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As usual, after work, Fala and Kate are lying on the couch, channel surfing until they come across a TVB drama.

"Ugh. Do we have to watch HEART OF GREED again?" Kate complained, "Can we watch FORENSIC HEROES 3? Come on, it's new."

"But.." Fala tried to save herself.

"Come on. All they do is fight for the money." Kate imitated, "'It's my money!' ''s MY money!'"

Fala laughed at Kate's imitation, "Fiiiinnnee.." and threw a pillow at her, accidentally knocking over a cup of tea.

Linda, rushing out of the kitchen, yelled, " You guys...Again? Can you guys wipe it up?"

Kate, so absorbed in her drama, just said, "Chilll....It's just a cup of tea...She'll do it later.."

Fala chimed in, "'s just a cup of tea..You're a neat freak.."

"Sorry," Linda apologized, afraid of losing her roommates.

"'s fine..we were just kidding..just have fun..relax..Fala's gunna wipe it up right now, right Fala?" [Kate]

"Yea..I'M going to wipe it up..because I'm a nice person..unlike SOMEONE...ahem, Kate Tsui," [Fala] With that, Kate reached for a pillow and aimed for Fala but Fala had successfully escaped by running to the kitchen.

After cleaning up her mess, Fala plopped down in her seat, "Ahh...That was some hard work..That's enough exercise to last me for the next 2 weeks.."

" wiped a cup of tea.." [Kate]

"Hey, at least I wiped a cup of tea...What did you do?" Fala imitated Kate, "'Oh my god..He [referring to an artiste] is so hott..I am SO going to marry him..oh my god!'"

"Just don't...Fine, what do you look for in a guy?" [Kate]

"I don't know..I don't hunt for guys like you..It just comes.." [Fala]

"For me, they just have to be nice to me, nice to my family, nice to my friends...." [Linda]

"Yea..yea..yea.." Kate said, cutting Linda off, "Let's put it this way, which do you find more important in a boyfriend? Looks or personality?"

"Personality," Linda said without thinking.

"Well, it depends," said Fala, " because when you first like a person, you can like them for their looks AND personality..and then when you 'deeply love' them, and they turn ugly, you would still stay by their side and all.."

"Dude..I asked you one gave me a whole essay..I lost you after you said 'it depends'" [Kate]

"Fine then what do you look for?" [Fala]

"Both" [Kate]

"That's what I just said!" [Fala]

"Yea but I made my answer clear in one word..You had a whole speech and after that, I STILL didn't know what your answer to my question was..." [Kate]

While the two were arguing, Linda was deep in her thoughts. She has never been in a relationship before. She doesn't ask for much in a guy. He doesn't need to have good looks nor wealth. All she wants is..

"Hey!" Fala slapped Linda back to reality.

"[cantonese: jok say ah! literally: seek death]" [Linda]

"Well I'm sorry..geez.." [Fala]

"Ya, Fala..Don't bother her, she's [cantonese: fat gun hau, literally: idk how to explain]" Kate says while filing her nails.

"What are you guys talking about?" Linda asks, trying to save herself.

"You probably have an eye out on your prey already," [Kate]

"You make it sound so nasty..and by the way, THIS is what they teach you in the U.S.?" [Linda]

"'s only her.." [Fala] "Out of the 3 guys next door, who would you choose?"

"I don't know..dude..this is awkward.." [Kate]

"Ya..I really don't know..." [Linda]

"Fine...Let's put it this way..Would you date Bosco?" Fala asked

"I guess.." Linda replied. She was not the type of person to reveal her true feelings all the time.

"Well, he's rich.." [Kate]

"You're so shallow" Linda commented.

"Hey, I admit it," Kate said proudly.

"" Fala asked.

"Yea..I guess..He's pretty nice," Linda admitted.

"Yea..he's rich...he has the looks..and yea..he's a nice guy," Kate replied.

"And how about Ron?" Fala asked.

"Err..maybe..I mean after all, he IS a good guy..and he DOES come up with good jokes.." Linda replied.

"Umm..probably not...Honestly, I don't think I would ever have feelings for him because I see him more as a brother..especially since we are both police officers on the same 'team'" [Kate] " the way, speaking of Ron, he's applying to be an SDU."

"What's that?" Linda asked cluelessly.

"Special Duties Unit," Fala said quickly and then devoting her full attention to Kate.

"That's all I know..You can ask him for more information. He applied and now, I think all the applicants are training for the fitness test," Kate explained.

"Wait..when do you know when you get in?" Fala asked.

"I don't know. I only know that they have a whole 'nother like 3 months to train. Maybe more," Kate said. With that, she turned her attention back to FORENSIC HEROES 3.

The next morning, the three girls were watching the latest TVB drama when the doorbell rang. No one got up.

"You go," Linda nudged Fala, "I'm tired.."

"I'm tired too. You go," Fala commanded, tossing a stuffed dog at Kate.

"No..shhh...The show's about to start..." Kate hushed.

"Well I'm not going," Fala crossed her arms.

"Neither am I," Linda imitated Fala and crossed her arms. Kate glared at the two and reluctantly pushed herself off the seat and shuffled to the door.

"Coming..." Kate screamed. She opened the door to find Bosco and Raymond standing there.

" 'sup?" Bosco asked, plopping down in the seat next to Fala, making himself at home.

Fala ignoring Bosco, looked around for Ron. He wasn't there. "Where's the other one?" she asked Raymond.

"Oh..he's training or something," Raymond said as he plopped down in Kate's seat.

"Yea right..He's probably out with one of his girlfriends," [Bosco]

"No one would date him," commented Kate.

"Hey pass me a can of coke," Raymond nudged Linda.

"Get it yourself," Linda nudged back.

"Fine, be that way. Go ahead and make me trek all the way to the coffee table and carry a whole can of coke all the way back here," Raymond exaggerated.

"The coffee table's like 2 feet away," Linda gave up and tossed Raymond a can of coke.

"And I win again," Raymond cheered.

"That's because it's Linda. Everyone wins against her," Bosco chimed in. Linda, who could not think of a comeback just threw a pillow at him. Kate, so absorbed in her drama, was not aware of her surroundings.

"Hey, toss me a can of coke," Kate ordered, her eyes still glued onto the TV screen.

"He took the last one," Linda pointed to Raymond.

"Ugh, you suck," Kate sulked, "Someone go buy some more."

"Go get it yourself. You're so lazy. Why are you guys even watching this stuff?" Bosco asked.

"Because the male lead is hot," Kate said without even thinking.

"Well, I'm hotter," Bosco claimed.

"Ha..ha.." Fala laughed, "What a joke.."

"Shut up," Bosco said to Fala.

"No seriously though, someone go get more coke," Kate said.

"Not me!" they all exclaimed, all except Fala.

"Ugh..Me again?" Fala complained, getting up from her seat, "Give me money."

"Don't ask me for it. You know I don't have any. You might as well ask the hobos on the street. Ask Bosco. He's rich," Kate said. Fala turned her attention to Bosco.

"I'm not rich. My dad's rich. There's a difference" [Bosco]

Raymond pulled out some money and handed it to Fala. "I'll keep the change," Fala said, running out the door.

Ron who was using the gym downstairs had just finished working out when he saw Fala walk out of the lobby. He went up behind her.

"Hey, where you going?" Ron asked.

"Buying soda," Fala answered. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be 'working out'?"

"I just finished," Ron said, following Fala into the store.

Fala grabbed two packs of soda and headed for the cash register. While she was paying, she said, "You want to train right? Here, carry these upstairs for me," she ordered, handing the soda to Ron.

"C'mon," Ron complained, reaching for the bags,"I was in that gym for like 3 hours already. It was horrible! There were 'pork chops' [ugly girls] every where! None of them were 'edible'! I feel so violated."

"You're so shallow, always about the looks. Watch, you're going to get married with one of them one day. And violated?" Fala skipped to the door.

" 'Choi! [cantonese, i think it's like 'touchwood'] I will not lower my standards and eat pork chops, save them for Ray & Bosco. And yes, violated. They came over and started.." Ron made a puke face, "touching me." He shivered as they went into the elevator. Fala stuck her hand in Ron's direction, reaching for the buttons on the elevator. "Ahh!" Ron screamed, "Now it's YOUR turn? Enough violation for the day!"

Fala pressed the button, "Stupid! 'haan dee la!' [cantonese, it's literally like 'save dee lah!']"

"Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if you did. After all, I am charming and handsome and muscular and good looking and smart and..." Ron continued.

"Yea..uh huh..You wish," Fala said, stepping out of the elevator, "In you're dreams."

"Well then I must be dreaming right now," Ron said, unashamed.

The two of them rejoined the crew. "Ugh. Worst elevator ride ever," Fala complained.

"Can't you two just give it a break?" [Bosco]

"Hey, according to my experiences.." [Kate]

"Experiences of what?" Linda asked.

"Of watching TVB dramas, two people who often bicker usually end up together," Kate proudly declared.

"Stupid," Ron said to Kate.

"Hey, that's true though. At least in TV dramas," Linda added.

"Well in TV dramas, all the actresses are good looking and when you look at her.." Ron pointed to Fala.

"You.." Fala threw a pillow at Ron. "Well on TV, all the actors are good looking but when you look at HIM.." she glared at Ron.

"When you look at me, I'm even MORE handsome," Ron claimed.

"Dude, he said he was willing to wash all the clothes, do all the chores for his girlfriend if he finds a hot one," Raymond exposed.

"Dude..what happened to his dignity [cantonese: juun yeem; it sounds like bottle of salt] ?" Bosco asked.

"He poured all of it in his porridge this morning," Fala said. [b/c dignity in cantonese is juun yeem and it sounds like bottle of salt]

"Very funny. At least I had any to start with," Ron retorted.

"Forget you, I'm leaving," Fala picked her bag up from the floor and walked out the door. "I'm not coming home for dinner," she said as she walked out the door.

When Fala was out of earshot, Raymond whacked Ron with a pillow, "Dude, stop fighting with her all the time. You guys are like a dog and a cat."

"Yea, dude..not cool. You made her leave her own apartment," Bosco added.

Ron sighed, "You guys are all idiots. She's not mad at me. Did you see her? She was all dolled up before she left. I'm 99% sure she finally found someone that was willing to take her. I bet they're blind."

"Well, all girls like to doll themselves up and stuff..Never heard her talking about her boyfriend or anything..Never even knew she had one.." Linda chimed in.

Bosco added, "All girls like to get dolled up and stuff..all girls except Kate." Kate whacked Bosco on the head and went back to her TV drama.

Ron sighed once more, "You guys don't understand girls. I have had the most experience with these 'unique animals' so therefore I am right. End of discussion."

Kate, with her eyes still glued onto the TV screen, added, "Aiya. You guys can just ask her when she gets home tonight."

Raymond added, "Well how do you know she's even coming home tonight?" He winked.

"You're learning," Ron said to Raymond.

"All of you guys are so sick-minded. You pervs.." Linda said, reaching for a strawberry.

"Hey..I didn't say anything," Bosco clarified.

"I'm hungry..Let's go get dinner," [Kate]

"Ugh..I don't wanna walk.." Raymond complained.

"Let's just make one person go get it," [Linda]

"Ugh. Fala's not here. We can't make her go get it," Ron added.

"How about.." Raymond thought aloud, "The oldest person has to get it?"

"K..I'm cool with that," Kate agreed, "So it's between you three boys."

Raymond and Bosco eyed Ron. "Ugh," Ron got up from his seat, "You guys planned this. Hold on. Let me finish this drama."

"Fine," [Bosco]

About an hour passed when Ron was finished with his drama. He went to a local cafe and made his order. While waiting for his order, he spotted Fala, eating with a guy who seemed like her boyfriend. Ron went over to say 'hi' when her 'boyfriend' left his seat. "Hey," Ron said, plopping down in Fala's 'boyfriend's' seat.

"Hey, go away! Someone's sitting there," Fala whispered.

"Your boyfriend? Is he blind?" Ron joked.

"None of your business," she whispered while attempting to push Ron away, "what are you doing here?"

"I'm getting take-out for those pigs," he said.

"Well now you know how I feel," Fala said.

"As a matter of fact, no I do not. I was chosen to carry out such a difficult task because of fate while you were chosen because you're stupid, always one step behind," [Ron]

"Ugh. Just go away. I don't want to argue with you," Fala said, once again trying to push Ron away. Just then, Fala's 'boyfriend' had arrived back at the table.

"Hi," he said politely.

"Hey, 'sup dawg," Ron said, still in the seat.

"Oh..umm..Let me introduce you guys. This is Ron and this is Steven," Fala introduced.

"Hi, I'm Steven Ma, CEO of the Ritz Carlton," Steven said, handing a business card to Ron.

"Oh, that rich-people hotel 3 blocks away?" Ron whispered to Fala, "Wow...You really know how to choose your guys." He turned his attention back to Steven and reached out his arm for a handshake, "Hi, I'm Sergeant Ron Ng, her boyfriend." Steven cocked his head in confusion. "He..he..her boy know? Male friend."

"Ha, ha. You're quite a funny guy," Steven laughed politely.

Fala, wanting to continue her date with Steven ended their conversation. "Oh you should go check if your order's ready yet," she told Ron, "You know..It wouldn't be too nice if you kept your friends waiting." Fala pushed Ron towards the cash register and resumed her dinner with a sigh of relief after Ron left.

A couple of hours later, Fala had reached the door of her apartment, realizing that she forgot her keys. She rung the doorbell only to have Ron open the door. "Hey, home already? We thought you weren't going to come home," Ron said with a smile. She glared at Ron for a moment before heading to her room, "I'm going to go shower," she declared.

"Remember not to use hot water! It might make you're wrinkles more severe!" Ron screamed.

"Dude, give her a break," Linda commented.

"Yea..Stop being so mean to her," Raymond added.

"Yea, be nicer to her..or I'm going to screw up your appraisal at the end of the year. Let's see if you can still become an SDU," [Kate]

"You..." Ron said to Kate reluctantly, "Fine, I'll TRY."

------------------------------- basically, you guys kinda already know one of the'm sure some readers already know that the obvious couple is my most wished pairing. I'm not naming them because for those who don't know, I don't want to spoil it for them. And for those of you who do know and are not too fond of this pair, don't worry, I'm not only going to focus on this pair. I'll have more stuff on the other characters later on but I had to start somewhere. Well, hope you guys like it. Also, I hope Ron doesn't seem like a bad character. I didn't mean for him to be a 'dislikeable' character..Sorry...i find that the first 3 chapters have been pretty there's not real action going no problems or anything..but i'll try to add some by the next chapter..That's it for now and thanks for supporting my fanfic! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me or leave a message in the chatbox!

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