Sunday, April 1, 2012


I didn't really have any expectations for this drama..but i think it's pretty good..[TVB's airing their dramas pretty quickly..I remember when this drama was still in production]

Linda's Break Up Scene-I like how she only cried like once and then they turned the break up scene in2 a comedic scene by messing up Linda's hair and stuff like that..

The Rhymes-Some people don't like it..but I don't mind it..It's kinda like Can't Buy Me Love

'Gay' Edwin-lol...i like his name..'ah Yap' loved when they thought he was would make soup and stuff for Steven & his dad..& he would mend their socks..& do their he walked around in his tank top & boxers & shook his butt and Steven thought he was gay [after Linda told him] & then one night, Edwin climbed onto Steven's bed [b/c Steven's A/C was on..& he wanted 2 save electricity]..& then Steven woke up & found Edwin next 2 him..& so he kicked him off the then Edwin was like 'Honey..Honey!' & running back on2 the was like the best scene..but turns out Edwin was looking for his doll [he calls it 'Honey']

The Singing Competition/Show-I like how the girl Cilla worked for [as her assistant] like they made her look so old and stuff..anyways..back to the singing competition/show..I like how when they were training Cilla, Cilla's whole family looked so scared & stuff [b/c her singing was so bad] loved the look on Ha Yu & Linda's loved how Edwin danced 2 his 2 the show/competition, i like how most of them sang TVB's dramas''s nice knowing the liked how the male judge just smiled & repeated what the other 2 judges the part where Cilla lost & she thanked her family was so touching..I cried during that part ;'( well, it was partly b/c of the music has a big effect..

Linda's Improvement-I think Linda's acting is improving even she makes her lines seem natural..and i don't know what some of those rhyming phrases mean...but she just makes it seem so natural..and she's from just thought that was really good...& she's actually pretty good at she uses the correct tone of voice to say different things and stuff...after all, i think comedies ARE pretty hard 2 grasp..

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