Sunday, April 22, 2012

FANFICS-IDEAS ive been thinking about starting a new fanfic lately...and here r some really basic plot/outlines/w/e u wud like to call them :P i have used the artistes that i feel match the role..but of course, it's always 'changeable'...don't 4get 2 vote 4 ur fav. fanfic idea! i don't really have a name 4 any of on the polls, just pick the number corresponding w/ the fanfic u want! thanks!

1. Fala Chen, who has just entered the entertainment industry recently, is a sociable girl and has made friends with pretty much everyone she knows. She's straightforward and nice and also likes to joke around. She's good at acting and wins many awards, quickly becoming part of TVB's A-list. However, she remains her true self and that's what so many people admire about her. Ever since she has entered the entertainment industry, she has brought laughter with her. She is good friends [like brothers] with Bosco Wong, whom she likes to joke around with and has collaborated many times with, and also like actual siblings with Steven Ma. In her first collaboration with Ron Ng, they become a rumored couple...but will the rumors turn into truth? ok..ya..they suck at are a sweet new couple but when Ron is given the chance to go North and earn some extra income, TVB prevents him from doing so..Ron decides to quit TVB and head up North while Fala stays at TVB..Up North, Ron is rumored with a mainland artiste...Are these rumors true? What will become of the two star-crossed lovers? not even exactly sure what 'star-crossed' means..but it makes me sound more

2. Kate Tsui has been an undercover cop partnering with Michael Tse [aka Laughing] and Ron Ng. They have recently solved a case and have successfully arrested the entire gang behind the drug dealing business with Mexico. However, only Michael Tse is recognized for this act as he no longer has the desire to continue his job as an undercover and wants to be a normal detective alongside his new lover, Fala Chen, whom is also his superior. Kate, who is rather a tomboy, enjoys the adventurous challenge and decides to take on the role of an undercover cop once again. Ron, who has developed feelings for Kate, wants to stop her from doing so but Kate doesn't listen as she doesn't get Ron's message. She, too has developed feelings for Ron, but neither of the two made the first move, leading Kate to pursue her job as an undercover. Bosco Wong, a small member of the triad, is often getting beaten up but because Kate's position in the triad isn't simple, she is able to help him. Bosco starts developing feelings for Kate after she helps him numerous times. Kate, not knowing Bosco will soon become the leader of the triad, helps Bosco only out of kindness. Later, when Bosco successfully takes over the triad, Kate's superior advises her to use their relationship to help retrieve information and take down the triads. When Ron hears of this, he finds Kate and confesses his love for her. How will their story end? don't ask really didn't kno howda end

3. Linda Chung is a filial daughter and a kind-hearted person and best friends with Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, and Bernice Liu. When she meets Raymond Lam, the two become rivals due to minor confusions. Raymond Lam's friends Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Moses Chan fully support him. Soon, their problems are solved and the eight of the become friends and later, they even start dating..all 6 of them..leaving Raymond and Linda alone when the six of them start dating. Linda and Raymond go through a lot together. When Linda starts to see Raymond's nicer side, she starts falling for him but when he lists what he looks for in his future girlfriend, Linda is disappointed and sees Raymond as a guy only interested in a girl's physical appearance. After getting scolded by Linda, Raymond starts to realize his feelings for her. During one accident, Raymond realizes that she's the one...but is it too late?

umm..1 & 2 are more serious...but out of 1 & 2, 1 is more love-based...and 3 is more comedic and more like common people...until the 'accident'

4 the actual artistes, portraying the role, i think i'll set up a poll once i kno which fanfic im going 2 start on :) but if u have any comments, please leave them in the cbox or the comments section! thanks! im not really sure when i'll close the polls..when idk, i put my birthday :P random fact: i have the same birthday as Kate :P not the same year


  1. 3 ! :) I would love to read that one <3 wonder why no one else commented :$ anywho, 3 !

  2. @Anonymous: haha...i actually had a poll for that a while readers voted there..haha..ya. #3 won :) there's a poll 4 the leads of the fanfic :P