Saturday, August 18, 2012

STATUS UPDATE as u guys can tell, i have changed the seems a bit gloomy and stuff..but i wanted sumthing clean..and i wanted to try out a simple and dark ya... :P..umm..i'll be working on ch. 4 of the fanfic whenever i have for news that i have to catch up on, i don't think i'll really post them..but i may share my thoughts on some..only the ones that i really NEED to say something for dramas, i dont kno if i have time to watch them this year :'( this is sad....i have no life..anyways..i'll just have to wait and see..i'll probably watch them though..b/c i don't think i can resist..but i get addicted once i start watching..anyways..haha..and have i mentioned that him law is rly cute? far, ive had 3 obsessions: otto chan, oscar leung, and him it started around april/may to now..which is about 3 on it's like one new obsession every month if u average it, if u have any scenes u would like me to consider for the fanfic, feel free to contact me..haha..i wud appreciate ur opinions :D thanks 4 stopping by!

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