Monday, April 9, 2012


hey guys...a lot of news that's actually 'newsworthy' [2 me @least] lately...i'll probably post sum articles & thoughts up on them later...probably gunna do Steven & Linda & Fala & Tavia...& also how TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2 was moved to September...they keep delaying it...anyways...finally done with thoughts for THE HIPPOCRATIC told u guys it wud b posted up sumtime last Fools! actually meant to post it up..but got stuck on a project..i wasted my whole spring break on it... :( plan was to just sit @ home &'t mean 2 troll u guys! [btw, troll means 2 like trick....i guess...just thought i'd throw that out there...]btw, 4 the poll, the 2 'winners' will b the keep that in mind while voting..and thanks 4 dropping by!

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