Monday, April 9, 2012


Steven: Fala appears like a little girl in front of me, but she's a very straightforward person, so much that she may even offend people and won't know. I've seen her relationship with reporters not go so well before. Her communication style with the media is a little strange... so I often try to advise her as a big brother. For example, the tone she uses is not too good, I would tell her to change the way she expresses herself. Fortunately, she listened to me and has really reflected on herself based on my advice. Because artists' relationship with the media can be considered closely related, we must mutually show understanding and provide support. For whatever it is, we should not be too stubborn! Recently, I have seen improvement from her. Last week, I talked to her on the phone and told her my experience, that others may not accept your first reaction! Although it is said in order for a person to be slick and sly, they must lie, but in fact I cannot accept that. I will choose another method to handle this: I choose not to say it! Then I don't have to lie. 

Steven said Fala's personality is too straightforward, but Fala in turn greatly praises her god-brother. As an independent girl, Fala frankly said she had always been desperate to have a big brother. After coming to HK and meeting Steven, she laughed and said her wish 'half came true'. Fala said: "At the time, when I participated in Steps, I was one of the newcomers. Whatever he believed this little girl lacked...he would give me advice, especially on life principles. There are many things in life, he taught me to tolerate. When encountering such situation, I cannot just jump out and keep talking, being too straightforward can really offend people without knowing it. He's got a good social circle in this industry and experienced, of course I would listen to his advice. I'm also very thankful that he teaches me on how to handle things in life! I even told my mom about this big brother. Earlier at the Ghost Writer promotion, my mom came to HK to support me, and saw him there too. Although we haven't officially became god siblings, our relationship is still maintained well. Our interaction is very true and real. I know my brother doesn't care if its official or not!"

credits to TVB News World

such a caring brother...and this kinda shows that if ur good 2 others, others will treat u well when the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards were going on and stuff, Steven wasn't a really popular nominee but Fala still strongly supported her brother for TV King..[along w/ Micheal Tse]...

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