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The soul of TVB's grand production Triumph in the Skies II, Francis Ng, runs the show. Francis is already in his 40s and is still making a fuss. He finally agreed to be part of TITS2 for HK$80,000 per episode, but brought along a lot of 'headaches'. It was understood that for Francis' return to his maternal home (TVB) to 'help out', he would only do it on one condition, that is TVB has to accommodate his schedule. He wants to finish up his new film Du Yuesheng 杜月笙 with Chow Yun Fat before he makes his comeback. As a result, TITS was forced to push back its initial schedule from June to sometime in September. Even the Siu Sangs and FaDans including Myolie Wu, Fala Chen and Raymond Lam had to modify their entire schedule to accommodate him. 

TVB planned to shoot a sequel to the 2003 popular hit Triumph in the Skies, but unfortunately after 9 years we are seeing less and less of the original cast. Flora Chan and Michelle Yip are already out, Bosco Wong is shooting in Mainland, Sammul Chan and Joe Ma left TVB and became 'traitors'. Although the sequel added Chilam Cheung, Fala Chen and Raymond Lam into the cast, but they still cannot compare to the handsome pilot Francis Ng, the 'soul' of the series. 

It was understood that in the recent year Francis has been doing quite well in his career and hopes to continue the good luck in both the film and TV scene. An insider exposes: "TVB makes a hero through time. TVB accommodates everything for Francis, making him so cocky! Initially he said he's not going to shoot TITS2 at all, but then he saw an opportunity to take a beautiful spot, so he suddenly changes his mind. He even wanted two in one, asking the entire crew to accommodate his schedule. The most unexpected is TVB agreed, so the schedule all changed. He really played Chilam Cheung to the ground, who thought he would be leading! The Siu Sang and FaDans, don't have it any better because their schedules were initially already pretty tight, and now it's all confusion. TVB quickly made arrangements for them to shoot a modern series to pass the time (from June - Sept)." 

TVB production director Tommy Leung confessed: "We are accommodating Francis' schedule and delaying the start date a little. We are mutually accommodating the schedules, don't say the whole world is relying on him, such negative news." 

Myolie Wu: "I received internal notice, but I'm not too sure of the reason. Even if the whole world is accommodating Francis, that is not a problem, he's really a Film King. I'm just worried we can't shoot it. I heard I'll first start with a modern series, TVB will make the arrangements." 

Fala Chen and Kenneth Ma were both clueless. Fala said: "All along it had been said we are starting in May, I don't know! Is this true or false?" Kenneth said: "Why is it like this? But, shooting series had always been about the scheduling, mutual accommodations. I'm already very happy to be able to participate in a grand production. It's fine to accommodate a little."

credits to TVB News World


*sighz* delayed...again! i kno this time, it's not TVB's fault...but still...ugh!! this isn't what i hope for...but...i don't really think the series will even start filming this year...also, wud love 2 c all these artistes act out such a great drama...but some are probably going 2 get cut...b/c pretty much all the first line artistes are going 2 act in this one...unless TVB really makes something out of, there's two 'seniors'...Francis Ng & Chilam  Cheung [if they agree to film this] a whole line of fadans & siu sangs...Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen...and Nancy Wu...she's like not a first line artiste..but she's a pretty high level supporting actress nowadays...but i really do hope they can all participate in this drama...and hopefully make it a legit grand production...w/o decreasing the roles of TVB's first line artistes to supporting artistes...

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