Tuesday, July 24, 2012


ok...i really didn't get the point of that episode..y cudnt they have just done promos w/ those clips? and it was kinda annoying how they kept repeating the name of the show..and the show times and stuff..i was like..i get it!..some parts were funny..but those parts were only parts of the different 'plays'..so we'll c them again soon..ya..anyways..pointless episode..pretty much just promo..

mmm...it's not exactly what i expected..but passing grade i guess..like i don't really like the beginning & end w/ the 4 babies & King Kong as the mom..i didn't get that..ya..and i didn't expect Evergreen Mak to actually like host it and stuff..but i don't mind that..haha..i liked the first play with Lau Dan, Nancy Sit, Timmy Hung, Elena Kong, Wayne Lai, Yoyo Mung, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Edwin Siu, & Aimee Chan..haha..Timmy was funny..he kept sweeping Lau Dan w/ the broom..haha..Elena had a pretty small role..lol..poor Lau Dan..they kept throwing food and stuff at him..haha..i liked the part where Yoyo pushed Timmy off the wooden things..haha...it was funny at the part where they were taking out the volleyballs and Timmy kept making fun of Yoyo..lmao..the funniest, i think, would be Edwin..haha..i like how he bumped Aimee off to the side..haha..as 4 the second part, it was ok..not that funny...but i liked the part where Chin Ka Lok was like 'You took my hat from A BRIDE FOR A RIDE!' to Michael Tse.. haha..

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