Thursday, August 2, 2012


"Kate, wake up. Go say 'Good Morning' to your father after you brush your teeth" Kate's mom ordered.

"Mom, I don't get you guys. Why do you guys talk to the dead?" Kate asked with her eyes still closed.

"Aiya! Just get up and do as I say. Your father died when he was chasing the bank robbers. You can go ask his police colleagues." [Kate's mom]

"That's still not the answer to my question," Kate mumbled. After eating breakfast and getting ready, she headed out to meet Fala and her new roommate. Arriving at the residential building, she was amazed. "Woow...this place is amazing!" On the way to the elevator, she passed by a map. "Oh my god. There's even a 7-Eleven downstairs! OMG! A pool AND a gym?!" Kate screamed in delight.

"There's a library & a private park too," Fala said, sneaking up behind Kate. Kate turned around to see who it was. "This is Linda, this is Kate," she introduced.

"Hey," Linda said with a smile.

"Hi..haha..You guys scared me. This place is awesome!" [Kate]

"I know! The apartment is really nice too! The interior design is amazing!" [Linda]

"Eek! I'm so excited! Can't wait! Why is the elevator taking so long?" Kate asked impatiently. Just then, the elevator doors popped open.

"Speak of devil," Fala replied. With that, the three of them poured into the elevator. Behind them, two guys about their age were considering the apartment next to theirs. "Are they our future neighbors?" Fala whispered after getting out of the elevator.

"I don't know...It's my first time here," Kate said, admiring the halls.

"It doesn't matter..unless...." Linda said with a sly smile, clearly implying something.

"No!" Fala denied with a smile.

"Okay..okay.." [Linda]

After a tour of the apartment, Kate agreed to rent the place with Fala and Linda. "Yay! We have a new home now!" Linda exclaimed.

"Hey are you guys busy today?" Fala asked while waiting for the elevator.

"No, why?" asked Linda.

"It depends on what you want me to do.." replied Kate.

"I was wondering if you guys wanted to go shopping for new furniture and stuff" [Fala]

Before the two girls had a chance to reply, the two guys next door came to introduce themselves. "Hey," one said.

"You guys moving in?" asked the other.

"Ya.." the three of them replied.

"Looks like we'll be neighbors. We're moving in next to you guys. I'm Raymond," Raymond said with a welcoming smile.

"And I'm Bosco," Bosco said with a friendly smile.

"Hi, I'm Linda"

"Hi, I'm Kate"

"And I'm Fala"

"I couldn't help but overhear you guys going out to buy furniture for your new apartment. Do you mind if we join you guys?" asked Bosco.

"I'm cool with it," Kate said coolly.

"Fine with me," Fala said with a smile.

"MmKay," Linda said nicely.

After a long ride through the heavy traffic of people rushing to work, the five of them finally arrived at the store. Luckily, it was a weekday morning. There weren't many people. " drive so slow," Kate exclaimed, unafraid.

"Well, SORRY," Bosco said jokingly. "Why don't you drive on the way back?"

Finally inside the store, the 5 of them had already split up unknowingly. When they realized that they split up, they all just thought "Oh well..we can meet up later" and with that, each one of them began taking notes of the items they wanted.

Bosco was in the bedding section when he saw Fala looking at the sofas. Walking over to Fala, he said "Hey Fala. Come over here. I found something for you"

"Wait hold on..I need to copy down the number of this sofa so we can find it later" Fala replied.

After Fala was done, Bosco dragged her from the hand to the cushions section. "What's that 'something' you found for me, Mr. Wong?"

Picking up two round cushions from the pile, Bosco exclaimed, "These!"

Fala shook her head in confusion, "Don't get it..." To explain to Fala, Bosco thought there was no better way than to demonstrate. He stuffed both of them in his shirt in the chest area. When Fala finally got it, she slapped him with a laugh, "You're disgusting!" In response, Bosco lightly hit her with a pillow. Soon, the two were involved in a pillow fight. It was all fun and games until a staff member came along and gave them 'the look.' Embarrassed, Fala quickly walked over to the mattresses, running back into Linda and Kate. After a long search for Raymond, both the guys and the girls picked their decided on furniture and split up the costs. After that, they decided to go out and have lunch together.

While waiting for their food, the 5 of them decided to introduce themselves a little more. The guys went first. Raymond, introducing Bosco instead of himself, said "he's Bosco Wong, age 22, rich kid, & SINGLE!" With that, Bosco elbowed his friend.

"Hey, after college, I haven't been using my family's money. It's my family that's rich, not me" Bosco clarified. "This is the rich kid, age 22, only son, and the girls love him," Bosco said about Raymond. Before Raymond could slap him, the waiter arrived at their table with their order.

"Soo..what do you guys plan on doing? You in a job..." asked Raymond.

With a mouth full of food, Kate blurted out, "Before coming back to Hong Kong, I already applied for Senior Inspector of the HK Police. They said I could go for a job interview tomorrow."

"Cover your mouth," Linda ordered with a smile.

"You're just like my mom," Kate said in response. "So Mom, what do you plan on doing?"

With a smile, Linda replied, "I'm a social worker. Well, actually, I just got the job like a week ago."

"Wow, you have a job already? Nice," Fala added.

" we just got let out a bit early from HKU," Linda answered.

" guys don't know each other?" asked Raymond, with a confused look. Before he had the chance to receive answer from either one of them, the waiter came with their check.

"I'll pay," offered Raymond.

"No. It's fine, we can just pay for ourselves," added Linda.

"It's fine..He's rich, remember?" Bosco chimed in.

"Shut up," Raymond said, nudging Bosco.

Things are just hectic today for Kate. She just finished her interview and her superior already wants her to get started on work. Could she say no? On top of that, the day has finally come for her to move into the apartment. Sadly, she has to wait to after work. "No..I can't...I'm at work..I have to wait 'til 5...sorry!" Kate whispered into her phone.

"Madam, everything okay?" asked one of her subordinates, by the name of Ron.

"Ya..everything's fine..I just didn't think I would be here today.." complained Kate.

"Did you have something planned?" [Ron]

"I was going to move into my new apartment today with my friends. But Ko Sir decided that I should start 'as soon as possible'," Kate said, mocking her superior.

"Wait, do you happen to know any apartments for rent?" asked Ron.

"Why, you want to rent one? I could ask for you, but no promises," [Kate]

"Thank you! If you find me a place, I'll call you big bro from now on!" [Ron]

Kate on the phone, replied with an awkward, "No thanks.." When Raymond finally picked up, Kate asked, "Hey Raymond, I have this colleague and he's looking for a you guys have an extra room for him?"

Raymond jokingly asked, "It depends. Is he good-looking?"

"Why does that matter? Are you gay?" Kate joked.

"Okay..okay..Yea..we have an extra room..AS LONG AS HE'S NOT GAY.." Raymond clarified.

"Kk thanks. I'll bring him up tonight," finished Kate. "Hey are you gay?" Kate asked Ron. Ron only responded with a puzzled look.

After Ron moved in and joined their crew, he brought them lots of laughter and cheer. Kate who has a black belt claimed she could chop a board in half with her bare hands. Taking a scrap of wood from the pile of trash left over from their move-in, Ron gave the piece of wood to Kate, "Madam, I got the board out of Fala Chen's chest." With that, Fala and Ron were engaged in war. They threw pillows at each other.

Finally, Linda ended it all with her motherly command, "Guys, stop..You're so immature!" She was able to end the pillow fight. But the two started another war soon after.

While watching a movie, Ron was in charge of cutting their celebratory cake. When Fala wasn't looking, he took the chance to wipe some cream on her face. Seeking revenge, Fala tried to do the same. Unfortunately, Ron escaped and ran off into the hallway. "Woah there! Make sure you guys lock the door! We're all under 18 here, it's not suitable for us to hear or keep it quiet in there!" joked Bosco. With that, Bosco raised both of his arms to escape a slap from both Raymond and Linda. Both shared a smile. Meanwhile, Ron ended up hiding in the bathroom. However, he was unable to escape from Fala. Fala managed to get into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

"Woah. Did you hear that? They actually did lock the door," commented Raymond.

"Shut up! I'm trying to watch a movie," [Kate]

"Well, SORRY.." apologized Raymond.

" guys..look at this mess.." Linda said, getting up to clean the place.

"It's don't have to clean it up. We'll clean it up after, right Bosco?" [Raymond]

"No." [Bosco] Raymond nudged him.

"Wah! What are you going to do to me?" asked Ron in a frightened tone, hands crisscrossed over his chest. "I'm going to scream!" Fala stuck her hand near his face. "Hey watch it...I'm a cop.." When that didn't seem to make Fala leave, he used his last plan, "I'm going to pee.."

"Okay," Fala retorted quickly.

"I'm really going," Ron threatened, this time actually putting his hands near his zipper. That seemed to do the trick.

Fala rushed out of the bathroom screaming "You're crazy!!!"

"Haha..stupid.." Ron said as he bathed in his victory.

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