Screen Name: starlight

Contact: starlight_tvb@hotmail.com

Languages: English & Cantonese [i can't really read Chinese though :P]

Fun Facts:

  • umm..idk if this really counts..but I have the same Chinese name as Linda Chung :P..not the same last name..the name's pretty common esp. in Cantonese families..
  • I have the same birthday as Kate Tsui..same month and date...as 4 the year...ehh..lol..let's just say she's more than twice my age..

Hey everyone! Welcome to TVB STARLIGHT! I've started watching TVB dramas since forever but because I watched them at such a young age, I often don't remember watching them :P Umm...I don't watch ALL of TVB's series..but I watch a lot of them..it really depends on the theme..I usually like modern dramas more..and ya..I really don't know what to say..but if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email [or using the chatbox!] I don't know how people see me..but I find myself pretty friendly..so don't be afraid to share your opinions :] Thanks for visiting TVB STARLIGHT :]

BTW, for any of you returning readers, first of all, thanks for all your support! Secondly, I have closed down the first tvb starlight and have completely restarted it :P I will not be posting news articles on a regular basis anymore..as that made up a majority of my posts..and i pretty much just copied and pasted from other sites..so it didn't make my blog any different from the news blogs..I have and will be reading TVB news though [and if you want the sites, don't be afraid to ask me! :P] :P and I may summarize them in my "status updates" [lol...remember those useless posts that i would have like every single day?..well ya...i guess i'll be keeping those] as for Written in the Stars, I kinda wunna rewrite it with like an actual book format...so that it may be more interesting..b/c i find it really hard to paint a picture in my head when i just write "she laughed" or "she cried" :P Hope you all understand..and for those of you who have actually read "Written in the Stars," thanks...i really mean it..thank you..

-starlight :)

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