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hey guys..sorry for being so inactive..i was working on some miss hk post..and ya..i just needa add the fact i got from TIGER CUBS

Vincent Wong is left-handed.

Random..but was that scene where they were eating in the canteen and Vincent was sitting next to Him Law..and to you guys soon!

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have fun's a pretty easy quiz 2 me..note: you can choose a character more than once


haha..i kno i said i would be saving this for later because i don't have much time..but im afraid i'll i'll just post my thoughts now..overall, the drama was awesome....action-packed, hot guys, and the format was just felt so refreshing..both the theme of the drama and the format..also, it was smart of TVB to mix in veterans, Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan, with the popular supporting artistes, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, Him Law, and Vincent Wong, as well as the not so well-known artistes including William Chak, Benjamin Yuen..etc..this drama is tied as my favorite drama of the year with THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH..just a side note, both have Benjamin Yuen, Mandy Wong, and Him Law..ok...back on track..I love all the action and how the cases aren't just they're somehow related to the team..for example Him Law's dad was kidnapped..or Mandy's friend, Jazz Lam, is involved in another case..Also, TVB somehow found a way to tie Joe Ma's team and Jessica's team together..Everything from the actors and actresses to the quality of the drama was fantastic..improvements could be made to the acting of certain artistes but I have to say, I was impressed with this drama...

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Hey everyone! As you can see, I haven't been very active lately. Haha. Sorry about that. I've been overwhelmed with school work. Plus, I have classes outside of school as well as sports. Yea, so basically, I have no life. Q.Q lol..Well, I haven't really been reading the news or anything but I'll occasionally read the headlines but haven't really read the articles. I think I'll keep it that way since I don't have much time to waste. I've only been getting 4 hours of sleep a day ever since school started. So I can't even pay attention when the teachers are teaching, not that they can. lol...I'm sorry, but the teachers at my school seriously can't teach...and that's why I have to go to tutor. So umm..i don't think I'll be too active online at this moment..sorry about that..the only thing im working on is the fanfic, as of now..I really enjoy writing'm still stuck on the couples..Some just don't go fit together..Lol..I'm the type of person to spill everything I'm pretty bad at keeping this time, I can't really talk about the problems of the's kinda hard for me...Well, for those of you who are still in school, like me, I wish you all a wonderful school year. Work hard. Do your best. Don't waste your time comparing yourself to others. There will always be people who are better than you, just as there will always be those who are worse than you. What matters most is that you've given it all you've got. And for those of you who aren't in school anymore, wish you success in whatever you pursue. Haha..and for those of you who are still on break, lucky you! Enjoy your break! Relax. Do things that you like. I wish I was on break right now! Hopefully, I'll be done with the next chapter of my fanfic soon :P

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STATUS UPDATE as u guys can tell, i have changed the seems a bit gloomy and stuff..but i wanted sumthing clean..and i wanted to try out a simple and dark ya... :P..umm..i'll be working on ch. 4 of the fanfic whenever i have for news that i have to catch up on, i don't think i'll really post them..but i may share my thoughts on some..only the ones that i really NEED to say something for dramas, i dont kno if i have time to watch them this year :'( this is sad....i have no life..anyways..i'll just have to wait and see..i'll probably watch them though..b/c i don't think i can resist..but i get addicted once i start watching..anyways..haha..and have i mentioned that him law is rly cute? far, ive had 3 obsessions: otto chan, oscar leung, and him it started around april/may to now..which is about 3 on it's like one new obsession every month if u average it, if u have any scenes u would like me to consider for the fanfic, feel free to contact me..haha..i wud appreciate ur opinions :D thanks 4 stopping by!


hey guys...this isn't really a 'status update'..well but then again..none of my 'status updates' are really 'status updates'..they're just stupid stuff..anyways..this is about the fanfic..umm..i know everyone is one person might like a romantic fanfic while another might like one of i can't satisfy everyone's wants..sorry about that..but i can add in guest stars of your choice because when i was writing chapter 3 of the fanfic, i had some trouble thinking of a guest it would be nice if you guys would share your opinions :D please leave a message in the cbox if you have any suggestions for me


As usual, after work, Fala and Kate are lying on the couch, channel surfing until they come across a TVB drama.

"Ugh. Do we have to watch HEART OF GREED again?" Kate complained, "Can we watch FORENSIC HEROES 3? Come on, it's new."

"But.." Fala tried to save herself.

"Come on. All they do is fight for the money." Kate imitated, "'It's my money!' ''s MY money!'"

Fala laughed at Kate's imitation, "Fiiiinnnee.." and threw a pillow at her, accidentally knocking over a cup of tea.

Linda, rushing out of the kitchen, yelled, " You guys...Again? Can you guys wipe it up?"

Kate, so absorbed in her drama, just said, "Chilll....It's just a cup of tea...She'll do it later.."

Fala chimed in, "'s just a cup of tea..You're a neat freak.."

"Sorry," Linda apologized, afraid of losing her roommates.

"'s fine..we were just kidding..just have fun..relax..Fala's gunna wipe it up right now, right Fala?" [Kate]

"Yea..I'M going to wipe it up..because I'm a nice person..unlike SOMEONE...ahem, Kate Tsui," [Fala] With that, Kate reached for a pillow and aimed for Fala but Fala had successfully escaped by running to the kitchen.

After cleaning up her mess, Fala plopped down in her seat, "Ahh...That was some hard work..That's enough exercise to last me for the next 2 weeks.."

" wiped a cup of tea.." [Kate]

"Hey, at least I wiped a cup of tea...What did you do?" Fala imitated Kate, "'Oh my god..He [referring to an artiste] is so hott..I am SO going to marry him..oh my god!'"

"Just don't...Fine, what do you look for in a guy?" [Kate]

"I don't know..I don't hunt for guys like you..It just comes.." [Fala]

"For me, they just have to be nice to me, nice to my family, nice to my friends...." [Linda]

"Yea..yea..yea.." Kate said, cutting Linda off, "Let's put it this way, which do you find more important in a boyfriend? Looks or personality?"

"Personality," Linda said without thinking.

"Well, it depends," said Fala, " because when you first like a person, you can like them for their looks AND personality..and then when you 'deeply love' them, and they turn ugly, you would still stay by their side and all.."

"Dude..I asked you one gave me a whole essay..I lost you after you said 'it depends'" [Kate]

"Fine then what do you look for?" [Fala]

"Both" [Kate]

"That's what I just said!" [Fala]

"Yea but I made my answer clear in one word..You had a whole speech and after that, I STILL didn't know what your answer to my question was..." [Kate]

While the two were arguing, Linda was deep in her thoughts. She has never been in a relationship before. She doesn't ask for much in a guy. He doesn't need to have good looks nor wealth. All she wants is..

"Hey!" Fala slapped Linda back to reality.

"[cantonese: jok say ah! literally: seek death]" [Linda]

"Well I'm sorry..geez.." [Fala]

"Ya, Fala..Don't bother her, she's [cantonese: fat gun hau, literally: idk how to explain]" Kate says while filing her nails.

"What are you guys talking about?" Linda asks, trying to save herself.

"You probably have an eye out on your prey already," [Kate]

"You make it sound so nasty..and by the way, THIS is what they teach you in the U.S.?" [Linda]

"'s only her.." [Fala] "Out of the 3 guys next door, who would you choose?"

"I don't know..dude..this is awkward.." [Kate]

"Ya..I really don't know..." [Linda]

"Fine...Let's put it this way..Would you date Bosco?" Fala asked

"I guess.." Linda replied. She was not the type of person to reveal her true feelings all the time.

"Well, he's rich.." [Kate]

"You're so shallow" Linda commented.

"Hey, I admit it," Kate said proudly.

"" Fala asked.

"Yea..I guess..He's pretty nice," Linda admitted.

"Yea..he's rich...he has the looks..and yea..he's a nice guy," Kate replied.

"And how about Ron?" Fala asked.

"Err..maybe..I mean after all, he IS a good guy..and he DOES come up with good jokes.." Linda replied.

"Umm..probably not...Honestly, I don't think I would ever have feelings for him because I see him more as a brother..especially since we are both police officers on the same 'team'" [Kate] " the way, speaking of Ron, he's applying to be an SDU."

"What's that?" Linda asked cluelessly.

"Special Duties Unit," Fala said quickly and then devoting her full attention to Kate.

"That's all I know..You can ask him for more information. He applied and now, I think all the applicants are training for the fitness test," Kate explained.

"Wait..when do you know when you get in?" Fala asked.

"I don't know. I only know that they have a whole 'nother like 3 months to train. Maybe more," Kate said. With that, she turned her attention back to FORENSIC HEROES 3.

The next morning, the three girls were watching the latest TVB drama when the doorbell rang. No one got up.

"You go," Linda nudged Fala, "I'm tired.."

"I'm tired too. You go," Fala commanded, tossing a stuffed dog at Kate.

"No..shhh...The show's about to start..." Kate hushed.

"Well I'm not going," Fala crossed her arms.

"Neither am I," Linda imitated Fala and crossed her arms. Kate glared at the two and reluctantly pushed herself off the seat and shuffled to the door.

"Coming..." Kate screamed. She opened the door to find Bosco and Raymond standing there.

" 'sup?" Bosco asked, plopping down in the seat next to Fala, making himself at home.

Fala ignoring Bosco, looked around for Ron. He wasn't there. "Where's the other one?" she asked Raymond.

"Oh..he's training or something," Raymond said as he plopped down in Kate's seat.

"Yea right..He's probably out with one of his girlfriends," [Bosco]

"No one would date him," commented Kate.

"Hey pass me a can of coke," Raymond nudged Linda.

"Get it yourself," Linda nudged back.

"Fine, be that way. Go ahead and make me trek all the way to the coffee table and carry a whole can of coke all the way back here," Raymond exaggerated.

"The coffee table's like 2 feet away," Linda gave up and tossed Raymond a can of coke.

"And I win again," Raymond cheered.

"That's because it's Linda. Everyone wins against her," Bosco chimed in. Linda, who could not think of a comeback just threw a pillow at him. Kate, so absorbed in her drama, was not aware of her surroundings.

"Hey, toss me a can of coke," Kate ordered, her eyes still glued onto the TV screen.

"He took the last one," Linda pointed to Raymond.

"Ugh, you suck," Kate sulked, "Someone go buy some more."

"Go get it yourself. You're so lazy. Why are you guys even watching this stuff?" Bosco asked.

"Because the male lead is hot," Kate said without even thinking.

"Well, I'm hotter," Bosco claimed.

"Ha..ha.." Fala laughed, "What a joke.."

"Shut up," Bosco said to Fala.

"No seriously though, someone go get more coke," Kate said.

"Not me!" they all exclaimed, all except Fala.

"Ugh..Me again?" Fala complained, getting up from her seat, "Give me money."

"Don't ask me for it. You know I don't have any. You might as well ask the hobos on the street. Ask Bosco. He's rich," Kate said. Fala turned her attention to Bosco.

"I'm not rich. My dad's rich. There's a difference" [Bosco]

Raymond pulled out some money and handed it to Fala. "I'll keep the change," Fala said, running out the door.

Ron who was using the gym downstairs had just finished working out when he saw Fala walk out of the lobby. He went up behind her.

"Hey, where you going?" Ron asked.

"Buying soda," Fala answered. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be 'working out'?"

"I just finished," Ron said, following Fala into the store.

Fala grabbed two packs of soda and headed for the cash register. While she was paying, she said, "You want to train right? Here, carry these upstairs for me," she ordered, handing the soda to Ron.

"C'mon," Ron complained, reaching for the bags,"I was in that gym for like 3 hours already. It was horrible! There were 'pork chops' [ugly girls] every where! None of them were 'edible'! I feel so violated."

"You're so shallow, always about the looks. Watch, you're going to get married with one of them one day. And violated?" Fala skipped to the door.

" 'Choi! [cantonese, i think it's like 'touchwood'] I will not lower my standards and eat pork chops, save them for Ray & Bosco. And yes, violated. They came over and started.." Ron made a puke face, "touching me." He shivered as they went into the elevator. Fala stuck her hand in Ron's direction, reaching for the buttons on the elevator. "Ahh!" Ron screamed, "Now it's YOUR turn? Enough violation for the day!"

Fala pressed the button, "Stupid! 'haan dee la!' [cantonese, it's literally like 'save dee lah!']"

"Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if you did. After all, I am charming and handsome and muscular and good looking and smart and..." Ron continued.

"Yea..uh huh..You wish," Fala said, stepping out of the elevator, "In you're dreams."

"Well then I must be dreaming right now," Ron said, unashamed.

The two of them rejoined the crew. "Ugh. Worst elevator ride ever," Fala complained.

"Can't you two just give it a break?" [Bosco]

"Hey, according to my experiences.." [Kate]

"Experiences of what?" Linda asked.

"Of watching TVB dramas, two people who often bicker usually end up together," Kate proudly declared.

"Stupid," Ron said to Kate.

"Hey, that's true though. At least in TV dramas," Linda added.

"Well in TV dramas, all the actresses are good looking and when you look at her.." Ron pointed to Fala.

"You.." Fala threw a pillow at Ron. "Well on TV, all the actors are good looking but when you look at HIM.." she glared at Ron.

"When you look at me, I'm even MORE handsome," Ron claimed.

"Dude, he said he was willing to wash all the clothes, do all the chores for his girlfriend if he finds a hot one," Raymond exposed.

"Dude..what happened to his dignity [cantonese: juun yeem; it sounds like bottle of salt] ?" Bosco asked.

"He poured all of it in his porridge this morning," Fala said. [b/c dignity in cantonese is juun yeem and it sounds like bottle of salt]

"Very funny. At least I had any to start with," Ron retorted.

"Forget you, I'm leaving," Fala picked her bag up from the floor and walked out the door. "I'm not coming home for dinner," she said as she walked out the door.

When Fala was out of earshot, Raymond whacked Ron with a pillow, "Dude, stop fighting with her all the time. You guys are like a dog and a cat."

"Yea, dude..not cool. You made her leave her own apartment," Bosco added.

Ron sighed, "You guys are all idiots. She's not mad at me. Did you see her? She was all dolled up before she left. I'm 99% sure she finally found someone that was willing to take her. I bet they're blind."

"Well, all girls like to doll themselves up and stuff..Never heard her talking about her boyfriend or anything..Never even knew she had one.." Linda chimed in.

Bosco added, "All girls like to get dolled up and stuff..all girls except Kate." Kate whacked Bosco on the head and went back to her TV drama.

Ron sighed once more, "You guys don't understand girls. I have had the most experience with these 'unique animals' so therefore I am right. End of discussion."

Kate, with her eyes still glued onto the TV screen, added, "Aiya. You guys can just ask her when she gets home tonight."

Raymond added, "Well how do you know she's even coming home tonight?" He winked.

"You're learning," Ron said to Raymond.

"All of you guys are so sick-minded. You pervs.." Linda said, reaching for a strawberry.

"Hey..I didn't say anything," Bosco clarified.

"I'm hungry..Let's go get dinner," [Kate]

"Ugh..I don't wanna walk.." Raymond complained.

"Let's just make one person go get it," [Linda]

"Ugh. Fala's not here. We can't make her go get it," Ron added.

"How about.." Raymond thought aloud, "The oldest person has to get it?"

"K..I'm cool with that," Kate agreed, "So it's between you three boys."

Raymond and Bosco eyed Ron. "Ugh," Ron got up from his seat, "You guys planned this. Hold on. Let me finish this drama."

"Fine," [Bosco]

About an hour passed when Ron was finished with his drama. He went to a local cafe and made his order. While waiting for his order, he spotted Fala, eating with a guy who seemed like her boyfriend. Ron went over to say 'hi' when her 'boyfriend' left his seat. "Hey," Ron said, plopping down in Fala's 'boyfriend's' seat.

"Hey, go away! Someone's sitting there," Fala whispered.

"Your boyfriend? Is he blind?" Ron joked.

"None of your business," she whispered while attempting to push Ron away, "what are you doing here?"

"I'm getting take-out for those pigs," he said.

"Well now you know how I feel," Fala said.

"As a matter of fact, no I do not. I was chosen to carry out such a difficult task because of fate while you were chosen because you're stupid, always one step behind," [Ron]

"Ugh. Just go away. I don't want to argue with you," Fala said, once again trying to push Ron away. Just then, Fala's 'boyfriend' had arrived back at the table.

"Hi," he said politely.

"Hey, 'sup dawg," Ron said, still in the seat.

"Oh..umm..Let me introduce you guys. This is Ron and this is Steven," Fala introduced.

"Hi, I'm Steven Ma, CEO of the Ritz Carlton," Steven said, handing a business card to Ron.

"Oh, that rich-people hotel 3 blocks away?" Ron whispered to Fala, "Wow...You really know how to choose your guys." He turned his attention back to Steven and reached out his arm for a handshake, "Hi, I'm Sergeant Ron Ng, her boyfriend." Steven cocked his head in confusion. "He..he..her boy know? Male friend."

"Ha, ha. You're quite a funny guy," Steven laughed politely.

Fala, wanting to continue her date with Steven ended their conversation. "Oh you should go check if your order's ready yet," she told Ron, "You know..It wouldn't be too nice if you kept your friends waiting." Fala pushed Ron towards the cash register and resumed her dinner with a sigh of relief after Ron left.

A couple of hours later, Fala had reached the door of her apartment, realizing that she forgot her keys. She rung the doorbell only to have Ron open the door. "Hey, home already? We thought you weren't going to come home," Ron said with a smile. She glared at Ron for a moment before heading to her room, "I'm going to go shower," she declared.

"Remember not to use hot water! It might make you're wrinkles more severe!" Ron screamed.

"Dude, give her a break," Linda commented.

"Yea..Stop being so mean to her," Raymond added.

"Yea, be nicer to her..or I'm going to screw up your appraisal at the end of the year. Let's see if you can still become an SDU," [Kate]

"You..." Ron said to Kate reluctantly, "Fine, I'll TRY."

------------------------------- basically, you guys kinda already know one of the'm sure some readers already know that the obvious couple is my most wished pairing. I'm not naming them because for those who don't know, I don't want to spoil it for them. And for those of you who do know and are not too fond of this pair, don't worry, I'm not only going to focus on this pair. I'll have more stuff on the other characters later on but I had to start somewhere. Well, hope you guys like it. Also, I hope Ron doesn't seem like a bad character. I didn't mean for him to be a 'dislikeable' character..Sorry...i find that the first 3 chapters have been pretty there's not real action going no problems or anything..but i'll try to add some by the next chapter..That's it for now and thanks for supporting my fanfic! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me or leave a message in the chatbox!

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TVB CLASSIC SCENES i was writing my fanfic..and i was thinking of some of TVB's scenes to see if i could use one..and then i decided to do this post because i'm stuck on chapter 3 of my fanfic..I had it all planned out...and then when i wrote it all out, i was like..'no..' and then i had to restart the whole thing..anyways..back to are some of the 'classic tvb scenes':

  • There's a couple and they get into a fight or something so they go out and take a walk while sad music is playing in the background. And then the couple walk past each other without even knowing. There's usually people and other obstacles in the way. lol..I remember one from TO CATCH THE UNCATCHABLE
  • The cliff hanging scene-TVB changes it to the 'hanging off the building' scenes..There's always a person, i would say mostly females, who want to commit suicide and then the main characters come and convince her/him to come back down and she's about to go back down but she slips and falls but luckily, she/he grabs a hold of something and someone pulls her/him back up.
  • The characters going by the sea when they're 'heartbroken'
  • The car accident troll-It's always something along the lines of like a couple talking on the phone and then suddenly, the girl hears a crashing noise from the phone and the guy doesn't she rushes over to the guy's location only to find him safe and sound and then they hug and the girl goes like 'you scared me'
  • The drowning troll-This one is where there's a person who's drowning and they rescue them and bring them back on shore. But back on shore, the person still isn't 'awake' they try to save them and stuff..and they still don't come back to life..and then the other character starts crying..and then the drowned person coughs and 'wakes up'

lol..i'm sorta kinda making fun of these scenes b/c when you type them up and describe them in words, it's sound really cheesy..but when you actually see it on TV and stuff u go like 'aww...' 


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates and I'm sorry to say that it'll be like this for like the next 3 weeks. Sorry! And also, I've finished TIGER CUBS but that's it. I haven't finished THREE KINGDOMS RPG and I have started on GHETTO JUSTICE..but I stopped watching b/c I just don't have time. Also, I haven't started KING MAKER'll have a lot of catching up to do later on..umm..idk wut else 2 say..haha..well, i'll post up another chapter of my fanfic after this post..and then idk after that..I have no life..For the next 3 weeks, I'm going to have to go to tutor from after school til around 9:30..and then I have to do my homework sorry! i really don't have time!! And after that, I'll be a bit more active online..hopefully..I'll still be taking classes but they're not as time-consuming..but I have to complete my service hours so :P lol..I'm just complaining about my life rite it's like the life of the typical Asian at my school..haha..umm..about graphics and stuff..the earliest i can start on them is like 3 weeks from now..*sighz* the worst part is, I have to skip my daily 2 hour TVB session :( and no more stalking ): ya so basically, before I leave again, I'll write another chapter for fanfic, reply to the messages 2mrw, and that's it i guess..i WILL do a review on TIGER CUBS..but i think it's gunna b super late..but I'm still going 2 do it b/c it's one of my favorite dramas this year :D haha..btw, new obsession: Him Law!! :D lol..ya...i have a new obsession like every other drama or, i might have random posts here and there..but that's it..sorry guys! thanks 4 ur support tho!! btw, most of my posts will probably be like fanfics and stuff b/c i'll pause on the dramas and stuff..which i really don't want 2 esp. since Him Law's new drama is coming up :'( ok..i'll go start on the fanfic now..

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"Kate, wake up. Go say 'Good Morning' to your father after you brush your teeth" Kate's mom ordered.

"Mom, I don't get you guys. Why do you guys talk to the dead?" Kate asked with her eyes still closed.

"Aiya! Just get up and do as I say. Your father died when he was chasing the bank robbers. You can go ask his police colleagues." [Kate's mom]

"That's still not the answer to my question," Kate mumbled. After eating breakfast and getting ready, she headed out to meet Fala and her new roommate. Arriving at the residential building, she was amazed. "Woow...this place is amazing!" On the way to the elevator, she passed by a map. "Oh my god. There's even a 7-Eleven downstairs! OMG! A pool AND a gym?!" Kate screamed in delight.

"There's a library & a private park too," Fala said, sneaking up behind Kate. Kate turned around to see who it was. "This is Linda, this is Kate," she introduced.

"Hey," Linda said with a smile.

"Hi..haha..You guys scared me. This place is awesome!" [Kate]

"I know! The apartment is really nice too! The interior design is amazing!" [Linda]

"Eek! I'm so excited! Can't wait! Why is the elevator taking so long?" Kate asked impatiently. Just then, the elevator doors popped open.

"Speak of devil," Fala replied. With that, the three of them poured into the elevator. Behind them, two guys about their age were considering the apartment next to theirs. "Are they our future neighbors?" Fala whispered after getting out of the elevator.

"I don't know...It's my first time here," Kate said, admiring the halls.

"It doesn't matter..unless...." Linda said with a sly smile, clearly implying something.

"No!" Fala denied with a smile.

"Okay..okay.." [Linda]

After a tour of the apartment, Kate agreed to rent the place with Fala and Linda. "Yay! We have a new home now!" Linda exclaimed.

"Hey are you guys busy today?" Fala asked while waiting for the elevator.

"No, why?" asked Linda.

"It depends on what you want me to do.." replied Kate.

"I was wondering if you guys wanted to go shopping for new furniture and stuff" [Fala]

Before the two girls had a chance to reply, the two guys next door came to introduce themselves. "Hey," one said.

"You guys moving in?" asked the other.

"Ya.." the three of them replied.

"Looks like we'll be neighbors. We're moving in next to you guys. I'm Raymond," Raymond said with a welcoming smile.

"And I'm Bosco," Bosco said with a friendly smile.

"Hi, I'm Linda"

"Hi, I'm Kate"

"And I'm Fala"

"I couldn't help but overhear you guys going out to buy furniture for your new apartment. Do you mind if we join you guys?" asked Bosco.

"I'm cool with it," Kate said coolly.

"Fine with me," Fala said with a smile.

"MmKay," Linda said nicely.

After a long ride through the heavy traffic of people rushing to work, the five of them finally arrived at the store. Luckily, it was a weekday morning. There weren't many people. " drive so slow," Kate exclaimed, unafraid.

"Well, SORRY," Bosco said jokingly. "Why don't you drive on the way back?"

Finally inside the store, the 5 of them had already split up unknowingly. When they realized that they split up, they all just thought "Oh well..we can meet up later" and with that, each one of them began taking notes of the items they wanted.

Bosco was in the bedding section when he saw Fala looking at the sofas. Walking over to Fala, he said "Hey Fala. Come over here. I found something for you"

"Wait hold on..I need to copy down the number of this sofa so we can find it later" Fala replied.

After Fala was done, Bosco dragged her from the hand to the cushions section. "What's that 'something' you found for me, Mr. Wong?"

Picking up two round cushions from the pile, Bosco exclaimed, "These!"

Fala shook her head in confusion, "Don't get it..." To explain to Fala, Bosco thought there was no better way than to demonstrate. He stuffed both of them in his shirt in the chest area. When Fala finally got it, she slapped him with a laugh, "You're disgusting!" In response, Bosco lightly hit her with a pillow. Soon, the two were involved in a pillow fight. It was all fun and games until a staff member came along and gave them 'the look.' Embarrassed, Fala quickly walked over to the mattresses, running back into Linda and Kate. After a long search for Raymond, both the guys and the girls picked their decided on furniture and split up the costs. After that, they decided to go out and have lunch together.

While waiting for their food, the 5 of them decided to introduce themselves a little more. The guys went first. Raymond, introducing Bosco instead of himself, said "he's Bosco Wong, age 22, rich kid, & SINGLE!" With that, Bosco elbowed his friend.

"Hey, after college, I haven't been using my family's money. It's my family that's rich, not me" Bosco clarified. "This is the rich kid, age 22, only son, and the girls love him," Bosco said about Raymond. Before Raymond could slap him, the waiter arrived at their table with their order.

"Soo..what do you guys plan on doing? You in a job..." asked Raymond.

With a mouth full of food, Kate blurted out, "Before coming back to Hong Kong, I already applied for Senior Inspector of the HK Police. They said I could go for a job interview tomorrow."

"Cover your mouth," Linda ordered with a smile.

"You're just like my mom," Kate said in response. "So Mom, what do you plan on doing?"

With a smile, Linda replied, "I'm a social worker. Well, actually, I just got the job like a week ago."

"Wow, you have a job already? Nice," Fala added.

" we just got let out a bit early from HKU," Linda answered.

" guys don't know each other?" asked Raymond, with a confused look. Before he had the chance to receive answer from either one of them, the waiter came with their check.

"I'll pay," offered Raymond.

"No. It's fine, we can just pay for ourselves," added Linda.

"It's fine..He's rich, remember?" Bosco chimed in.

"Shut up," Raymond said, nudging Bosco.

Things are just hectic today for Kate. She just finished her interview and her superior already wants her to get started on work. Could she say no? On top of that, the day has finally come for her to move into the apartment. Sadly, she has to wait to after work. "No..I can't...I'm at work..I have to wait 'til 5...sorry!" Kate whispered into her phone.

"Madam, everything okay?" asked one of her subordinates, by the name of Ron.

"Ya..everything's fine..I just didn't think I would be here today.." complained Kate.

"Did you have something planned?" [Ron]

"I was going to move into my new apartment today with my friends. But Ko Sir decided that I should start 'as soon as possible'," Kate said, mocking her superior.

"Wait, do you happen to know any apartments for rent?" asked Ron.

"Why, you want to rent one? I could ask for you, but no promises," [Kate]

"Thank you! If you find me a place, I'll call you big bro from now on!" [Ron]

Kate on the phone, replied with an awkward, "No thanks.." When Raymond finally picked up, Kate asked, "Hey Raymond, I have this colleague and he's looking for a you guys have an extra room for him?"

Raymond jokingly asked, "It depends. Is he good-looking?"

"Why does that matter? Are you gay?" Kate joked.

"Okay..okay..Yea..we have an extra room..AS LONG AS HE'S NOT GAY.." Raymond clarified.

"Kk thanks. I'll bring him up tonight," finished Kate. "Hey are you gay?" Kate asked Ron. Ron only responded with a puzzled look.

After Ron moved in and joined their crew, he brought them lots of laughter and cheer. Kate who has a black belt claimed she could chop a board in half with her bare hands. Taking a scrap of wood from the pile of trash left over from their move-in, Ron gave the piece of wood to Kate, "Madam, I got the board out of Fala Chen's chest." With that, Fala and Ron were engaged in war. They threw pillows at each other.

Finally, Linda ended it all with her motherly command, "Guys, stop..You're so immature!" She was able to end the pillow fight. But the two started another war soon after.

While watching a movie, Ron was in charge of cutting their celebratory cake. When Fala wasn't looking, he took the chance to wipe some cream on her face. Seeking revenge, Fala tried to do the same. Unfortunately, Ron escaped and ran off into the hallway. "Woah there! Make sure you guys lock the door! We're all under 18 here, it's not suitable for us to hear or keep it quiet in there!" joked Bosco. With that, Bosco raised both of his arms to escape a slap from both Raymond and Linda. Both shared a smile. Meanwhile, Ron ended up hiding in the bathroom. However, he was unable to escape from Fala. Fala managed to get into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

"Woah. Did you hear that? They actually did lock the door," commented Raymond.

"Shut up! I'm trying to watch a movie," [Kate]

"Well, SORRY.." apologized Raymond.

" guys..look at this mess.." Linda said, getting up to clean the place.

"It's don't have to clean it up. We'll clean it up after, right Bosco?" [Raymond]

"No." [Bosco] Raymond nudged him.

"Wah! What are you going to do to me?" asked Ron in a frightened tone, hands crisscrossed over his chest. "I'm going to scream!" Fala stuck her hand near his face. "Hey watch it...I'm a cop.." When that didn't seem to make Fala leave, he used his last plan, "I'm going to pee.."

"Okay," Fala retorted quickly.

"I'm really going," Ron threatened, this time actually putting his hands near his zipper. That seemed to do the trick.

Fala rushed out of the bathroom screaming "You're crazy!!!"

"Haha..stupid.." Ron said as he bathed in his victory.


hey just wanted to say, i will be doing a whole thoughts thing on GHETTO JUSTICE 2..haha..i liked the microwave scene where Kevin microwaved his how he was like 'oh yea..before you put the sausage in, i microwaved my underwear already'

also, ik the first chapter of the fanfic is pretty boring..i think so myself too..sorry about that..but i hafta make them all friends first..


"Okay, Mom. I'll clean it up after." Just getting off the plane, Kate was tired from dragging the two suitcases & three duffel bags out of the elevator. "If only I were rich," she thought aloud.

"You wish...Hurry up...Go wash up and change..Dinner's almost ready.." [Kate's mom]

"Why do I have to change? I think I look fine in my clothes," Kate retorted.

"Fine? You wore your pajamas to the airport!" [Kate's mom]

"What's wrong with that?" Kate asked with a smile.

"Aiya! Forget it! How are you ever going to find a boyfriend?" [Kate's mom]

"Haha..How do you know I'm not lesbian?" Kate smiled.

"Very funny. Go wash up. Your aunt's coming home soon." [Kate's mom]

"Ok fine. Eww. Why is she here?" [Kate]

"Don't be rude. She's staying here" [Kate's mom]

"Please tell me it's temporary" [Kate]

"Nope..long term. She and your uncle divorced. Now she's coming back to stay with us." [Kate's mom]

"Wait..we only have 2 rooms" [Kate]

"Oh yea..I forgot to tell you that you're sleeping on the sofa" [Kate's mom]

"Forever?" Getting up from the couch, Kate marched to the bathroom to wash her hands while her mom prepared the remaining dishes. Looking at herself in the mirror, she sighed "Looks like I have to move" *sigh* "Oh well, at least I don't have to live with her.." Plopping down in the seat next to the head of the table, Kate asked her mom, "Mom do you know where I can move to?"

"Nope. Honey, you're on your own this time." Pointing to the living room, she said "This is your new room 'til you find a new place to move to."

Kate sighed. "She's not even home yet and she's already causing me so much trouble. I can't even imagine how much trouble she would bring if she WERE home...." "Mom, I'll come back in 10 minutes. I'm going out to call my old classmates to see if they know any apartments for rent..Be back soon!" with that, she slammed the door and went down to the park nearby. Plopping her rear on the swing, she scrolled through her contacts list. "Nope..He lives in the U.S...She went back to Canada...Eww..I don't even like her...."

"'s so nice here!" exclaimed Fala.

"Of course! There's an indoor pool & an outdoor one! Plus, a library, a gym, and even a private park exclusively for our residents. You can bring your children down there to play once you get married." the manager said cheerfully.

"Haha..That won't be anytime soon..I'll think about it..I'll call you when I have made my decision" Fala said, ending the tour of the apartment.

"Okay! No problem. Thanks for visiting. I still have some stuff to finish up downstairs. By the way, there will be another customer coming up soon, just letting you know. Feel free to look around, just close the door when your done." With that, the manager left to attend his business.

"It's so nice..but so expensive!!" She took one last look at the apartment and was about to leave when she ran into Linda.

"Hi" Linda greeted.

"Hey...You looking around?" Fala asked warmly.

"'s quite nice here. I really like the living environment" [Linda]

"'s really nice..I love it here too..but the price.." [Fala]

"I's quite pricey..waaaay out of my budget.." [Linda]

"Same here...When I was little, my parents always told me that the land here in Hong Kong is really expensive..Today, I finally get to see it myself.." [Fala]

"Haha..yea..You from overseas?" [Linda]

"Yea..haha..My Cantonese is really bad isn't it?" [Fala]

"'s fine! Many of the ABCs don't even know how to speak Cantonese! Where are you from?" [Linda]

"I'm from the U.S. and I just graduated from college there and I wanted to come develop my career in Hong Kong...haha..My parents are in the U.S. and I don't have relatives I've been staying at the hotel.." [Fala]

"Oh..haha..maybe we could rent this place together! How much would that be? haha..You don't mind right?" [Linda]

"Not at all," Fala smiled. "You're a nice person, of course I wouldn't mind!"

Whipping out her calculator, Linda started calculating the price of rent, gas, electricity, and water and dividing everything by two. "Aiya! It's still not within my budget," showing Fala the calculator.

"Not within my budget either..Wait..We have 3 rooms here. Maybe we can find someone else..Do you know anyone looking for a place to rent?" asked Fala. Linda shook her head. "Oh. Hold on. I have some college classmates that live in Hong Kong." Scrolling through her contacts list, she came across Kate's name. "Oooh! How about this one? She's the down-to-earth type, quite funny be honest, I don't really know her but I was in a project with her once and she seems like a nice girl."

"Ok...I don't mind as long as she's a girl and she's not difficult to live with," admitted Linda.

"Haha..I'm actually pretty hard to stand, just saying.." Fala said with a smile. With that, she started dialing Kate's number.

After being rejected several times, Kate let out a deep sigh. Just then, she received a call from Fala Chen. "Hullo?" Kate spoke into the microphone of her smartphone.

"Hi Kate. Remember me? Fala Chen from the Shakespeare project?" Fala asked.

"Oh hey. What's up?" Kate asked, being polite.

"I know this sounds crazy since we aren't too familiar with each other, but I've come across this really awesome apartment for rent and it's in a really nice environment and there's 3 rooms so I'm wondering if you would like to come live with us in the apartment.." [Fala]

"OMG! Really? I was JUST looking for a place! Thank you! Can I come over tomorrow?" Kate asked excitedly.

"Sure thing. I can introduce you to our other roommate. Her name's Linda Chung." Fala informed Kate.

"K...I gotta go eat..See you tomorrow!" [Kate]

"!" [Fala]

With that, Kate ran back to the apartment building, excited to tell her mom the good news. As she was heading toward the entrance, she ran into her 'beloved' aunt. "Kate!" screamed her beloved aunt from 10 feet away. Kate turned toward the sound of the voice, ready to complain about her aunt's unnecessary loud voice when she saw her aunt running towards her with arms wide open, ready for a hug. At that moment, Kate dug out her keys, opened the door, and headed towards the elevator. After safely reaching the elevator, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong with that woman? Ugh! I should move out as soon as possible, can't stand her. I should tell Fala to hurry up with the contracts and stuff" Kate mumbled to herself in the elevator ride.
haha..sorry guys..chapter one's pretty boring...


haha..actually...not much to say..i usually don't do this since i always say too much and give away the whole thing..

Six individuals just graduating from college, all of whom are from different backgrounds are brought together by fate. Through thin & thick, they are always there for one another, always supporting each other..but will that support last forever? Will their friendship last forever?

This fanfic takes us through the journey of six individuals' path to friendship, love, and their dreams. 

ok..ya..that's i've decided to use these artistes as main characters:

Bosco Wong-He's the comedian of the group along with Ron Ng. Coming from a wealthy family, like Raymond Lam's, he has vowed to use his own hands to support himself after graduating from college. He dislikes it when people treat him differently or look at him differently because he's rich.

Fala Chen-She's not the 'go with the flow' type of girl. She's not afraid to stand out & speak her mind, which may cause some trouble for her in today's society. However, this personality of hers may help her find a group of friends whom she can count on through thin and thick. Though she's not like other girls, she still has some things in common with them. She's still an ordinary girl when it comes to love. She hopes to find her Prince Charming & create their own love story.

Kate Tsui-Kate is a tomboy & not afraid to speak her mind. She's rather straightforward and oftentimes, she's the one to wake her female friends from their daydreams. She believes that fate will bring her & her Prince Charming together, no need to rush.

Linda Chung-Filial & kind-hearted, she's the number one choice for a girlfriend or even a wife. She is sweet and willing to help others, something that makes this diamond sparkle. She understands that her family is not wealthy so when growing up, she never asked for unnecessary luxuries. She's the 'mom' of the crowd, not allowing them to eat junk food, pulling all-nighters, & constantly nags.

Raymond Lam-He's the romantic one in the crowd, always so sweet. Which girl wouldn't fall for him? He's sweet, rich, and he has the looks. He & Bosco are family friends and have been for as long as they can remember. Growing up together, the two have become like brothers. 2 guys. 1 life.

Ron Ng-Another comedian in the crowd. He may not be rich like Raymond & Bosco, but with his good looks & his sense of humor, he can score a girl, or should I say several girls, with no difficulty, something he likes to brag about quite often.

haha..sorry..i won't be using the polls/survey anymore!

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hey i have a few random questions here:

-i 4got wut episode this is..but does anyone happen to know the song in MY BETTER HALF that's playing in the background when Maggie Cheung & Michael Miu go to Cheung Chau? It goes like:

Just believe in yourself 'cause it starts with you
And then everyone else will believe you too
And if it looks like you're the only believer around
Just keep on believing, Don't put yourself down

-also, in episode 32? i think it's that episode..of MOONLIGHT RESONANCE, when Bosco, Linda, & Raymond are at the HK Airport..& Linda is watching Bosco any of you happen to know the song that they play during that scene? This one, i'm not really sure about the lyrics, as i couldn't really hear them clearly..i THINK it's something like this:

How could you live [? or is it leave?] and not see
The shadows of what I used to be

I love you and now your gone
The stillness and...break a dawn
Missing you since you've gone away
Makes night....

-anyone know who she is? she was one of the singers in DADDY GOOD ep. 10..haha..i thought she was a pretty good singer :P


so 4 the fanfic survey thing, i don't know if u guys can see the results and stuff..i don't think u can..but not i'll just tell u guys..

for now, it's:

Bosco Wong: 2/2 votes for Fala Chen

Kenneth Ma: 1/3 votes for Fala Chen; 1/3 votes for Linda Chung; 1/3 votes for Tavia Yeung

Raymond Lam: 1/3 votes for Fala Chen; 1/3 votes for Kate Tsui; 1/3 votes for Linda Chung

Ron Ng: 2/3 votes for Fala Chen; 1/3 votes for Tavia Yeung


Viewers have discovered another mistake in TVB series, this time it happens on Tiger Cubs. In the recent episode, there was a scene where Jessica Hsuan and her brother Oscar Leung were sitting on the benches at the sports ground recalling their childhood memories of jogging together and vowing to be police officers when they grow up. Netizens discovered there were two Extras sitting on the benches in the background during that scene, but unexpectedly, those two Extras sat on those benches for over 20 years! The same two Extras were sitting in the background in the same spot in the flashback scene! Very strange! 

Netizens screen captured the two scenes and posted it on social networking sites, and it has become a new hot topic. Netizens teased that Tiger Cubs is actually a horror movie, where the two Extras are the 'ghosts' in the series.

credits: TVB News World 'horror movie' part isn't funny..but i just thought it was interesting how they were wearing the exact same clothes at the exact same place 20 years was careless..


hey...another useless post here..jkz..umm...well, ive been thinking if i should just start the fanfic based on the 'pairs' that i want..b/ survey thing is gunna take awhile.. :P


Linda's Tryouts
You guys remember that scene..where Linda applied to a German school..and then she had to tryout..and  there were like 3 judges/representatives from the school..and Linda had to choose a song to play on the cello...and she chose 'The Moon Represents My Heart'...ya..ok..that scene was so touching..w/ the music..and the flashbacks..& her tears...

Bosco's Death sure all of you remember this scene..& im sure we all know why it's so memorable..but i just wanted to point out that the background music really makes a difference :P...

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reports have said that Raymond has been going after an 18 year old named Karena Ng..but this Karena girl denied the rumors..but the two were photographed in a taxi & all together..& then some mainland actresses were calling him a playboy & not sure if they're doing this for publicity or what? but sighz..i mean if Raymond really likes her..then he can go for her..i guess..just hope it's not another thing like the one w/ Mavis Pan & stuff..i honestly don't 'approve' of TVB artistes dating mainland artistes..with all the negative news that the media cooks up, they continue to do it...i don't have a good impression of these 'mainland beauties' :P i don't know the truth behind all :P..


news reports have said that Ron Ng may have cheated on Viann Zhang, his ex, with a wealthy 'Miss X'..& they also said he umm..exchanged explicit texts, pics, & phone calls with this 'Miss X' an interview, he seemed to know who the 'Miss X' they were talking about was..cuz he was like 'oh..that one' kinda that..umm..but he didn't admit the other stuff..they also said that 'Miss X' didn't know about Ron & Viann's relationship..& Ron always said that the thing w/ Viann was just a thing for she believed him..yep..that's it for the news part..umm..idk..but they people said it was his voice..& then he just walked off & said 'no comment' so im really unsure about this..but....i don't know if this is true..again, i don't know who's telling the truth & who's lying..mayB Viann & all of the others are trying to get popular...after all, her popularity soared after she was w/ Ron..but...they MIGHT not be..i really don't know who to im not gunna side with anyone..even though i do like Ron & the other TVB artistes more..idk..those who go up in mainland are bound to have rumors...& those rumors may even bring them some trouble...


ok..i kno i have no right to say who's wrong & who's i'm not going to say anything about that..honestly, i can't tell who's wrong & who's right..who's lying & who's telling the truth at this point..i feel like Linda in WITNESS INSECURITY..haha..ok back to Bosco & matter what, breakups aren't a happy thing..but sometimes, it's better to let go and find the path that you want to take..instead of dragging both individuals down a wrong & difficult path..From news articles & stuff, people have said Bosco cheated on Myolie & stuff..& he's had a lot of with Toby Leung, Fala Chen, & Natalie Tong..& idk the mainland that's pretty much the news thoughts: after seeing the video of Myolie's interview, i saw like a new side of her..i really admire her for her strength..not only did she have to announce the breakup, she was also strong enough to let go..i hope that both can recover from the breakup and become friends again & find the path they want to take..whether it's with each other..or not, as long as they're happy..

also, it is said that Ms. Lok is using their breakup to promote Bosco's WITNESS INSECURITY & Myolie's upcoming GHETTO JUSTICE 2

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Paul Chun-Though not the most kind-hearted man on earth, i really like the unlimited amount of love and support he offers to Linda, his daughter...Linda is like his top priority...haha..i really don't know what else to say..i mean like he is a really smart business man and stuff...and wanted to mention how he'll give up everything for he said in that scene where Linda was lost in the mountains..

Queenie Chu-..@ first, actually not at first...i still don't believe her like how she knew & believed Linda liked Bosco..i was like 'WHAT?! u just said the feelings Linda has for Bosco isn't love?! & now u say it is!?' i was more reserved towards her character...but i guess i grew to like her character like more in the end as she kept supporting Linda when she was all that Linda had...and i liked how she was able to tell Linda wasn't actually happy..she was just acting happy to relieve her family's stress

Rachel Kan-umm..idk y..but i liked her character..she wasn't one of those like scheming stepmoms.. & she always tried to like open Linda up & she would often offer to take Linda shopping & stuff..& she never got mad...even when her husband & Linda had unreasonable temper tantrums & was only that one time when she was having a headache & Linda kept playing her cello..& also the time where she thought the cops took her money..other than that, she was a nice person..even looking after Linda despite the way that Linda treated her..i was glad to see Linda open up to her..

Ronald da!! ok..before i talk about his death, he was a cute character in the series :D he was like Bosco's sidekick..his relationship w/ Bosco was like Raymond's relationship with Eric Li in BOTTLED PASSION...haha..i loved his dreamy every time he saw was so cute..haha.. ya..i liked his character more in the beginning too..b/c he was more bubbly and stuff..but then again..everyone was more bubbly & stuff in the beginning except for Linda..she grew from depressed b/c of an illness to sad because of actual events in her for his death...:( he just wanted to prove to Cilla that he was someone worth loving...he wanted to prove his was so sad watching him just going straight & not knowing where he was going..he never stopped to look..he was like trapped in this fog...& it wouldn't allow him to see the real side of Cilla...he can still improve on his acting..but im satisfied XD

Cilla Kung-i didn't really like her character in the series..and i honestly think she has done better in past dramas..this one was a bit her crying..& the way she yelled at Ram Chiang..ya..a bit off...but as for her character, not one of my favorites...but i liked how she wasn't afraid to stand up to Paul Chun & Ram Chiang and stuff..i didn't like how she played Ronald Law :( but i guess she made up for it in the end where she realized that all along, she had done things wrong...ya..that was the part i felt she needed to improve on..she had crying scenes in previous in DADDY GOOD DEEDS..and those scenes were done wonderfully..i cried with her in those scenes..but in this drama, it just didn't seem to get me..


haha..i loved his character in the series..though he was rich, he didn't look down on others & stuff..instead, he made friends with everyone, despite their backgrounds & their wealth..though he did not contribute much to the family, he was always middleman when people fought and stuff...his character was really fun..and it was just nice having him in the drama...he was like the light amidst all the sadness & 'seriousness' in the series..he was like a relief..haha...i didn't think there was really anything behind his character til i heard about the robbery case..haha..but still love his character :D


In the drama, Bosco was a good guy, risking his life to dig out the truth for Ronald Law [he plays 'ba da' in the series, the guy who likes Cilla Kung] He knew Linda's dad was the mastermind behind it all..but he never gave in to Eric Li, who kept encouraging Bosco to just kill him off...Bosco believed that justice would be served...Honestly, i still don't really know when Bosco 'fell in love' w/ Linda..i kno Linda liked him first..but ya..that's it..i just thought it really wasn't fair 4 Bosco to get fired or w/e b/c of that one incident..but i don't really know the borders and stuff between Hong Kong & China and :P There really isn't much for me to say about his character except that i felt his character was kinda he was always home alone...& always hiking alone..etc..


In the beginning of the drama, when Linda still suffered from depression, it was like a golden opportunity for her to show her skills...and she took that opportunity..and ya..she did a great job..even though i preferred seeing her in the beginning of the drama..b/c her character was more interesting back then, she still did a great job acting out the role that was given to her..she changed from like the one who needed support & someone who gave support and love to others when they needed her..i loved seeing her heal from her depression & i was glad to see her open up herself :D she always seemed to be in her own fairytale, oblivious to the events in the real world..all that truly mattered was her cello, her father, & Bosco..every girl has her own fairytale, her own love story, and her own Prince Charming..Bosco was her Prince Charming..I liked how they made Linda all innocent & stuff and then Bosco was more realistic..In both WITNESS INSECURITY & MOONLIGHT RESONANCE, Linda had to make some major decisions..although she was indecisive in both, I liked her 'indecisiveness' in WITNESS INSECURITY more..i love how every little thing Bosco says makes her happy..


hey guys..i tried using quibblo for my survey thing..but i couldn't get it to i had to use this..there's a link on the sidebar that takes u guys directly to the ads or anything..sorry for the inconvenience i decided to just do a survey where u guys pick a female partner for each of the would b nice if each actor had different partners...just saying..but doesnt really matter..all the choices are the same for each actor..and u guys can only choose one actress for each actor :P so after im done w/ the survey thing, i'll do a poll on blogger to decide which will be the main couple..& then mayB the rest will be 'side/supporting couples'..or, that's it for to u guys soon..btw, @ the end of the survey, it says 'Thank you..' & all..ya..after u c that message, u guys can just close the window/tab..thanks!


ok..random...but i was about to go 2 sleep and then i saw a gigantic cockroach in my room...& ya..i killed it..otherwise i wouldn't b able 2 sleep...but was huge..& before, i really didn't get why actresses & actors were so scared of them in dramas..but now..i ya..not really the point here..i just came on to tell u guys about the fanfic..haha..ive had polls relating to the new fanfic & it's pretty much like a fight between Linda & Fala..and Kenneth was always in the lead [probably b/c the poll was up when THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH was :P...& now with THREE KINGDOMS RPG]..but Raymond Lam is a close second..always a few votes i haven't really been seeing any difference in the votes & i decided to do something new..there'll b a post soon..after i finish the polls!

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hey just finished WITNESS INSECURITY, did an overall thoughts thing on it..umm..later, there will be posts on Linda, Bosco, & Ram Chiang..& then there'll be an honorable mentions w/ all the others...also, i'll have some posts on the scandalist news that TVB Siu Sangs, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, & Raymond Lam have been involved me, the three of them are like the future for TVB..they're like the younger & more popular ones..though not at the TV King level..they have a lotta fans and stuff that they have 'collected' that they have gained..throughout their acting after WITNESS INSECURITY, GHETTO JUSTICE 2 will air..and in case some of you haven't noticed, 3 KINGDOMS RPG has temporarily stopped airing to make room for the ending of WITNESS INSECURITY..& it will continue to air on Monday..haha..yesterday's episode of 3 KINGDOMS was actually pretty sad..i think Kenneth actually likes Tavia now..he was so concerned when Tavia found her way to their 'headquarters'...also, the part where all the civilians left the city to go somewhere else was was sad how Liu Bei [Lee Kwok Lun]'s 2nd wife killed herself so that the guy would leave and take the baby to safety..i like how his 2 wives don't really fight..& how they both treat Tavia like a daughter..also like how Lee Kwok Lun loves all the civilians & stuff & how they all trust him to bring them good some of my 'projects' for tvb starlight like graphics & fanfic will be coming up..haha..other bloggers view them as like 'no big deal' 2 me, they're


here r some of my not really sure if it's like all the breakups that create such a depressing atmosphere..but WITNESS INSECURITY was pretty depressing..not that it wasn't good..umm..i thought the overall like plot for the drama was pretty good..b/c they didn't start out w/ Bosco investigating the robbery case til near the end..and it showed like how Linda developed her feelings for Bosco ya..i liked the gradual change..umm..though i like the Boda pair, im kinda glad that there were scenes on other stuff like business & police for the ending, pretty much the only thing that's on my mind rite now, well, it wasn't expected..Bosco kinda reminded me of Raymond Wong in BOTTLED PASSION..i honestly don't think either of them would have died if they went to the hospital..but in the case of Bosco, i found it more reasonable b/c Linda's dad told him where Linda was & Linda told Bosco to go find her w/ the helmet & motorcycle once he had room for her in his heart...i liked the flashback part...and in the end, i liked the how both were singing that was such a tragic ending..though im curious about like Linda's life and stuff after she finds out her father's in prison & her 'boyfriend' is dead, i don't think it would really make the drama better..b/c if she turned all sad again, it would b a sad ending..but if she suddenly stood up, people would say it's so unrealistic..and all *sighz*..honestly, i didn't think Bosco needed 2 die..even though they could add in a lot more romantic scenes with Bosco's death..


Episode 3 was the one w/ Kenneth & Kiki i believe..umm..ya..i had to skip around w/ that one..& i didn't really find any part of it funny or anything..& ya..i started losing hope for TV Funny..

Episode 4
this one's w/ the EYT thing...umm..mayB it's b/c ive never watched the show/drama/w/e it ya..i didn't find it funny either..and i like skipped parts of it and stuff..hoping to find some fun stuff..*sighz* no hope :(

Episode 5
ok..i think i kno the reason y i didn't like the previous ones now..haha..well, mayB it's b/c i would prefer if they had more of the popular siu sangs & fadans in them...cuz uk..they kno howda boost the atmosphere & stuff...this one wasn't really funny..but it was passing grade i guess..i liked how Ron & Krystal Tin poured baby powder over the slanted floor & stuff..haha..& i liked how Mandy just slid down the 'hill' while doing the splits..& when it was her turn to shoot the basketball, one of the guys were like 'do the spilts' to mess around with her..haha..also, a girl from the girls team & Vincent Wong were like 'come on! ur in the SDU!' haha..i thought that was cute..haha..i was surprised that some of them made it..not b/c of age or body or anything..but b/c their bodies already started sliding Vincent Wong & Kiki Sheung..not sure if i spelled her last name rite..haha..Jazz Lam was pretty good..he was the most 'skilled'..haha..Moses kept going like 'guys..we hafta be gentlemen' seemed to have fun though..w/ the food fight and awkward part was when it was Myolie's turn to shoot the it required her to climb up the slippery steep 'hill'/court thing..and then was really of course all the artistes kept slipping & stuff..including to 'encourage' her, people would be like 'Bosco's up there!' 'if you get up there, u can 'put beer'' [like idk wut u call it in english but in canto it's 'bai jau' which is like the celebratory dinner/party type thing when u get married]..& then ya..i thought it was pretty bad already..but then Jazz Lam was like 'wahh! Bosco's hugging a girl up there'..i thought that would be cut..but...i was like 'ouch!'..tvb shud have really thought this through...ahem, Ms. Lok...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


credits: hyn5

haha..i like the 4th one the the one where Raymond Cho says Kevin & Jazz Lam are gay..


here r just some of the pics..haha..some new info [4 me]
  • Him Law will be in a love triangle w/ Nancy & Rebecca [b4, i thot he was only w/ Nancy]
  • Fala is from England
haha..ya..that's about it..but have u guys noticed that Fala's uniform is different from Chilam's, Francis's, & Kenneth's? but she has the same one as Him does that mean she's like a newcomer at the same level as Him Law? And then Francis will kinda teach her and stuff...and then they get together? looking fwd. 2 seeing some Him Law & Fala scenes :) haha..and some Ronla scenes, obv...haha..Ron & Fala haven't been in any dramas together..none that i kno of..and same w/ Him Law & Fala..again..none that i kno of..


so there's been quite a few breakups lately....pretty random..but i'd actually prefer if TVB artistes dated other TVB artistes..i kno i cant like force them to pick out of their company and stuff..but ya..haha..i like that better..cuz i guess..idk..i just done now..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


ok..ya..u guys already kno i dont really like the couples..and the whole resemblance thing..and well, remember how i said the cast seemed pretty awkward and lacking chemistry @ the press conference? well, i guess im wrong..after watching the video 4 the blessing ceremony, it turns out that Chilam & Francis have actually known each other 4 quite awhile..and they seemed like friends..haha..this probably doesnt count..but Myolie & Fala shared a scene in TV episode 1, i just saw a the part where Myolie is the hairstylist and Fala is the make up artist..ya..well, im hoping there's some sparks will develop and produce a good drama..ok..since i didnt get the pairings i wanted [lol..i sound bratty] i kinda want/hope there'll b stuff like Myolie & Fala being good friends..and since Myolie & Chilam are siblings, maybe Myolie can be like the middle man and stuff between them..haha... and maybe like Nancy can be part of the group 2..haha...ok before the blessing ceremony, i was hoping that Fala & Him Law would share some scenes together as like siblings or sumthing..but they have different last names in the i guess not :P also, Him Law will be in a love triangle [another one?!] w/ Nancy Wu & Rebecca Zhu...ya..Nancy's probably gunna get the guy..wich i want..but still..can't they just b a normal non-triangle love pair? also, Myolie has to cut her hair..which she doesn't really want to as she has been growing it out for awhile..but she's still she's doing it..but i feel her takes forever [4 me] to grow my hair out..


ok...i really didn't get the point of that episode..y cudnt they have just done promos w/ those clips? and it was kinda annoying how they kept repeating the name of the show..and the show times and stuff..i was like..i get it!..some parts were funny..but those parts were only parts of the different 'plays' we'll c them again soon..ya..anyways..pointless episode..pretty much just promo..

EPISODE 2's not exactly what i expected..but passing grade i i don't really like the beginning & end w/ the 4 babies & King Kong as the mom..i didn't get that..ya..and i didn't expect Evergreen Mak to actually like host it and stuff..but i don't mind that..haha..i liked the first play with Lau Dan, Nancy Sit, Timmy Hung, Elena Kong, Wayne Lai, Yoyo Mung, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Edwin Siu, & Aimee Chan..haha..Timmy was funny..he kept sweeping Lau Dan w/ the broom..haha..Elena had a pretty small Lau Dan..they kept throwing food and stuff at him..haha..i liked the part where Yoyo pushed Timmy off the wooden was funny at the part where they were taking out the volleyballs and Timmy kept making fun of Yoyo..lmao..the funniest, i think, would be Edwin..haha..i like how he bumped Aimee off to the 4 the second part, it was ok..not that funny...but i liked the part where Chin Ka Lok was like 'You took my hat from A BRIDE FOR A RIDE!' to Michael Tse.. haha..


-Ron's Breakup with Viann Zhang-for those of u who don't know, they broke up..@1st, Ron tried to patch things up by admitting that they were dating..but then like a few days later or sumthing, Viann's manager said that they have broken up i guess that's it for now..ya..i was kinda surprised.. honestly, i was like many of Ron's fans and didn't really 'approve' of their relationship..and i guess i felt kinda happy for Ron for breaking away from her..but at the same time, it's kinda sad..cuz he like JUST admitted that they were dating..and then right after, she says they've broken up..and the worst part is, she didn't even notify him beforehand..

-Bosco & Myolie's Breakup-so Myolie announced that they broke up..not due to a third party or anything..but it was a peaceful breakup, according to Myolie..and she'll have more info on that later..but wow..i was really surprised..i had to reread the headline to make sure i saw the right thing..anyways, i wouldn't really consider myself as a 'fan' of Boscolie..but i don't hate them was just kinda like: 'oh..they're together..ok...'over they years, Bosco & Myolie have just been...there..[4 me]..they don't bother me or anything..they were just there. like if u ask me who Bosco's with, i wud say Myolie..but ya.. anyways..woow..7 years? together...and it ended just like that..well, not really..cuz they were really busy.. and cudnt really spend time w/ each they already had some problems in their relationship.. well, im glad it's a peaceful breakup..not like Ron's...and the others..honestly, it doesn't really affect me.. probably b/c i was never like a fan or anything of Boscolie..but i wouldn't mind them together...well, i think Bosco & Myolie will have more rumors now that both are single..

Monday, July 23, 2012


ok..just some major stuff i remember off the top of my head..

  • Him Law & Tavia Yeung's Trip to Korea-haha..they said the two were missing from that huge group photo..and when the reporters asked Him Law, he didn't deny it..haha..they're like 7? years apart w/ Tavia being older..but i don't mind them as a couple..haha..well, i liked them in THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH :P
  • 300-something TVB Artistes Gather for a Group not really sure what it was for..but like u guys kno how usually, the artistes that are more..popular..i guess..are on the right side..ya..well, like Linda moved to the right side..haha..idk..i just saw a comment on like im assuming the 'order' from 'highest to lowest' for the fadans is: Myolie, Fala, Linda, then Kate? well, idk where Tavia would go: before or after Fala? im not really surprised at the positions of the artistes..cuz like no one really said it..but like in the beginning, Linda was above Fala..and then they were kinda the same level..and then now, after the race for TV Queen with Myolie, Fala's like the 2nd highest? haha..idk..of the 5 fadans, i guess Kate & Fala are like more popular..not necessarily amongst the audience..but more like w/ the producers and stuff..cuz they're always casted in like Grand Productions..and they're like really promoted..well, maybe not Kate..but yes for for Linda & Tavia, both do well in the 'non grand productions' they still shine..and then Myolie, still not used to as in she was missing from the TV screen for a while..then she comes back out..and idk..idk how to describe her..but well, she's always in i always think of Kevin Cheng when people mention her..
  • WITNESS INSECURITY'S Complaints-it was the one about the cat throwing scene..haha..i thought it was pretty if ive mentioned this topic before..haha..but im 2 lazy to look not? lol..anyways..i was had to replay it 2 make sure i saw the right it's not something i would complain about..i mean like i dont hate or like's just surprised at TVB's new actually thought they used a real cat until i read the so stupid..haha..
  • Bosco Wong is Forced to Make Way for Kevin Cheng-so im not sure if this is true..but... WITNESS INSECURITY, originally 30 episodes, has been moved to 29...b/c TVB wanted to air GHETTO JUSTICE 2...and they wanted 2 air GHETTO JUSTICE 2 b/c of something like the Olympics affecting the ratings..and they didnt wunna do that to Kevin they just cut out parts from WITNESS many of Bosco's dangerous action scenes, scenes that he refused to use a stunts double for, scenes that he insisted on doing himself, scenes that he risked his life for, were first it didn't seem like a big deal..but then, i saw the part where Bosco's action scenes were cut..and then i felt bad for him..but idk if this is not really clear with the whole TVB has/does not have the right to broadcast the
  • TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2-Press Conference-ok..ya..before the press con., i thought there was still hope for Ronla..but apparently sad :( lol..i watched the video..and ya..the cast didn't seem to have much Fala sat with Elena..and not it's kinda awkward..also, Francis & Chilam seemed kinda awkward..but Kenneth & Ron were like quite happy & had some Ron's usually not exactly the life of the party in interviews...haha..but this time, he and Kenneth were..i know this probably isn't going to happen, but i wunna c Myolie & Fala play good friends or sumthing..i just hope the cast develops some chem like ASAP..otherwise, the ratings aren't gunna b too pretty...and the sponsors won't be all that happy either..ya..i just don't want their lack of chemistry to weigh down the could literally feel the awkwardness when i was watching the video..


haha..hey guys..i havent posted since forever..but new posts b sure to check them out..haha..umm..summer school has FINALLY ended 4 me!! ended on Friday..i just had tutor on Sat..and i was to tired to do anything for the time in now i finally get a break..well, kinda..haha..i still hafta do stuff like reading assignments, tutor homework, and volunteering stuff..but like now, i get to decide what my schedule's gunna b like instead of: going to school..coming home..doing, enough about now, ive been watching 3 KINGDOMS RPG & WITNESS INSECURITY...and i think i'll do a brief thoughts post on WITNESS INSECURITY when it ends..but probably not for 3 KINGDOMS RPG..

  • 4 3 KINGDOMS RPG, it was quite funny in the with modern dialogue & lifestyles clashing with ancient dialogue and lifestyles..haha..i liked all those parts where there were modern styles clashing with ancient Kenneth teaching all the ancient people the modern Hong Kong the singing parts, errr...Kenneth's English isn't all too umm..i'd prefer him singing Chinese songs..haha..wish he sang Raymond's songs..haha..that would b nice..1. he's in the series..2. i like his songs :D haha..also, ive been noticing that Tavia seems more like a supporting even Kenneth has more screentime than Raymond.. well like i kno they say Raymond is the lead of the series..but still..Kenneth is like the point of the ya..also, Kenneth's character, along w/ his friend, 'Fan Gun' are like the only reasons why i watch the series..b/c like theyr funny..i like Tavia & Raymond as artistes..but just not their characters in the drama..b/c they're kinda, i like Lee Kwok Lun..the guy who plays 'Liu Bei/Zhu Gong' ..he's a nice guy..same w/ his 2nd brother, the red one, is quite nice 2..haha..and then the 3rd one, Savio Tsang, lol..he's so in a funny way..haha..i like how he's so loyal to his 1st brother when it was Raymond's first time leading a battle, at first, no one understood his tactics..and they wanted to start a riot..Savio Tsang didn't agree with Raymond either..but he remembered that his first brother told him to follow Raymond's he did as he was told..ya..idk..i liked that part..haha..also, Kaki Leung is always playing a sick person/weak in this drama and in, 3 KINGDOMS RPG is getting kinda serious..and's not all that interesting anymore..haha..btw, why the RPG at the end of 3 it some game thing? haha..idk..
  • 4 WITNESS INSECURITY, i wont say much, as i'll have a post on it later..but i really liked it in the esp. Linda's character & acting..but as the story progressed and Linda recovered, idk...i liked it better when Linda was still 'sick'..and from the episode that i'm on rite now, Bosco kinda admits that he like Linda..but there was nothing that hinted that he liked her in the was kinda all of a sudden to me..haha..but i like the pairing..also, i both like & dont like how Linda's so dependent on Bosco..b/c like if Bosco rejected her, i don't want her to be 'sick' again..but i find it kinda cute when one visit from Bosco just brightens up her whole day..idk if this is a good thing or a bad thing..but the two of them are living in two seperate, different Linda's world, money isn't a problem-her dad has lots of it..and her whole world consists of only: her family-her dad, uncle, and sorta her stepmom. +her deceased brother & mom, and then her orchestra & cello, and then her friend-Cilla Kung, her doctor-Queenie Chu, and then her love interest-Bosco-which makes up like 98% of her world...other things dont exist in her's more of like a fairy-tale world..but Bosco, on the other hand, has his colleagues, his superiors, the safety of HK's citizens, his career, his old girlfriend, his family..ya...i didnt list every single member out b/c that would b...a lot...and Bosco like he's he recognizes the problems and the barriers that exist between him and'll be interesting watching the two develop..haha..Linda's so innocent..Linda seems to have a bigger role than Bosco in the drama.. :P..anyways..rooting 4 the couple..haha..i actually liked their pairing since MOONLIGHT RESONANCE..