Thursday, August 2, 2012


"Okay, Mom. I'll clean it up after." Just getting off the plane, Kate was tired from dragging the two suitcases & three duffel bags out of the elevator. "If only I were rich," she thought aloud.

"You wish...Hurry up...Go wash up and change..Dinner's almost ready.." [Kate's mom]

"Why do I have to change? I think I look fine in my clothes," Kate retorted.

"Fine? You wore your pajamas to the airport!" [Kate's mom]

"What's wrong with that?" Kate asked with a smile.

"Aiya! Forget it! How are you ever going to find a boyfriend?" [Kate's mom]

"Haha..How do you know I'm not lesbian?" Kate smiled.

"Very funny. Go wash up. Your aunt's coming home soon." [Kate's mom]

"Ok fine. Eww. Why is she here?" [Kate]

"Don't be rude. She's staying here" [Kate's mom]

"Please tell me it's temporary" [Kate]

"Nope..long term. She and your uncle divorced. Now she's coming back to stay with us." [Kate's mom]

"Wait..we only have 2 rooms" [Kate]

"Oh yea..I forgot to tell you that you're sleeping on the sofa" [Kate's mom]

"Forever?" Getting up from the couch, Kate marched to the bathroom to wash her hands while her mom prepared the remaining dishes. Looking at herself in the mirror, she sighed "Looks like I have to move" *sigh* "Oh well, at least I don't have to live with her.." Plopping down in the seat next to the head of the table, Kate asked her mom, "Mom do you know where I can move to?"

"Nope. Honey, you're on your own this time." Pointing to the living room, she said "This is your new room 'til you find a new place to move to."

Kate sighed. "She's not even home yet and she's already causing me so much trouble. I can't even imagine how much trouble she would bring if she WERE home...." "Mom, I'll come back in 10 minutes. I'm going out to call my old classmates to see if they know any apartments for rent..Be back soon!" with that, she slammed the door and went down to the park nearby. Plopping her rear on the swing, she scrolled through her contacts list. "Nope..He lives in the U.S...She went back to Canada...Eww..I don't even like her...."

"'s so nice here!" exclaimed Fala.

"Of course! There's an indoor pool & an outdoor one! Plus, a library, a gym, and even a private park exclusively for our residents. You can bring your children down there to play once you get married." the manager said cheerfully.

"Haha..That won't be anytime soon..I'll think about it..I'll call you when I have made my decision" Fala said, ending the tour of the apartment.

"Okay! No problem. Thanks for visiting. I still have some stuff to finish up downstairs. By the way, there will be another customer coming up soon, just letting you know. Feel free to look around, just close the door when your done." With that, the manager left to attend his business.

"It's so nice..but so expensive!!" She took one last look at the apartment and was about to leave when she ran into Linda.

"Hi" Linda greeted.

"Hey...You looking around?" Fala asked warmly.

"'s quite nice here. I really like the living environment" [Linda]

"'s really nice..I love it here too..but the price.." [Fala]

"I's quite pricey..waaaay out of my budget.." [Linda]

"Same here...When I was little, my parents always told me that the land here in Hong Kong is really expensive..Today, I finally get to see it myself.." [Fala]

"Haha..yea..You from overseas?" [Linda]

"Yea..haha..My Cantonese is really bad isn't it?" [Fala]

"'s fine! Many of the ABCs don't even know how to speak Cantonese! Where are you from?" [Linda]

"I'm from the U.S. and I just graduated from college there and I wanted to come develop my career in Hong Kong...haha..My parents are in the U.S. and I don't have relatives I've been staying at the hotel.." [Fala]

"Oh..haha..maybe we could rent this place together! How much would that be? haha..You don't mind right?" [Linda]

"Not at all," Fala smiled. "You're a nice person, of course I wouldn't mind!"

Whipping out her calculator, Linda started calculating the price of rent, gas, electricity, and water and dividing everything by two. "Aiya! It's still not within my budget," showing Fala the calculator.

"Not within my budget either..Wait..We have 3 rooms here. Maybe we can find someone else..Do you know anyone looking for a place to rent?" asked Fala. Linda shook her head. "Oh. Hold on. I have some college classmates that live in Hong Kong." Scrolling through her contacts list, she came across Kate's name. "Oooh! How about this one? She's the down-to-earth type, quite funny be honest, I don't really know her but I was in a project with her once and she seems like a nice girl."

"Ok...I don't mind as long as she's a girl and she's not difficult to live with," admitted Linda.

"Haha..I'm actually pretty hard to stand, just saying.." Fala said with a smile. With that, she started dialing Kate's number.

After being rejected several times, Kate let out a deep sigh. Just then, she received a call from Fala Chen. "Hullo?" Kate spoke into the microphone of her smartphone.

"Hi Kate. Remember me? Fala Chen from the Shakespeare project?" Fala asked.

"Oh hey. What's up?" Kate asked, being polite.

"I know this sounds crazy since we aren't too familiar with each other, but I've come across this really awesome apartment for rent and it's in a really nice environment and there's 3 rooms so I'm wondering if you would like to come live with us in the apartment.." [Fala]

"OMG! Really? I was JUST looking for a place! Thank you! Can I come over tomorrow?" Kate asked excitedly.

"Sure thing. I can introduce you to our other roommate. Her name's Linda Chung." Fala informed Kate.

"K...I gotta go eat..See you tomorrow!" [Kate]

"!" [Fala]

With that, Kate ran back to the apartment building, excited to tell her mom the good news. As she was heading toward the entrance, she ran into her 'beloved' aunt. "Kate!" screamed her beloved aunt from 10 feet away. Kate turned toward the sound of the voice, ready to complain about her aunt's unnecessary loud voice when she saw her aunt running towards her with arms wide open, ready for a hug. At that moment, Kate dug out her keys, opened the door, and headed towards the elevator. After safely reaching the elevator, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong with that woman? Ugh! I should move out as soon as possible, can't stand her. I should tell Fala to hurry up with the contracts and stuff" Kate mumbled to herself in the elevator ride.
haha..sorry guys..chapter one's pretty boring...

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