Sunday, July 22, 2012


haha..pretty much the same thoughts as last time..still love Oscar's character..haha..i like how TIGER CUBS has like serious action scenes but at the same time, they incorporate some love scenes as well as some comedic not sure if it's just me..but i c Jessica's character opening up more..haha..glad 2 c that tho..i love how they introduce less known artistes like William Chak, Oscar Li..etc..also, i started liking the cases more starting from ep. 2...i'll talk more about that later..anyways..i really do NOT like Christine Kuo's sorry..but i can' in the beginning, i found her somewhat annoying..but i told myself to be nice..and just let it go..but now, for one, her accent bugs me..two, she can't really that crying scene, it wasn't very convincing..and her y did she stay @ Oscar's house?! and then all of Oscar's colleagues/brothers/friends misunderstood..and done ranting..for now-..haha..Mandy's always playing these tomboyish in this drama..and in SERGEANT TABLOID..haha..also, i like seeing Vincent Wong's character..haha..he used 2 b so 'not confident' but now he's more that scene in episode 6 where they ran into Eric Li's gang...haha..also like Him Law's character..i like how he & Vincent Wong have such a close friendship..also like how he's rich but not spoiled..he earns his own money and last thing: gotta love Oscar w/ his his wink ;)

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