Saturday, July 28, 2012


hey guys..i tried using quibblo for my survey thing..but i couldn't get it to i had to use this..there's a link on the sidebar that takes u guys directly to the ads or anything..sorry for the inconvenience i decided to just do a survey where u guys pick a female partner for each of the would b nice if each actor had different partners...just saying..but doesnt really matter..all the choices are the same for each actor..and u guys can only choose one actress for each actor :P so after im done w/ the survey thing, i'll do a poll on blogger to decide which will be the main couple..& then mayB the rest will be 'side/supporting couples'..or, that's it for to u guys soon..btw, @ the end of the survey, it says 'Thank you..' & all..ya..after u c that message, u guys can just close the window/tab..thanks!

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