Sunday, July 29, 2012


news reports have said that Ron Ng may have cheated on Viann Zhang, his ex, with a wealthy 'Miss X'..& they also said he umm..exchanged explicit texts, pics, & phone calls with this 'Miss X' an interview, he seemed to know who the 'Miss X' they were talking about was..cuz he was like 'oh..that one' kinda that..umm..but he didn't admit the other stuff..they also said that 'Miss X' didn't know about Ron & Viann's relationship..& Ron always said that the thing w/ Viann was just a thing for she believed him..yep..that's it for the news part..umm..idk..but they people said it was his voice..& then he just walked off & said 'no comment' so im really unsure about this..but....i don't know if this is true..again, i don't know who's telling the truth & who's lying..mayB Viann & all of the others are trying to get popular...after all, her popularity soared after she was w/ Ron..but...they MIGHT not be..i really don't know who to im not gunna side with anyone..even though i do like Ron & the other TVB artistes more..idk..those who go up in mainland are bound to have rumors...& those rumors may even bring them some trouble...

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