Sunday, April 1, 2012


hey! back now...exams are over..probably posting up the rest of the thoughts for THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH 2mrw...i'm on spring break lotsa time to watch dramas..rewatched THE BEAUTY OF THE GAME recently..and i really like some of Kate's looks [clothes, hairstyle, makeup] b/c it's like simple yet pretty..random :P anyways..the point of this post was to say that i think im going 2 end my old fanfic...& i guess im going 2 recreate one..but it'll be a short 1...cuz i think im gunna base it on a movie i watched like a month's called THE VOW..starring Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams..anyone ever watch it? For those of you who haven't watched it, here's a basic summary:

So there's this married couple..and then they get into an accident and the guy is okay..but the girl loses her memory..and no one knows when she'll regain her memory..or if she ever the girl doesn't remember the guy..and the guy hasta try and help her regain her memory..but the problem is, the girl doesn't remember no matter how much he loves her, she can't/doesn't love him back..b/c she doesn't remember how they fell in love and the guy keeps trying..but the girl kinda hurts in the end, he gives up not b/c he stopped loving her..but b/c he just wanted her to be happy...but in the very end, the girl still doesn't regain her memory..but she realizes all that he's done for her..and she falls for him...again :)

Sorry...ruined the whole really bad @ this...official outline:

A newlywed couple rebounds from the vehicle accident that puts the wife inside a coma. Getting out of bed with severe loss of memory, her husband endeavors to win her heart again.

the summary was pretty i decided 2 give my summary was a pretty sad movie...2 me..btw, THE VOW was based on a true do u guys think of this as a fanfic? any suggestions? [like changes 2 make 2 the plot/who 2 play which character..etc...]

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