Saturday, July 28, 2012


ok..random...but i was about to go 2 sleep and then i saw a gigantic cockroach in my room...& ya..i killed it..otherwise i wouldn't b able 2 sleep...but was huge..& before, i really didn't get why actresses & actors were so scared of them in dramas..but now..i ya..not really the point here..i just came on to tell u guys about the fanfic..haha..ive had polls relating to the new fanfic & it's pretty much like a fight between Linda & Fala..and Kenneth was always in the lead [probably b/c the poll was up when THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH was :P...& now with THREE KINGDOMS RPG]..but Raymond Lam is a close second..always a few votes i haven't really been seeing any difference in the votes & i decided to do something new..there'll b a post soon..after i finish the polls!

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