Sunday, June 17, 2012


lol..this has nothing 2 do with u guys can skip over this post if u want..anyways..recently, ive been interested in 'inspirational quotes'..and here r some i like:

other than these, i really like:

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to end..It's about learning to dance in the rain..."

"No one ever said life was going to be easy...they just promised it would be worth it"

and my school 'motto': "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose"

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hmmm...Natalie..umm...well, i would say she HAS improved from the beginning of her acting career..but, lets just say she could use some more improvement..i really don't like seeing her in weak especially the ones that involve crying..i like seeing her in stronger in THE SEVENTH DAY where she always had good comebacks and was all sly like a fox and stuff...or like in the end of GLOVES COME OFF..where she was a mature wife...she's been acting before many of the popular fadans of TVB today..but even though she has more experience than them, the fadans still give me a feeling...idk what it is...but they prove to me that they can take on a lead role..they are capable of for Natalie, she's okay as a supporting actress..but as lead, i honestly think she still has a long way to go...but after GLOVES COME OFF, i really saw her improvement..i think she's still in the phase of like testing the times, i found her acting quite annoying/fake...especially the crying ones/the surprised one..omg..i still can't get over that disneyland scene/the bed scene she had with Raymond Wong in GLOVES COME OFF where she was all surprised when they found the view of Disneyland..i was like..omg..i cant explain how fake her expression was..she really got me ranting..i shouldn't say she's a bad actress based on one little mistake...i really feel she tries to act for GLOVES COME OFF, her hard work paid the END...didn't really like her character in the beginning...with hard work, maybe she'll finally grasp the true meaning of acting...and one day, she may even be up there with Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, and Tavia Yeung...well, for leading, she MAY still be capable of a role like Sasa in THE SEVENTH a more modern girl who like tries to survive her boss and stuff..


TVB grand production Triumph in the Skies II (TITS2) is scheduled to start shooting in July. The 3 lead actors are Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung and Ron Ng. It was said rising Siu Sang Him Law joins the cast and takes on a significant role. Although Him is an artist under Filmko and not one of TVB’s ‘biological sons’, in the recent year, he's still heavily favored by the company and appears in one series after another.

Earlier Him was involved in the Lau Sing Ding's nude photo scandal. At first, Him lied and said he didn't know him, but it was later discovered that he actually met Lau a few years ago. Following last year’s incident where ex-girlfriend Theresa Fu exposed he was a four-timer and even beats her, Him’s damaged image deepens after this scandal. Fortunately his work at TVB was not affected and the company strongly supported him by casting him in several series post-scandal including Tiger Cubs, the just completed A Chip off the Old Block II, currently shooting Seasons of Love and will be joining the cast of TITS2, which starts in July. Also, it was said Him’s role is going to be quite significant. Nine years ago, aside from lead actors Francis Ng and Joe Ma, the S4 (Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma and Sammul Chan) gained much recognition and popularity and later went on developing a successful solo career. This time TVB arranges Him to be part of TITS2, the purpose is obviously to help him clean his public image. Him had always been seen as TVB's 'godson', and TITS2's producer Joe Chan admits Him is part of the cast. As to his role, it was will be announced later; Elena Kong is joins the cast as well. 

Recently Ron Ng's fans were outraged by their idol's injustice, and attacked every discussion forum stating that TVB is demoting Ron. Producer Joe Chan is unsure of Ron's fans complaints, but he reassures fans, that Ron definitely has the leading role in TITS2 and takes up heavy screen time. He has not been demoted. 

In regards to the Sales Presentation, where the initial TITS2 cast included Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui, the producer said the sales presentation casting is not official. Currently there are three lead actors Francis, Chilam and Ron; The lead actresses are Myolie Wu and Fala Chen. The cast is excellent.

credits: TVB News World

Yay!!!!! happy 2 hear Him Law join the cast!! grand production 4 him!!!! Also, i would like 2 c the chemistry between the's really refreshing...mixing in new artistes..along with members of the prequel...sad to hear that Bosco, Raymond, and Kate dropped as of now, i think the cast consists of: Chilam Cheung, Francis Ng, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan [he's a maybe...probably just ignore that], Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, MC Jin..etc..also really happy 2 hear Ron get a big role! :D hope there'll be Rola!!! :D <3 before, when Kate and Raymond and everyone else was in this grand production, i started noticing that they added all of the fadans except for Linda and Tavia...and ya..started noticing some more that Linda and Tavia weren't in any grand productions in recent years..but producers still love to have them lead in 'less grand' productions..just thought i'd throw that out there...

Thursday, June 14, 2012


hey guys..sorry 4 the lack of updates..i'll reply to ur cbox messages asap!! sorry about that!! i'll probably be posting a lot less over the course of the next 6 weeks or so...probably only on the weekends..sorry about that! summer school has been hectic! it's only the first week and ive had 2 tests already...every night, i have to stay up til like 2 a.m. taking notes...omg..and i already have 4 projects 4 the class..*sighz* i thought it would be easy..anyways..enough ranting..just wanted to let readers know that im watching NO GOOD EITHER WAY and COME HOME LOVE right now...both are ok..i guess..if u have nothing 2 watch..again, COME HOME LOVE is getting's still ok though..i guess...i only liked the first few episodes though..i'm probably gunna stop watching for NO GOOD EITHER WAY, well, i think Kristal Tin & Ruco Chan are kind of an awkward they dont look like they would go together..well, for the most part, it's ok..boring at times..and somewhat too exaggerated...but it's still a good probably not gunna do a 'thoughts' thing on it unless it ends up being really good..but some scenes i like so far are Natalie Tong's Mandarin were funny..but u can kinda tell she's not ready to be a first-line artist even though it was funny, at times, she said too many words in Cantonese...but for the most part, it was a cute and funny scene :) i find Ruco and Natalie great siblings...also, i love the gay 'housemate' of Louis's pretty his hand motions and his high, i thought it was pretty nice to have the 'Interpal/Inderpal' [i saw Inderpal in the subtitles..but they pronounced it 'Interpal'] in a bigger role...he's been in A LOT of like him in comedic roles...haha..i never get bored of TVB's gay jokes...i had no intention of offending anyone in anyway...and im sorry if i's it for now..thanks 4 visiting guys! also, i see that there are a lot of votes 4 the fanfic...for now, it's Kenneth and Fala in the lead with Tavia and Linda close for Kenneth, well, lets just say he's pretty far ahead of everyone else..perhaps of his role in THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH? :P also, there has been some news about Boscolie fans not liking the kiss scenes between Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma...personally, i don't think there's anything wrong with it..they're just filming...but then again...I'm not exactly a Boscolie fan...but it doesn't mean i don't like them as a couple..I'm just more of the type that focuses on the dramas rather than the real lives of artistes...

Friday, June 8, 2012


despite the fact that his appearances in TVB's dramas aren't very frequent, his popularity is still on the rise.. he can sing, dance, and act...i wish he could concentrate more on filming for TVB..he really can act...i've watched him ever since i was little...and i could really see the improvement...his acting has really..matured.. like before, he would probably cry to show pain or misery..but now, he doesn't have to rely on tears to express his pain/misery..his facial expressions tell the whole Tavia, he doesn't overdo his expressions or anything...he only has like 1 or 2 dramas in a year...and sometimes, the roles he's given aren't very....prominent..i guess..he doesn't make himself stand out if it wasn't meant to be...he knows with his roles, it's very hard for him 2 win awards b/c they'r not exactly the 'wow' type...but he doesn't let that bring down the quality of his acting...hope he can film more dramas :D miss seeing him on TV


credits: hyn5


credits: hyn5


credits: hyn5


Along with Myolie, i think Tavia has the strongest foundation out of the 'newer' generation of fadans..but i guess Tavia's popularity is a bit more 'constant' Myolie was more popular back in TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES and TO GROW WITH LOVE...but things kinda toned down for her...until now..anyways..back to Tavia..though it is said that Virginia Lok doesn't like Tavia, she has always been liked by the audience...unlike many other fadans, she actually has experience in acting...she started out with small roles and slowly made her way to the many dramas, she costars with many other fadans..which will probably lead to some competition involving standing out amongst others..attention...some fadans may exaggerate to gain attention...but Tavia carries out the role the way it was meant to be...she doesn't overdo her expressions...but she still has the correct expressions...also, she has had constant improvement from her recent years, she has had less prominent roles but she still delivers the right expressions for every second of the dramas she stars in...she never let competition for beauty or popularity get in the way of her acting...even if other fadans are fighting for attention in a drama, Tavia just does her own i said before, it is said that Tavia isn't one of Virginia Lok's favorites...but she never let that get in her way fact, it kinda proves Tavia's talent...she was able to climb to the top without 'help'...she's not one of my favorites, but i still like Tavia..i love her in interviews! she's so funny :)


hey guys :D school FINALLY ended 4 me :D it ended like on tuesday..but i was too lazy to blog :P..and on wednesday, i went 2 disneyland :D lol...yes..i still think it's really is a happy place to be..nice scenery...also love the some parts of it are more for little kids..but it brings back old memories and makes me feel like a little kid again :P lol..i dont even need the map to get around disneyland..i know the place so's a picture to share [from GLOVES COME OFF]

lol..cant really see it..but :P speaking of disneyland, it's really nice...but i h8 how the lines r soooo long :( so now im finally exams were horrible...but im glad that's over..summer school is about to start for in a couple of not a really long break..but i'll still try my best to post stuff on here..well, 4 those 'artiste evaluations' type things..the posts that i have been doing on various artistes [so far, only 2 :P]..umm..i think i'll kinda mix up the instead of doing all the newcomers in the beginning, i think i'll do like the fadans and siusangs mixed with the newcomers..and the supporting role type i guess i could take requests..cuz it really doesnt matter 2 me which artistes i do first and stuff...random..but recently, i've been focusing a lot on the design [interior and exterior] of houses and stuff in the dramas..[not really watching any of the dramas airing rite now..only the sitcom..but it kinda got im like rewatching older dramas rite now...currently rewatching YOU'RE HIRED and D.I.E. comedies..and i think they both aired at the same time back then..] well, talk to you guys later..and for those readers still in school, good luck on ur final exams! wish u the best! 


The name may not sound familiar...but he's one of the Mr. HK contestants [not sure if he won or anything]...and recently, his face has become pretty familiar..he has been in SERGEANT TABLOID and HOUSE OF HARMONY AND VENGEANCE...well, from what I can remember..i think his 'breakthrough role' would be 'Delay Gor' in SERGEANT TABLOID...well, that's when I started noticing him..i always think i have a lot to say and stuff and then when i write the actual post, i run outta stuff 2 random..anyways...nice seeing new faces being promoted/introduced in TVB...after all, they kinda need it..