Monday, April 9, 2012


For Kenneth’s character, I thought it was kinda neat how he had 2 sides to him…one side of him was all mean and serious but still a good doctor..while the other side of him was funny..but in the beginning, he was only like all laughing and stuff around his family members…but as he got 2 kno the housemen, he slowly opened up..and they started joking around..kinda..and stuff like that..

Although his character as a doctor was all serious and harsh on the housemen & stuff, he wasn't boring or anything...u cud feel that he had a lot of heart and he actually cared about his patients...he won't just get the job done because he's supposed to...he'll go and look over and care for each patient...he understands his patients' reliance on him...and he won't let them one scene, he & Him Law's character aren't really friends...but they put their arguments aside and work together to try and save the life of another patient thus proving him to be a responsible doctor

The fun side of Kenneth’s character is shown mostly when he’s around his family..but we see more of Kenneth’s fun side as the drama progresses…he starts opening up to his colleagues bringing us to like his character even more…showing that he, too, can be a funny person but he chooses not to be until he grasps a deeper understanding of others…but I love the fact that Benjamin Yuen, Derek Kwok, & Kenneth are such good their scenes together..always have a good laugh…but they’re not just there 2 joke around and stuff…they’re actually there to walk through tough times with him…really good friends..they’re hard to always call Kenneth gay...

Another major part of Kenneth's life is his brother...the two screencaps above successfully capture both the joy and the pain Kenneth feels for his brother...His eyes are filled with tears of joy when he discovers the fact that his brother is able to stand up again...but tears of sadness and pain start pouring down his cheeks when his brother passes away...Kenneth's love for his brother is indescribable and the impact his brother has had on him is more than we could count...he's the reason for his angelic profession..he's the reason so many patients are able to recover from their pains..Without a doubt, his brother has greatly impacted his life...but hopefully, it's a positive impact..

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