Sunday, April 22, 2012


hey guys..sorry 4 not posting 4 a while..but i didn't really kno wut 2 post..there wuz no news articles that i wanted to post or ya..sorry about that..still don't really kno wut 2 post..but i've been watching both SERGEANT TABLOID & GLOVES COME OFF...i think GLOVES COME OFF is a little more interesting than SERGEANT TABLOID...but that's just my opinion..umm..i think im going 2 do a review thing 4 GLOVES COME OFF...but probably not 4 SERGEANT TABLOID...i think SERGEANT TABLOID is kinda draggy...but it's still pretty nice 2 watch..again..that wuz just my opinion..probably won't b posting this week...really important tests coming up...and umm..i hav some ideas 4 fanfics that i'll post up later..and..i guess we could have a poll...and u guys can choose the fanfic u want :) thanks 4 visiting!

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