Monday, July 30, 2012


hey i have a few random questions here:

-i 4got wut episode this is..but does anyone happen to know the song in MY BETTER HALF that's playing in the background when Maggie Cheung & Michael Miu go to Cheung Chau? It goes like:

Just believe in yourself 'cause it starts with you
And then everyone else will believe you too
And if it looks like you're the only believer around
Just keep on believing, Don't put yourself down

-also, in episode 32? i think it's that episode..of MOONLIGHT RESONANCE, when Bosco, Linda, & Raymond are at the HK Airport..& Linda is watching Bosco any of you happen to know the song that they play during that scene? This one, i'm not really sure about the lyrics, as i couldn't really hear them clearly..i THINK it's something like this:

How could you live [? or is it leave?] and not see
The shadows of what I used to be

I love you and now your gone
The stillness and...break a dawn
Missing you since you've gone away
Makes night....

-anyone know who she is? she was one of the singers in DADDY GOOD ep. 10..haha..i thought she was a pretty good singer :P

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