Saturday, July 28, 2012


In the beginning of the drama, when Linda still suffered from depression, it was like a golden opportunity for her to show her skills...and she took that opportunity..and ya..she did a great job..even though i preferred seeing her in the beginning of the drama..b/c her character was more interesting back then, she still did a great job acting out the role that was given to her..she changed from like the one who needed support & someone who gave support and love to others when they needed her..i loved seeing her heal from her depression & i was glad to see her open up herself :D she always seemed to be in her own fairytale, oblivious to the events in the real world..all that truly mattered was her cello, her father, & Bosco..every girl has her own fairytale, her own love story, and her own Prince Charming..Bosco was her Prince Charming..I liked how they made Linda all innocent & stuff and then Bosco was more realistic..In both WITNESS INSECURITY & MOONLIGHT RESONANCE, Linda had to make some major decisions..although she was indecisive in both, I liked her 'indecisiveness' in WITNESS INSECURITY more..i love how every little thing Bosco says makes her happy..

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