Sunday, April 1, 2012



The 2 hour finale of QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS will air on Sunday, 4/12/12 from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

The series is finally coming to an end. Not happy or sad. After all, it wasn't the best series..but it wasn't the worst..some parts were pretty good..i could see Fala's acting skills continue to improve..and then there was Sharon..I was never a fan of her or anything but I never hated her..she was just there...but after this series [& probably b/c i have rewatched THE BEAUTY OF THE GAME not too long ago], I've been starting to notice her..i like her in nice roles :D I thought the part where the 3 main characters, Roger, Fala, & Sharon switch characters was pretty good b/c they start to get along w/ each other after :D i really liked when Sharon & Fala got along so well..anyways..this series isn't a 'must-watch series' but there wasn't really anything else 2 watch [b/c ive caught up on all my series] so...i watched this..not bad...a lot of people online have said something like: 'Fala Chen is not my favorite actress but I like her in QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS' or 'Fala's role in QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS'...well, I finished the was an okay series overall...


This drama will be replacing QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS. It will only be aired overseas & not in Hong Kong. 


This drama will be replacing QUEENS OF DIAMONDS & HEARTS in Hong Kong only. This series has aired overseas in 2008, I believe. I won't be watching this..I think I've watched it awhile back...I'll be watching Sergeant Tabloid instead..

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