Monday, April 9, 2012


THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH was an amazing drama...but it also taught a lot of life lessons...through the events and Tavia's letters to Kenneth, there was a lot to absorb...but here are some that I got from watching the drama...

  • life's too short to grieve over your mistakes
    • not sure how it's supposed 2 go exactly..but u get the idea...and i got this from the scene where Tavia confessed to Kenneth..b/c the waiter brought the
  • no one said life was going to be easy...they just said it would be worth it
    • this one i got from pretty much the whole drama in general..
  • life ends when you stop dreaming...hope ends when you stop believing
    • this one is probably the lesson i learned from Tavia and how she optimistically faced her illness...i kno this sounds cheesy and all...but never lose hope :P 

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