Thursday, May 31, 2012


hey's almost over for i have finals for the next few i kinda needa start cramming :P reallly needa bring my grade up :P anyways [btw, u kno 'anyways' is not 'proper english' always just start talking about stuff totally irrelevant to the'Off the Pill' - Ryan Higa [4 those that watch him :P] ok most of u probably dont kno wut i'm talking about..but just came on 2 tell u guys that i'll probably update after tuesday..b/c that's the last day of school 4 me :D sadly, finals on that day :( and after that, i have a few days off...and then i have 2 do summer school..4 til i dont even kno.. *sighz* I'm only one year into high school [this is my first year] and i'm already thinking about the what it would be like going off to college...leaving behind all that you've grown up with...ur family [lol..honestly, im more than happy 2 leave my house b/c of my brother..ugh..]..ur's kinda's like starting a whole new lifestyle...u have to start everything over again...but on the bright side, u get a new start...and UR the one in control of ur life..u get freedom..and, i still have 3 more years to go :P

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