Thursday, August 2, 2012


haha..actually...not much to say..i usually don't do this since i always say too much and give away the whole thing..

Six individuals just graduating from college, all of whom are from different backgrounds are brought together by fate. Through thin & thick, they are always there for one another, always supporting each other..but will that support last forever? Will their friendship last forever?

This fanfic takes us through the journey of six individuals' path to friendship, love, and their dreams. 

ok..ya..that's i've decided to use these artistes as main characters:

Bosco Wong-He's the comedian of the group along with Ron Ng. Coming from a wealthy family, like Raymond Lam's, he has vowed to use his own hands to support himself after graduating from college. He dislikes it when people treat him differently or look at him differently because he's rich.

Fala Chen-She's not the 'go with the flow' type of girl. She's not afraid to stand out & speak her mind, which may cause some trouble for her in today's society. However, this personality of hers may help her find a group of friends whom she can count on through thin and thick. Though she's not like other girls, she still has some things in common with them. She's still an ordinary girl when it comes to love. She hopes to find her Prince Charming & create their own love story.

Kate Tsui-Kate is a tomboy & not afraid to speak her mind. She's rather straightforward and oftentimes, she's the one to wake her female friends from their daydreams. She believes that fate will bring her & her Prince Charming together, no need to rush.

Linda Chung-Filial & kind-hearted, she's the number one choice for a girlfriend or even a wife. She is sweet and willing to help others, something that makes this diamond sparkle. She understands that her family is not wealthy so when growing up, she never asked for unnecessary luxuries. She's the 'mom' of the crowd, not allowing them to eat junk food, pulling all-nighters, & constantly nags.

Raymond Lam-He's the romantic one in the crowd, always so sweet. Which girl wouldn't fall for him? He's sweet, rich, and he has the looks. He & Bosco are family friends and have been for as long as they can remember. Growing up together, the two have become like brothers. 2 guys. 1 life.

Ron Ng-Another comedian in the crowd. He may not be rich like Raymond & Bosco, but with his good looks & his sense of humor, he can score a girl, or should I say several girls, with no difficulty, something he likes to brag about quite often.

haha..sorry..i won't be using the polls/survey anymore!

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