idk the mainland that's pretty much the news thoughts: after seeing the video of Myolie's interview, i saw like a new side of her..i really admire her for her strength..not only did she have to announce the breakup, she was also strong enough to let go..i hope that both can recover from the breakup and become friends again & find the path they want to take..whether it's with each other..or not, as long as they're happy..

also, it is said that Ms. Lok is using their breakup to promote Bosco's WITNESS INSECURITY & Myolie's upcoming GHETTO JUSTICE 2

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