Friday, July 27, 2012


Episode 3 was the one w/ Kenneth & Kiki i believe..umm..ya..i had to skip around w/ that one..& i didn't really find any part of it funny or anything..& ya..i started losing hope for TV Funny..

Episode 4
this one's w/ the EYT thing...umm..mayB it's b/c ive never watched the show/drama/w/e it ya..i didn't find it funny either..and i like skipped parts of it and stuff..hoping to find some fun stuff..*sighz* no hope :(

Episode 5
ok..i think i kno the reason y i didn't like the previous ones now..haha..well, mayB it's b/c i would prefer if they had more of the popular siu sangs & fadans in them...cuz uk..they kno howda boost the atmosphere & stuff...this one wasn't really funny..but it was passing grade i guess..i liked how Ron & Krystal Tin poured baby powder over the slanted floor & stuff..haha..& i liked how Mandy just slid down the 'hill' while doing the splits..& when it was her turn to shoot the basketball, one of the guys were like 'do the spilts' to mess around with her..haha..also, a girl from the girls team & Vincent Wong were like 'come on! ur in the SDU!' haha..i thought that was cute..haha..i was surprised that some of them made it..not b/c of age or body or anything..but b/c their bodies already started sliding Vincent Wong & Kiki Sheung..not sure if i spelled her last name rite..haha..Jazz Lam was pretty good..he was the most 'skilled'..haha..Moses kept going like 'guys..we hafta be gentlemen' seemed to have fun though..w/ the food fight and awkward part was when it was Myolie's turn to shoot the it required her to climb up the slippery steep 'hill'/court thing..and then was really of course all the artistes kept slipping & stuff..including to 'encourage' her, people would be like 'Bosco's up there!' 'if you get up there, u can 'put beer'' [like idk wut u call it in english but in canto it's 'bai jau' which is like the celebratory dinner/party type thing when u get married]..& then ya..i thought it was pretty bad already..but then Jazz Lam was like 'wahh! Bosco's hugging a girl up there'..i thought that would be cut..but...i was like 'ouch!'..tvb shud have really thought this through...ahem, Ms. Lok...

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