Friday, August 17, 2012

TVB CLASSIC SCENES i was writing my fanfic..and i was thinking of some of TVB's scenes to see if i could use one..and then i decided to do this post because i'm stuck on chapter 3 of my fanfic..I had it all planned out...and then when i wrote it all out, i was like..'no..' and then i had to restart the whole thing..anyways..back to are some of the 'classic tvb scenes':

  • There's a couple and they get into a fight or something so they go out and take a walk while sad music is playing in the background. And then the couple walk past each other without even knowing. There's usually people and other obstacles in the way. lol..I remember one from TO CATCH THE UNCATCHABLE
  • The cliff hanging scene-TVB changes it to the 'hanging off the building' scenes..There's always a person, i would say mostly females, who want to commit suicide and then the main characters come and convince her/him to come back down and she's about to go back down but she slips and falls but luckily, she/he grabs a hold of something and someone pulls her/him back up.
  • The characters going by the sea when they're 'heartbroken'
  • The car accident troll-It's always something along the lines of like a couple talking on the phone and then suddenly, the girl hears a crashing noise from the phone and the guy doesn't she rushes over to the guy's location only to find him safe and sound and then they hug and the girl goes like 'you scared me'
  • The drowning troll-This one is where there's a person who's drowning and they rescue them and bring them back on shore. But back on shore, the person still isn't 'awake' they try to save them and stuff..and they still don't come back to life..and then the other character starts crying..and then the drowned person coughs and 'wakes up'

lol..i'm sorta kinda making fun of these scenes b/c when you type them up and describe them in words, it's sound really cheesy..but when you actually see it on TV and stuff u go like 'aww...' 

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