Wednesday, July 25, 2012


here r just some of the pics..haha..some new info [4 me]
  • Him Law will be in a love triangle w/ Nancy & Rebecca [b4, i thot he was only w/ Nancy]
  • Fala is from England
haha..ya..that's about it..but have u guys noticed that Fala's uniform is different from Chilam's, Francis's, & Kenneth's? but she has the same one as Him does that mean she's like a newcomer at the same level as Him Law? And then Francis will kinda teach her and stuff...and then they get together? looking fwd. 2 seeing some Him Law & Fala scenes :) haha..and some Ronla scenes, obv...haha..Ron & Fala haven't been in any dramas together..none that i kno of..and same w/ Him Law & Fala..again..none that i kno of..

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