Friday, August 17, 2012


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates and I'm sorry to say that it'll be like this for like the next 3 weeks. Sorry! And also, I've finished TIGER CUBS but that's it. I haven't finished THREE KINGDOMS RPG and I have started on GHETTO JUSTICE..but I stopped watching b/c I just don't have time. Also, I haven't started KING MAKER'll have a lot of catching up to do later on..umm..idk wut else 2 say..haha..well, i'll post up another chapter of my fanfic after this post..and then idk after that..I have no life..For the next 3 weeks, I'm going to have to go to tutor from after school til around 9:30..and then I have to do my homework sorry! i really don't have time!! And after that, I'll be a bit more active online..hopefully..I'll still be taking classes but they're not as time-consuming..but I have to complete my service hours so :P lol..I'm just complaining about my life rite it's like the life of the typical Asian at my school..haha..umm..about graphics and stuff..the earliest i can start on them is like 3 weeks from now..*sighz* the worst part is, I have to skip my daily 2 hour TVB session :( and no more stalking ): ya so basically, before I leave again, I'll write another chapter for fanfic, reply to the messages 2mrw, and that's it i guess..i WILL do a review on TIGER CUBS..but i think it's gunna b super late..but I'm still going 2 do it b/c it's one of my favorite dramas this year :D haha..btw, new obsession: Him Law!! :D lol..ya...i have a new obsession like every other drama or, i might have random posts here and there..but that's it..sorry guys! thanks 4 ur support tho!! btw, most of my posts will probably be like fanfics and stuff b/c i'll pause on the dramas and stuff..which i really don't want 2 esp. since Him Law's new drama is coming up :'( ok..i'll go start on the fanfic now..

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