Monday, April 9, 2012


 When i first saw them together @ the costume fitting thing, i was like 'ehh...probably not much chemistry goin on in the drama...' but im so glad i watched it...i know my image of this couple is starting to get hazy as it's been a while since the drama ended [sorry about the late posts]...anyways...just like TVB always does it, they start out with 2 people bickering...and slowly, they find out more about one another..and they fall for each other...i agree that TVB uses this tactic too often...but it still works for :P life would have been so perfect for the two of them if Tavia didn't have the tumor...and if Mandy just disappeared...but they wouldn't have experienced any troubles in their relationships...and if they hadn't fought through the troubles together, they wouldn't cherish what they have i guess it's a good thing...but it was so sad to see to people who loved each other but couldn't be together...and Mandy's character just made us want Tavia & Kenneth as a couple even more...Mandy's character was manipulative and all...but in the end, she made up for it by helping Tavia & Kenneth get the scene where Tavia confesses to Kenneth...w/ the cake and rewatch that scene..

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