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LindaIn Virtues of Harmony 2, there were many good teachers teaching me how to act. I recall this one scene about (Michelle) Hung Bak Lam having a terminal disease so she thought of ways to make Ivan Sze Gee San (Steven Ma) leave her. When she went to the airport to send Ivan off, Steven told me to show my side profile first then slowly turn around toward him and cry, the outcome would be that much more effective. Even now I still continue using this crying method Steven taught me.

Steven This is Linda’s first series, I thought this woman was very pretty, and a bit shy, very well-behaved (guai) and ingenuous. During that time, I constantly had lunch with her to chitchat so that she would be more relax. I recall saying this to her: “This field is not all that complex. But opportunity always exists for one to turn bad. So in everything must put in efforts to learn from it. The most important thing is not to go down the wrong path. To this day, she still manages to do that, and is also still a good woman.(guai nui) 


Linda:  During this period I was at low tide, also the period my homesickness was really intense. I am very grateful having Steven constantly encouraging me and putting up with me. In this series, I portrayed a wet miu. (party girl(?)) with lots of family problems. Also had a stillborn scene. The script closely relates to real life. Can be said among Steven and my collaborated works to be my most favorite and satisfied one.

Steven: She has matured, her acting skill has also improved, especially her emoting feelings has improved enormously. Our collaborations are mostly small productions, this series is no exception. The story content emulates real life's happenings. It talks about us being husband and wife. It was our second collaboration, but our relationship seems to have gone a notch up, more like brother and sister. To this day, she still calls me ‘gor gor’.


Linda:  This series let me see the other side of Steven. I did not expect that shod in flip-flops he could be so uncouth (ma lat) totally departed from his normal refined and polite image. And since this is a comedy, during the shooting my mood was not too heavy.

Steven: We officially filmed a comedy series, laughter was constant. Also, our characters underwent a big change. I was crude and slovenly, a total uncouth man (malat zai). While she had on this short hair wig to portray a tomboy. Totally a Wu Jun lookalike. Haha! This series increased our tacit understanding of each other. I recall during the shooting, I commented that no series could possibly pose a problem to us because we already knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses so could mutually compensate each other’s deficiency. 


Linda:  During VOH2's filming I was a rather cheerful woman, but during Ghost Writer's filming it can be said that I fell to the lowest pit. The years within the entertainment circle was like a rubber band tightening around me; it finally snapped during this period. I realized I was not suited for an entertainment lifestyle plus I didn’t have my family in Hong Kong. I was depressed. Plus I suffered constant insomnia. And had bad skin. I knew that Steven at seeing me thus was worried but did not know what to do so kept his silence, staying by my side quietly supporting me. Fortunately, now, on the whole, I have re-adapted to this lifestyle. I try to do more stuff that I enjoy. Also know how to better communicate with friends and to share my concerns, so can gradually cross over deep pits. During Daddy Good Deeds’ shooting, Steven finally saw that I had become more and more sanguine. I’m very grateful to this good brother of mine who has always stood by me and supported me.

Steven: During this period Linda had serious insomnia, very edgy all the time, and her skin was bad too. Plus the character in the series endured many grievances so that affected her moods too. Could see that it was a tough period for her. I was concerned for her. At the time, I constantly urged her to take rests, to do exercise because besides relieving stress, it can also affect the spirit. After that, we filmed our own separate series, but we still kept in touch and I knew her situation underwent a positive turnaround. During Daddy Good Deeds, she seemed much more happier. At the last (DGD promo), she told me that she do aerobics once every week to keep fit. She seems to be in good spirits. I’m happy for her, and also feel more at ease (on lok) about her. 

'Draw Something'

Linda:  Steven is my good brother, who has witnessed my up and down moods since I entered the industry. He has stayed by my side the whole time. Even though he has now left the company I still hope that Steven, who has not only accompanied me throughout my growth but is also a good partner who worked well with me, can return to my side to continue making more good series.

Steven: There was this one scene that was shot at a jewelry store. During the break Linda was taken by a butterfly pendant and so for the first time in her life she bought a diamond pendant. She said she loves butterflies a lot and that whenever she sees one she would be very happy. I remember what she said, so today I especially drew a butterfly to make her happy.

Urged repeatedly to maintain a pure heart 

Steven: I know Linda the longest, but she is actually the one I'm most worried about. One time, she messaged me on Weibo and told me that she's a big girl, but I am still worried because Linda is too naive, too simple and can easily get bullied! It's fine working at TVB, a 'greenhouse' that provides maximum protection, but if she were to head out to work elsewhere, then it will be difficult. I watched Linda come into this industry back then. One day we were having a meal together, and I urged her whatever she learns to do, do not learn to be bad, don't do 'dirty' things. Must maintain a pure heart. Linda has been able to do this all along, and has been improving on her acting. I am very grateful. Perhaps, I am used to looking after my siblings at home, so my words may sound a little old-fashioned and feel like a father, but I am fortunate to have found three sisters that I could respect and love, and vice versa! 

Steven Ma: TVB should do some self-reflection. 

The male lead in PSL (Ghost Writer) and also Linda’s most collaborated partner-in-crime and good friend, Steven Ma revealed that witnessing her tearful break down distressed him. “The main reason was due to exhaustion from over work. Too tiring! She’s always been very anxious about her work performance; she had to film series, cut records, and film movies at the same time; always insisted in doing them all perfectly. So bringing on constant insomnia. Her mother wasn’t here in Hong Kong, so I made Ching pu leung herbal tea and watercress soup for her, and also constantly chatted with her. But the most important thing is for her to get some rest….” Linda by nature is pliant so did not dare demur when given series projects to do.

Steven entreated: “TVB really needs to re-examine her workload arrangement! Although she is a tvb managed artiste but still management needs to properly plan her workload. Piling her with a heavy workload and having her doing it all is not necessarily a good thing. She has to be able to handle it. Have to see if 'xiu pang yao' (young friend) can even breathe first? Even if she can do it, she won’t look good (leng), and her voice won’t sound good either! Sooner or later, she will be wrung dried, her health neglected.”

credits to TVB News World 

Awww...such good 'siblings' sweet how he actually remembered that Linda liked butterflies..but throughout the period of the two of them meeting and stuff & in the interviews and events and stuff like that, Steven's always with his 'sisters''s so nice to see that there can be real friends in their industry...btw, does anyone know if their 'Draw Something' is like the app. for iphone/android? i have it 2! :P

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