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  • Home-this page is where all posts are found :) pretty self explanatory
  • About Me-again, pretty self explanatory...
  • About Blog-the page your on :) if you need any help getting around the site, you should probably look here :) pretty much a guide on how to get around TVB STARLIGHT :)
  • Graphics-you can find all the stuff i photoshop here :) 
  • Affiliates-a page full of wonderful websites for you to visit :) blogs on various artistes and just TVB in general :) 

  • Polls-Polls are often related to currently airing dramas
  • Artistes-I tag most of the more popular artistes and usually the "younger" generation :P Sorry for any inconvenience caused :P 
  • Dramas-All TVB dramas that I have posted on/about will be tagged even if they have aired already or have not aired yet
  • Archive-this is pretty self-explanatory..but pretty much everything that I have ever posted but organized by time/date/month/year
  • Starlight's Works-This is for like stuff that I create..excluding graphics [because I have a whole separate page for that already] I also do not tag my thoughts/series overview & stuff like that under this section..this is usually for like my fanfics :) 
  • Starlight Exclusives-this section features stuff like guessing games and quizzes [like those "Which Character are You?"] quizzes :P
  • Chat-Talk 2 me!!! :) I love reading other people's thoughts so chat w/ me..please :) It really doesn't have to do with TVB..just love seeing a new message in the chatbox :) Also, there are TONS of emoticons..so be sure to make use of those ;) By the way, i don't have a "code" for them...so you have to click on "smilies" in the bottom right hand corner and then a mini window will pop up, and you can choose from there, and there are more smilies..so scroll down until you find the right one :) And because I don't have a code for them, if  you type in stuff like " :) " or " :P ", it will just remain as "colon parenthesis" or "colon P"...again, sorry for any inconvenience caused :P Also, I just wanted to clarify, that you do not have to create an account to leave a message in the chat box..and the "email/website" part of the form is OPTIONAL :P

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