Friday, July 27, 2012


here r some of my not really sure if it's like all the breakups that create such a depressing atmosphere..but WITNESS INSECURITY was pretty depressing..not that it wasn't good..umm..i thought the overall like plot for the drama was pretty good..b/c they didn't start out w/ Bosco investigating the robbery case til near the end..and it showed like how Linda developed her feelings for Bosco ya..i liked the gradual change..umm..though i like the Boda pair, im kinda glad that there were scenes on other stuff like business & police for the ending, pretty much the only thing that's on my mind rite now, well, it wasn't expected..Bosco kinda reminded me of Raymond Wong in BOTTLED PASSION..i honestly don't think either of them would have died if they went to the hospital..but in the case of Bosco, i found it more reasonable b/c Linda's dad told him where Linda was & Linda told Bosco to go find her w/ the helmet & motorcycle once he had room for her in his heart...i liked the flashback part...and in the end, i liked the how both were singing that was such a tragic ending..though im curious about like Linda's life and stuff after she finds out her father's in prison & her 'boyfriend' is dead, i don't think it would really make the drama better..b/c if she turned all sad again, it would b a sad ending..but if she suddenly stood up, people would say it's so unrealistic..and all *sighz*..honestly, i didn't think Bosco needed 2 die..even though they could add in a lot more romantic scenes with Bosco's death..

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