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SELENA LI-YOUTUBE CHANNEL i was watching some of TVB's videos on youtube..and remember how Selena Li was part of some beauty school..well, she has a youtube channel and for any girls interested in new looks and make up tips and stuff..u can visit her channel @ actually found it quite useful..though some looks are rather extreme for us normal people on a normal school day...

FANFICS-IDEAS ive been thinking about starting a new fanfic lately...and here r some really basic plot/outlines/w/e u wud like to call them :P i have used the artistes that i feel match the role..but of course, it's always 'changeable'...don't 4get 2 vote 4 ur fav. fanfic idea! i don't really have a name 4 any of on the polls, just pick the number corresponding w/ the fanfic u want! thanks!

1. Fala Chen, who has just entered the entertainment industry recently, is a sociable girl and has made friends with pretty much everyone she knows. She's straightforward and nice and also likes to joke around. She's good at acting and wins many awards, quickly becoming part of TVB's A-list. However, she remains her true self and that's what so many people admire about her. Ever since she has entered the entertainment industry, she has brought laughter with her. She is good friends [like brothers] with Bosco Wong, whom she likes to joke around with and has collaborated many times with, and also like actual siblings with Steven Ma. In her first collaboration with Ron Ng, they become a rumored couple...but will the rumors turn into truth? ok..ya..they suck at are a sweet new couple but when Ron is given the chance to go North and earn some extra income, TVB prevents him from doing so..Ron decides to quit TVB and head up North while Fala stays at TVB..Up North, Ron is rumored with a mainland artiste...Are these rumors true? What will become of the two star-crossed lovers? not even exactly sure what 'star-crossed' means..but it makes me sound more

2. Kate Tsui has been an undercover cop partnering with Michael Tse [aka Laughing] and Ron Ng. They have recently solved a case and have successfully arrested the entire gang behind the drug dealing business with Mexico. However, only Michael Tse is recognized for this act as he no longer has the desire to continue his job as an undercover and wants to be a normal detective alongside his new lover, Fala Chen, whom is also his superior. Kate, who is rather a tomboy, enjoys the adventurous challenge and decides to take on the role of an undercover cop once again. Ron, who has developed feelings for Kate, wants to stop her from doing so but Kate doesn't listen as she doesn't get Ron's message. She, too has developed feelings for Ron, but neither of the two made the first move, leading Kate to pursue her job as an undercover. Bosco Wong, a small member of the triad, is often getting beaten up but because Kate's position in the triad isn't simple, she is able to help him. Bosco starts developing feelings for Kate after she helps him numerous times. Kate, not knowing Bosco will soon become the leader of the triad, helps Bosco only out of kindness. Later, when Bosco successfully takes over the triad, Kate's superior advises her to use their relationship to help retrieve information and take down the triads. When Ron hears of this, he finds Kate and confesses his love for her. How will their story end? don't ask really didn't kno howda end

3. Linda Chung is a filial daughter and a kind-hearted person and best friends with Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, and Bernice Liu. When she meets Raymond Lam, the two become rivals due to minor confusions. Raymond Lam's friends Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Moses Chan fully support him. Soon, their problems are solved and the eight of the become friends and later, they even start dating..all 6 of them..leaving Raymond and Linda alone when the six of them start dating. Linda and Raymond go through a lot together. When Linda starts to see Raymond's nicer side, she starts falling for him but when he lists what he looks for in his future girlfriend, Linda is disappointed and sees Raymond as a guy only interested in a girl's physical appearance. After getting scolded by Linda, Raymond starts to realize his feelings for her. During one accident, Raymond realizes that she's the one...but is it too late?

umm..1 & 2 are more serious...but out of 1 & 2, 1 is more love-based...and 3 is more comedic and more like common people...until the 'accident'

4 the actual artistes, portraying the role, i think i'll set up a poll once i kno which fanfic im going 2 start on :) but if u have any comments, please leave them in the cbox or the comments section! thanks! im not really sure when i'll close the polls..when idk, i put my birthday :P random fact: i have the same birthday as Kate :P not the same year


hey guys..sorry 4 not posting 4 a while..but i didn't really kno wut 2 post..there wuz no news articles that i wanted to post or ya..sorry about that..still don't really kno wut 2 post..but i've been watching both SERGEANT TABLOID & GLOVES COME OFF...i think GLOVES COME OFF is a little more interesting than SERGEANT TABLOID...but that's just my opinion..umm..i think im going 2 do a review thing 4 GLOVES COME OFF...but probably not 4 SERGEANT TABLOID...i think SERGEANT TABLOID is kinda draggy...but it's still pretty nice 2 watch..again..that wuz just my opinion..probably won't b posting this week...really important tests coming up...and umm..i hav some ideas 4 fanfics that i'll post up later..and..i guess we could have a poll...and u guys can choose the fanfic u want :) thanks 4 visiting!

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The soul of TVB's grand production Triumph in the Skies II, Francis Ng, runs the show. Francis is already in his 40s and is still making a fuss. He finally agreed to be part of TITS2 for HK$80,000 per episode, but brought along a lot of 'headaches'. It was understood that for Francis' return to his maternal home (TVB) to 'help out', he would only do it on one condition, that is TVB has to accommodate his schedule. He wants to finish up his new film Du Yuesheng 杜月笙 with Chow Yun Fat before he makes his comeback. As a result, TITS was forced to push back its initial schedule from June to sometime in September. Even the Siu Sangs and FaDans including Myolie Wu, Fala Chen and Raymond Lam had to modify their entire schedule to accommodate him. 

TVB planned to shoot a sequel to the 2003 popular hit Triumph in the Skies, but unfortunately after 9 years we are seeing less and less of the original cast. Flora Chan and Michelle Yip are already out, Bosco Wong is shooting in Mainland, Sammul Chan and Joe Ma left TVB and became 'traitors'. Although the sequel added Chilam Cheung, Fala Chen and Raymond Lam into the cast, but they still cannot compare to the handsome pilot Francis Ng, the 'soul' of the series. 

It was understood that in the recent year Francis has been doing quite well in his career and hopes to continue the good luck in both the film and TV scene. An insider exposes: "TVB makes a hero through time. TVB accommodates everything for Francis, making him so cocky! Initially he said he's not going to shoot TITS2 at all, but then he saw an opportunity to take a beautiful spot, so he suddenly changes his mind. He even wanted two in one, asking the entire crew to accommodate his schedule. The most unexpected is TVB agreed, so the schedule all changed. He really played Chilam Cheung to the ground, who thought he would be leading! The Siu Sang and FaDans, don't have it any better because their schedules were initially already pretty tight, and now it's all confusion. TVB quickly made arrangements for them to shoot a modern series to pass the time (from June - Sept)." 

TVB production director Tommy Leung confessed: "We are accommodating Francis' schedule and delaying the start date a little. We are mutually accommodating the schedules, don't say the whole world is relying on him, such negative news." 

Myolie Wu: "I received internal notice, but I'm not too sure of the reason. Even if the whole world is accommodating Francis, that is not a problem, he's really a Film King. I'm just worried we can't shoot it. I heard I'll first start with a modern series, TVB will make the arrangements." 

Fala Chen and Kenneth Ma were both clueless. Fala said: "All along it had been said we are starting in May, I don't know! Is this true or false?" Kenneth said: "Why is it like this? But, shooting series had always been about the scheduling, mutual accommodations. I'm already very happy to be able to participate in a grand production. It's fine to accommodate a little."

credits to TVB News World


*sighz* delayed...again! i kno this time, it's not TVB's fault...but still...ugh!! this isn't what i hope for...but...i don't really think the series will even start filming this year...also, wud love 2 c all these artistes act out such a great drama...but some are probably going 2 get cut...b/c pretty much all the first line artistes are going 2 act in this one...unless TVB really makes something out of, there's two 'seniors'...Francis Ng & Chilam  Cheung [if they agree to film this] a whole line of fadans & siu sangs...Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen...and Nancy Wu...she's like not a first line artiste..but she's a pretty high level supporting actress nowadays...but i really do hope they can all participate in this drama...and hopefully make it a legit grand production...w/o decreasing the roles of TVB's first line artistes to supporting artistes...


Steven Ma is a singer turned artist, who entered TVB 19 years ago. Eventually, Steven reached up top becoming one of the first line TVB Siu Sangs and has filmed countless series over the years, but didn't really have rumors. He has a deep relationship with the three FaDans Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen and Linda Chung. Due to having rich life experiences, Steven often coaches the three girls and unconsciously took on the role as their Big Brother.

Steven: Over the years that I've been with TVB, aside from my three god-sisters Tavia, Fala and Linda, many other artists including Kenneth Ma calls me 'Big Brother'. However, I get along most with Linda, Fala and Tavia, we have collaborated the most and have the most fate. When I first met Linda, it was in 2004 when she was shooting her first series, Virtues of Harmony, she played a couple with me. In 2007, Fala played my little sister in Steps and in 2009 Tavia collaborated with me in Sweetness in the Salt, where we played a couple and started getting more familiar. 

A Good Listener who can keep secrets

Steven: Although we never formally became god-siblings, we have a very good relationship. We often chat and I'm more than willing to help resolve any problems they might have. I admit that I am very good at keeping secrets. Whenever they have something to tell me, I will just sit back and listen. Even if I do give them advice, I would turn around and forget it. Once my little sisters finishes venting, then they'll be ok! And whenever there are things they want me to help deal with, I would really put out my heart to help them. I believe it is because of this that they were able to put down their guards towards me. Earlier on my birthday, my three sisters came to celebrate with me too! 

Steven:  I've once said to them, if they ever encounter someone bullying them, then must speak up. I won't let anyone bully my sisters! Although I'm not a martial artist, I will help as much as my capability allows me to. I will pursue justice without any second thoughts and just go help them. This is my promise to them!  Aside from my beautiful god-sisters, I actually have three good brothers too: Evergreen Mak, Dexter Young and Lam King Kong. We have known each other for a long time and often hang out. They slowly became like family. 

Steven:  Evergreen and I have a deep relationship, which started when we did 2002's Where the Legend Begins together. Dexter got married in July, and of course he invited me to his wedding. That time I was shooting in Mainland, but I made time on my schedule to come back for his wedding no matter what it took. As for Lam King Kong, I also have a deep relationship with him. Our relationship may not be known by all, but people in the industry always say"there is no true relationships in showbiz", I think we broke through this saying. It's just that those people who says that, haven't encountered a true friend yet or perhaps they aren't willing to put their heart out to communicate with others. In fact, artists may not necessarily be 'fake' people!" 

credits to TVB News World


Steven: Ah Yi (Tavia) is a very independent woman and also has the least problems among the three. I don't need to worry about her! She is a person that will come running to me when she sees me from a far. Compare to the other two sisters, her personality is much more tomboy, and is rather mature. Our relationship really feels like brotherhood, haha! Although I don't get to see her much, I still love her very much.

credits to TVB News World



Steven: Fala appears like a little girl in front of me, but she's a very straightforward person, so much that she may even offend people and won't know. I've seen her relationship with reporters not go so well before. Her communication style with the media is a little strange... so I often try to advise her as a big brother. For example, the tone she uses is not too good, I would tell her to change the way she expresses herself. Fortunately, she listened to me and has really reflected on herself based on my advice. Because artists' relationship with the media can be considered closely related, we must mutually show understanding and provide support. For whatever it is, we should not be too stubborn! Recently, I have seen improvement from her. Last week, I talked to her on the phone and told her my experience, that others may not accept your first reaction! Although it is said in order for a person to be slick and sly, they must lie, but in fact I cannot accept that. I will choose another method to handle this: I choose not to say it! Then I don't have to lie. 

Steven said Fala's personality is too straightforward, but Fala in turn greatly praises her god-brother. As an independent girl, Fala frankly said she had always been desperate to have a big brother. After coming to HK and meeting Steven, she laughed and said her wish 'half came true'. Fala said: "At the time, when I participated in Steps, I was one of the newcomers. Whatever he believed this little girl lacked...he would give me advice, especially on life principles. There are many things in life, he taught me to tolerate. When encountering such situation, I cannot just jump out and keep talking, being too straightforward can really offend people without knowing it. He's got a good social circle in this industry and experienced, of course I would listen to his advice. I'm also very thankful that he teaches me on how to handle things in life! I even told my mom about this big brother. Earlier at the Ghost Writer promotion, my mom came to HK to support me, and saw him there too. Although we haven't officially became god siblings, our relationship is still maintained well. Our interaction is very true and real. I know my brother doesn't care if its official or not!"

credits to TVB News World

such a caring brother...and this kinda shows that if ur good 2 others, others will treat u well when the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards were going on and stuff, Steven wasn't a really popular nominee but Fala still strongly supported her brother for TV King..[along w/ Micheal Tse]...



LindaIn Virtues of Harmony 2, there were many good teachers teaching me how to act. I recall this one scene about (Michelle) Hung Bak Lam having a terminal disease so she thought of ways to make Ivan Sze Gee San (Steven Ma) leave her. When she went to the airport to send Ivan off, Steven told me to show my side profile first then slowly turn around toward him and cry, the outcome would be that much more effective. Even now I still continue using this crying method Steven taught me.

Steven This is Linda’s first series, I thought this woman was very pretty, and a bit shy, very well-behaved (guai) and ingenuous. During that time, I constantly had lunch with her to chitchat so that she would be more relax. I recall saying this to her: “This field is not all that complex. But opportunity always exists for one to turn bad. So in everything must put in efforts to learn from it. The most important thing is not to go down the wrong path. To this day, she still manages to do that, and is also still a good woman.(guai nui) 


Linda:  During this period I was at low tide, also the period my homesickness was really intense. I am very grateful having Steven constantly encouraging me and putting up with me. In this series, I portrayed a wet miu. (party girl(?)) with lots of family problems. Also had a stillborn scene. The script closely relates to real life. Can be said among Steven and my collaborated works to be my most favorite and satisfied one.

Steven: She has matured, her acting skill has also improved, especially her emoting feelings has improved enormously. Our collaborations are mostly small productions, this series is no exception. The story content emulates real life's happenings. It talks about us being husband and wife. It was our second collaboration, but our relationship seems to have gone a notch up, more like brother and sister. To this day, she still calls me ‘gor gor’.


Linda:  This series let me see the other side of Steven. I did not expect that shod in flip-flops he could be so uncouth (ma lat) totally departed from his normal refined and polite image. And since this is a comedy, during the shooting my mood was not too heavy.

Steven: We officially filmed a comedy series, laughter was constant. Also, our characters underwent a big change. I was crude and slovenly, a total uncouth man (malat zai). While she had on this short hair wig to portray a tomboy. Totally a Wu Jun lookalike. Haha! This series increased our tacit understanding of each other. I recall during the shooting, I commented that no series could possibly pose a problem to us because we already knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses so could mutually compensate each other’s deficiency. 


Linda:  During VOH2's filming I was a rather cheerful woman, but during Ghost Writer's filming it can be said that I fell to the lowest pit. The years within the entertainment circle was like a rubber band tightening around me; it finally snapped during this period. I realized I was not suited for an entertainment lifestyle plus I didn’t have my family in Hong Kong. I was depressed. Plus I suffered constant insomnia. And had bad skin. I knew that Steven at seeing me thus was worried but did not know what to do so kept his silence, staying by my side quietly supporting me. Fortunately, now, on the whole, I have re-adapted to this lifestyle. I try to do more stuff that I enjoy. Also know how to better communicate with friends and to share my concerns, so can gradually cross over deep pits. During Daddy Good Deeds’ shooting, Steven finally saw that I had become more and more sanguine. I’m very grateful to this good brother of mine who has always stood by me and supported me.

Steven: During this period Linda had serious insomnia, very edgy all the time, and her skin was bad too. Plus the character in the series endured many grievances so that affected her moods too. Could see that it was a tough period for her. I was concerned for her. At the time, I constantly urged her to take rests, to do exercise because besides relieving stress, it can also affect the spirit. After that, we filmed our own separate series, but we still kept in touch and I knew her situation underwent a positive turnaround. During Daddy Good Deeds, she seemed much more happier. At the last (DGD promo), she told me that she do aerobics once every week to keep fit. She seems to be in good spirits. I’m happy for her, and also feel more at ease (on lok) about her. 

'Draw Something'

Linda:  Steven is my good brother, who has witnessed my up and down moods since I entered the industry. He has stayed by my side the whole time. Even though he has now left the company I still hope that Steven, who has not only accompanied me throughout my growth but is also a good partner who worked well with me, can return to my side to continue making more good series.

Steven: There was this one scene that was shot at a jewelry store. During the break Linda was taken by a butterfly pendant and so for the first time in her life she bought a diamond pendant. She said she loves butterflies a lot and that whenever she sees one she would be very happy. I remember what she said, so today I especially drew a butterfly to make her happy.

Urged repeatedly to maintain a pure heart 

Steven: I know Linda the longest, but she is actually the one I'm most worried about. One time, she messaged me on Weibo and told me that she's a big girl, but I am still worried because Linda is too naive, too simple and can easily get bullied! It's fine working at TVB, a 'greenhouse' that provides maximum protection, but if she were to head out to work elsewhere, then it will be difficult. I watched Linda come into this industry back then. One day we were having a meal together, and I urged her whatever she learns to do, do not learn to be bad, don't do 'dirty' things. Must maintain a pure heart. Linda has been able to do this all along, and has been improving on her acting. I am very grateful. Perhaps, I am used to looking after my siblings at home, so my words may sound a little old-fashioned and feel like a father, but I am fortunate to have found three sisters that I could respect and love, and vice versa! 

Steven Ma: TVB should do some self-reflection. 

The male lead in PSL (Ghost Writer) and also Linda’s most collaborated partner-in-crime and good friend, Steven Ma revealed that witnessing her tearful break down distressed him. “The main reason was due to exhaustion from over work. Too tiring! She’s always been very anxious about her work performance; she had to film series, cut records, and film movies at the same time; always insisted in doing them all perfectly. So bringing on constant insomnia. Her mother wasn’t here in Hong Kong, so I made Ching pu leung herbal tea and watercress soup for her, and also constantly chatted with her. But the most important thing is for her to get some rest….” Linda by nature is pliant so did not dare demur when given series projects to do.

Steven entreated: “TVB really needs to re-examine her workload arrangement! Although she is a tvb managed artiste but still management needs to properly plan her workload. Piling her with a heavy workload and having her doing it all is not necessarily a good thing. She has to be able to handle it. Have to see if 'xiu pang yao' (young friend) can even breathe first? Even if she can do it, she won’t look good (leng), and her voice won’t sound good either! Sooner or later, she will be wrung dried, her health neglected.”

credits to TVB News World 

Awww...such good 'siblings' sweet how he actually remembered that Linda liked butterflies..but throughout the period of the two of them meeting and stuff & in the interviews and events and stuff like that, Steven's always with his 'sisters''s so nice to see that there can be real friends in their industry...btw, does anyone know if their 'Draw Something' is like the app. for iphone/android? i have it 2! :P


Remember back in 2010 when Fala & Kenneth portrayed a couple in CANT BUY ME LOVE? and then they got married and stuff...well their picture was used in a history book in mainland China...just thought i'd throw that out there ;)


hey guys...a lot of news that's actually 'newsworthy' [2 me @least] lately...i'll probably post sum articles & thoughts up on them later...probably gunna do Steven & Linda & Fala & Tavia...& also how TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2 was moved to September...they keep delaying it...anyways...finally done with thoughts for THE HIPPOCRATIC told u guys it wud b posted up sumtime last Fools! actually meant to post it up..but got stuck on a project..i wasted my whole spring break on it... :( plan was to just sit @ home &'t mean 2 troll u guys! [btw, troll means 2 like trick....i guess...just thought i'd throw that out there...]btw, 4 the poll, the 2 'winners' will b the keep that in mind while voting..and thanks 4 dropping by!


THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH was an amazing drama...but it also taught a lot of life lessons...through the events and Tavia's letters to Kenneth, there was a lot to absorb...but here are some that I got from watching the drama...

  • life's too short to grieve over your mistakes
    • not sure how it's supposed 2 go exactly..but u get the idea...and i got this from the scene where Tavia confessed to Kenneth..b/c the waiter brought the
  • no one said life was going to be easy...they just said it would be worth it
    • this one i got from pretty much the whole drama in general..
  • life ends when you stop dreaming...hope ends when you stop believing
    • this one is probably the lesson i learned from Tavia and how she optimistically faced her illness...i kno this sounds cheesy and all...but never lose hope :P 


 When i first saw them together @ the costume fitting thing, i was like 'ehh...probably not much chemistry goin on in the drama...' but im so glad i watched it...i know my image of this couple is starting to get hazy as it's been a while since the drama ended [sorry about the late posts]...anyways...just like TVB always does it, they start out with 2 people bickering...and slowly, they find out more about one another..and they fall for each other...i agree that TVB uses this tactic too often...but it still works for :P life would have been so perfect for the two of them if Tavia didn't have the tumor...and if Mandy just disappeared...but they wouldn't have experienced any troubles in their relationships...and if they hadn't fought through the troubles together, they wouldn't cherish what they have i guess it's a good thing...but it was so sad to see to people who loved each other but couldn't be together...and Mandy's character just made us want Tavia & Kenneth as a couple even more...Mandy's character was manipulative and all...but in the end, she made up for it by helping Tavia & Kenneth get the scene where Tavia confesses to Kenneth...w/ the cake and rewatch that scene..


 'Wahh!! Ho leng jai ah!' lol..pretty true though..i really like his fun to be around with..and doesn't take things too seriously..he's a great friend and will be there when u need him..he's always there to brighten up ur love the beginning where he keeps poking the patient in the wrong spot...i think the patient's name was 'sam sook'...i loved their little bond...also like how his character starts to mature as the he knows he needs to...Tavia needs him [during her illness]..his patients need him...


sorry for the lack of screencaps of Tavia! anyways...her character was unexpected...from the promo and stuff before the drama aired, i thought Tavia would play an uptight, serious, and smart doctor with really high standards...but turns out, i was wrong...she's actually pretty open-minded and not too stubborn..she's also really nice & does not like to hurt others [esp. Mandy, her sister] she loves those around her and does not want them to suffer [like how she keeps her illness a secret] love how she's willing to admit she's wrong...and how she's so professional but not uptight..if u kno wut i mean...


For Kenneth’s character, I thought it was kinda neat how he had 2 sides to him…one side of him was all mean and serious but still a good doctor..while the other side of him was funny..but in the beginning, he was only like all laughing and stuff around his family members…but as he got 2 kno the housemen, he slowly opened up..and they started joking around..kinda..and stuff like that..

Although his character as a doctor was all serious and harsh on the housemen & stuff, he wasn't boring or anything...u cud feel that he had a lot of heart and he actually cared about his patients...he won't just get the job done because he's supposed to...he'll go and look over and care for each patient...he understands his patients' reliance on him...and he won't let them one scene, he & Him Law's character aren't really friends...but they put their arguments aside and work together to try and save the life of another patient thus proving him to be a responsible doctor

The fun side of Kenneth’s character is shown mostly when he’s around his family..but we see more of Kenneth’s fun side as the drama progresses…he starts opening up to his colleagues bringing us to like his character even more…showing that he, too, can be a funny person but he chooses not to be until he grasps a deeper understanding of others…but I love the fact that Benjamin Yuen, Derek Kwok, & Kenneth are such good their scenes together..always have a good laugh…but they’re not just there 2 joke around and stuff…they’re actually there to walk through tough times with him…really good friends..they’re hard to always call Kenneth gay...

Another major part of Kenneth's life is his brother...the two screencaps above successfully capture both the joy and the pain Kenneth feels for his brother...His eyes are filled with tears of joy when he discovers the fact that his brother is able to stand up again...but tears of sadness and pain start pouring down his cheeks when his brother passes away...Kenneth's love for his brother is indescribable and the impact his brother has had on him is more than we could count...he's the reason for his angelic profession..he's the reason so many patients are able to recover from their pains..Without a doubt, his brother has greatly impacted his life...but hopefully, it's a positive impact..

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hey! back now...exams are over..probably posting up the rest of the thoughts for THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH 2mrw...i'm on spring break lotsa time to watch dramas..rewatched THE BEAUTY OF THE GAME recently..and i really like some of Kate's looks [clothes, hairstyle, makeup] b/c it's like simple yet pretty..random :P anyways..the point of this post was to say that i think im going 2 end my old fanfic...& i guess im going 2 recreate one..but it'll be a short 1...cuz i think im gunna base it on a movie i watched like a month's called THE VOW..starring Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams..anyone ever watch it? For those of you who haven't watched it, here's a basic summary:

So there's this married couple..and then they get into an accident and the guy is okay..but the girl loses her memory..and no one knows when she'll regain her memory..or if she ever the girl doesn't remember the guy..and the guy hasta try and help her regain her memory..but the problem is, the girl doesn't remember no matter how much he loves her, she can't/doesn't love him back..b/c she doesn't remember how they fell in love and the guy keeps trying..but the girl kinda hurts in the end, he gives up not b/c he stopped loving her..but b/c he just wanted her to be happy...but in the very end, the girl still doesn't regain her memory..but she realizes all that he's done for her..and she falls for him...again :)

Sorry...ruined the whole really bad @ this...official outline:

A newlywed couple rebounds from the vehicle accident that puts the wife inside a coma. Getting out of bed with severe loss of memory, her husband endeavors to win her heart again.

the summary was pretty i decided 2 give my summary was a pretty sad movie...2 me..btw, THE VOW was based on a true do u guys think of this as a fanfic? any suggestions? [like changes 2 make 2 the plot/who 2 play which character..etc...]


I didn't really have any expectations for this drama..but i think it's pretty good..[TVB's airing their dramas pretty quickly..I remember when this drama was still in production]

Linda's Break Up Scene-I like how she only cried like once and then they turned the break up scene in2 a comedic scene by messing up Linda's hair and stuff like that..

The Rhymes-Some people don't like it..but I don't mind it..It's kinda like Can't Buy Me Love

'Gay' Edwin-lol...i like his name..'ah Yap' loved when they thought he was would make soup and stuff for Steven & his dad..& he would mend their socks..& do their he walked around in his tank top & boxers & shook his butt and Steven thought he was gay [after Linda told him] & then one night, Edwin climbed onto Steven's bed [b/c Steven's A/C was on..& he wanted 2 save electricity]..& then Steven woke up & found Edwin next 2 him..& so he kicked him off the then Edwin was like 'Honey..Honey!' & running back on2 the was like the best scene..but turns out Edwin was looking for his doll [he calls it 'Honey']

The Singing Competition/Show-I like how the girl Cilla worked for [as her assistant] like they made her look so old and stuff..anyways..back to the singing competition/show..I like how when they were training Cilla, Cilla's whole family looked so scared & stuff [b/c her singing was so bad] loved the look on Ha Yu & Linda's loved how Edwin danced 2 his 2 the show/competition, i like how most of them sang TVB's dramas''s nice knowing the liked how the male judge just smiled & repeated what the other 2 judges the part where Cilla lost & she thanked her family was so touching..I cried during that part ;'( well, it was partly b/c of the music has a big effect..

Linda's Improvement-I think Linda's acting is improving even she makes her lines seem natural..and i don't know what some of those rhyming phrases mean...but she just makes it seem so natural..and she's from just thought that was really good...& she's actually pretty good at she uses the correct tone of voice to say different things and stuff...after all, i think comedies ARE pretty hard 2 grasp..


i think some of the questions r kinda hard..but have fun!



The 2 hour finale of QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS will air on Sunday, 4/12/12 from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

The series is finally coming to an end. Not happy or sad. After all, it wasn't the best series..but it wasn't the worst..some parts were pretty good..i could see Fala's acting skills continue to improve..and then there was Sharon..I was never a fan of her or anything but I never hated her..she was just there...but after this series [& probably b/c i have rewatched THE BEAUTY OF THE GAME not too long ago], I've been starting to notice her..i like her in nice roles :D I thought the part where the 3 main characters, Roger, Fala, & Sharon switch characters was pretty good b/c they start to get along w/ each other after :D i really liked when Sharon & Fala got along so well..anyways..this series isn't a 'must-watch series' but there wasn't really anything else 2 watch [b/c ive caught up on all my series] so...i watched this..not bad...a lot of people online have said something like: 'Fala Chen is not my favorite actress but I like her in QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS' or 'Fala's role in QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS'...well, I finished the was an okay series overall...


This drama will be replacing QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS. It will only be aired overseas & not in Hong Kong. 


This drama will be replacing QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS in Hong Kong only. This series has aired overseas in 2008, I believe. I won't be watching this..I think I've watched it awhile back...I'll be watching Sergeant Tabloid instead..