Sunday, July 8, 2012


ok..umm..not like a must watch im not gunna separate my posts..just some stuff i wud like to point out..

like i said, it's not a must watch drama..but it's a good pastime i loved the guy who played Mr. Diu in the guy who rents part of Louis's apartment..and is 'gay' lol..i love the part where he goes to the hospital & then his wife comes..and then Louis is like 'auntie..ur son is fine' for those of you who haven't watched the drama or debating whether or not to watch it, at least watch the parts w/ Mr. Diu..he leaves on ep. 6..[thanks 2 it off her post @TVB HORIZON] like how they let Interpal have some screentime..haha..he's always like 'ngo sik lo ga mah' [literally: i eat brain 'ga' 'ma']..haha..and i like how he always makes references to then Louis's stupid were pretty smart though..haha..i didnt actually mean to call them stupid..but they're called 'lan gag' in would they be lame gags? lol..idk...anyways..i thought Louis's character was quite in like he had such bad luck...he was gossiping about his client, something he rarely does, his superior just happened to hear it..and his superior thought Louis was talking about he always like tried to get rid of him..and it was one tiny accident..and then Louis gets all depressed..and it leads to other problems and stuff..ya ..just watch the thought Meini Cheung, the girl who plays Louis's sister, kinda stood out..i liked her i didnt mind the other scenes..but i only like watched it for the funny with Louis, Interpal, & Mr. Diu..haha..Ruco was was sad seeing him fighting all on his own w/o A4...and it bugged me how 'A3' didnt just go back 2 Ruco insteda following Aaron, played by Jason Chan..haha...kinda bugged me how most of the people pronounced Aaron in the im the wrong Chan's character was kinda he never thought about how Natalie would feel if he kept fighting with Ruco..he never thought about how Ruco was like his brother, his 'teacher'..but then again..just's character..haha..didnt expect her to be the 'turning point' of the drama..haha..i thought she would just be one of those 'there' characters..overall, it was a nice drama..happy ending :) haha...i heard sumwhere that 'happy ending are just stories that havent been finished yet'..haha..idk wut 2 say on that..but i like both happy endings & sad long as they make sense..& r good..

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