Monday, May 28, 2012


hey..even though i haven't updated this blog 4 like the past month or so, i've still been reading the news...and here r some of my thoughts on some recent headlines

Sonija Gives Birth to a 6 lbs. Baby Girl
Congrats 2 Sonija and her family!! Her daughter is really cute :D Miss seeing her on TV...used 2 [and still do] love her...she's a good actress with solid foundation..and she has the looks..she can take on any roles too...

Lau Ding Sing's Scandalous Photo Album
ok..that's not really the exact headline..but w/e...i havent really read the articles..but it's just when im scrolling down, i happen to see the headlines..and i read some of the comments and stuff..ok..i dont have anything against homosexuals..but err...this just kinda grossed me out..anyways..not the point..the point is, he's ruining the careers of many rising stars...[esp. Him Law] he's like #1 on the list...and he's not stopping...many artistes have been trying to build up both their career and their reputation for many years..but with one mistake, they can lose everything they've ever worked's kinda like a life lesson.. anyways, i dont really care if the male artistes took the photos or anything...b/c it's not like im going 2 become friends or anything with just here to see them act...i mean if one of my friends did it or anything, i would find it gross i guess...but i dont really care if the artistes did it....maybe they weren't thinking at the moment..but my point is, everyone makes mistakes..forgive and forget...

ok..i read the news article, and i didnt really learn anything..b/c most of the stuff was like repeated from previous articles...except for the fact that Sammul Chan MAY come back 4 TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2..not sure yet...anyways..idk if i've said this b4..but Bosco & Raymond won't be filming it due 2 schedule conflicts...and i think Flora Chan will be in it..along with Chilam and Francis...though it may not be beneficial to the artistes, i would have actually liked the cast to be: Flora, Francis, Chilam, Myolie, Fala, Raymond, Bosco, Kate, Ron, Kenneth, Rebecca, etc...all artistes would have reduced screentime, but it would really be a grand production...w/ a grand cast :) unfortunately, that wont happen..but o well...more screentime for's not that i favor him over the other artistes or anything..just that his popularity kinda declined...and really want him to make a 'comeback' and be back up there with Bosco and Raymond :D

Otto Chan's Proposal
lol..honestly, i wouldn't have talked about this b/c he's not one of those really popular artistes..but really liked his role in GLOVES COME :P congrats 2 him..the wedding is in October with Tisha Law, Law Lok Lam's daughter...never seen her before..but congrats :)

Jason Chan Leads in New Series with Linda Chung
I think it's the sumthing Ferris Wheel drama...not really sure..but wow..that was kind of an all of a sudden thing...he went from lead in sitcoms to lead in an actual just kinda surprised me b/c he didn't really go through the 'supporting actor' role i think he's being promoted a little 2 fast...but then again, the series isn't really like a grand production and the only first line artiste is im guessing the series will be focused on Linda 90% of the time..also, i think Raymond Lam's cousin is in the series..I think...i think [judging from pictures], that they both fight for Jason Chan in the be honest, Jason Chan was once one of my 'obsessions' he has the looks...when i watched BE HOME FOR like the first 4 episodes..well, he's given the opportunity..and not many artistes get hope he cherishes this chance and gives the audience a good performance..even though he hasn't ever lead in a series before, i think he has the ability to :) good luck to him!

i happened to watch this scene...and honestly, i was like ' nooottt 'Linda', i just found it different from her other roles..kinda a minor breakthrough for her...i guess..but it was well done..she acted it out it was kinda like..awkward watching was like ' long is this scene going to last o.O,' i was still able to see her good acting the parts i've watched so far, i find Linda's character more prominent in the series..compared to Myolie's...but then, it's just the role that they've given it's not Myolie's fault...anyways, im not sure if the 'Netizens' comments were considered positive or negative...but i really don't find anything wrong with that for the awkwardness..but that's not the point...well done, Linda :D

if u guys are interested in these news articles..or other ones..[old or new], u can find them @ TVB News World

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